Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Prakash Gets A Shocker Of Life

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari panics saying that she already informed her parents about them and Yogi didn’t even inform his family, what will happen now. Vivek with Rani walks to Yogi and says he shouldn’t worry as they will handle papa. Kabir find out about Pari and Yogi asks Yogi why didn’t he inform him and Nisha before and why didn’t he speak to Prakash when he informed about fixing his and Gunjan’s alliance. Yogi signals.

In hospital, Shiv and Seema discuss how Pradeep and Roshan Chauhan tricked Shiv to get government job in lieu of marrying Gunjan. Shiv says he ruined Gunjan’s life and asks Gunjan if she is convinced with Prakash’s decision about her and Yogi’s alliance. Gunjan nods yes.

Nisha excited about Pari and Yogi’s love story asks why didn’t they inform her first, she and Kabir will go and convince mamaji. Vivek says papa just now fixed Yogi’s alliance and will not budge. Pari says Prakash uncle loves Yogi and will accept his request. Everyone taunt that Yogi is lucky to get Pari. Surjith and Bablu enter climbing pipe and say hitler is sitting down. Discussion ensues and they all discuss that Prakash will not easily accept Pari and Yogi’s alliance as he has promised Shiv to get Gunjan and Yogi married.

They then hear Pari’s parents downstairs creating havoc and rush down. Pari’s parents shout at Prakash that his family trapped Pari. Prakash and Dadaji ask what do they mean. They say they trapped Pari. Vivek warns to mind their tongues. They continue that they trapped Pari for their dumb and deaf son. Kabir asks what is wrong if they love each other. Prakash slaps Kabir and asks if everyone knew about this. Pari asks parents to leave as Srivastav family is her family now. Drama ensues. Dadaji warns them to get out and asks Surjith and Bablu to show them door. Parents say Pari will leave Yogi after sometime unable to bear his dumb and deaf nature. Dadaji shouts to get out else he will slap them. Once they walk away, Prakash starts drama and reminisces promising Shiv that he will make Gunjan his bahu.

Precap: In the morning, Prakash asks family to get him tea.
Vivek walks with groom and bride Yogi and Pari and informs Prakash that they got married and are shifting to Kolkota.

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  1. Verma4

    On ya Pari, well with parents like you Pari would rather hang herself. Screaming at the top of your voice will not make you right. Some parents they are. Pari/Yogi forever.Before someone from the Gungan/Yogi fan base comes in remember Gungan was ready to move on with Roshan.

    1. The sequence of Yogi/Pari wedding is a dream cause Yogi won’t shift to kolkata leaving his family.

    2. Yes, Gunjan was soo ready to move on!!! I love the fact that Yogi was not confused because Gunjan is ‘back’, he knows what he wants. I’m also glad that the truth came out in front of Prakash, not in the way it did, but he knows the truth. Now, Prakash can decide to ruin Yogi’s life or let him be with Pari. Poor Pari, I felt sorry for her when she fainted. The kind of parents she’s got, poor girl, who needs enemies. They’re painting their daughter so badly just so they can get what they want.

  2. they did right but i think it is a dream but i hope that it should be true

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