Namah 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Hiranyakashyap Becomes Delusional

Namah 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Brahmadev describes how Hiranyakashyap started is cruelty after getting a boon from him and tortured his citizens. He steps on citizens and walks to a venue where rishis are establishing Narayan’s temple, asks Rishis what are they doing. Rishi says they are establishing Narayan’s temple so that his praja can pray Narayan easily here. Hiranyakashyap says a raja is mortal and devta is immortal, he is immortal, so he is devta and they all should pray him and not Narayan. Rishi is shocked and request not to insult god. Hiranyakashyap says from hereon they all will pray only him and orders guards to lash rishis.

Hiranyakashyap’s evilness increases day by day and he tortures praja a lot. His puppets order praja to pray Hiranyakashyap. They deny. Kali provokes Hiranyakashyap that he is god and should make his praja realize it. Hiranyakashyap says he is their god and immortal, so they will all pray him and not Narayan or else they all will be killed. They all chant bhagwan Hiranyakashyap ki jai. A boy chants Om Hari. Hiranyakashyap shouts who is taking Vishnu’s name. Praja says prince Prahlad. Hiranyakashyap warns Prahlad to take his name and not Vishnu’s, but Prahlad continues chanting Om Hari. Kali provokes Hiranyakashyap that he is god and as per rules he should punish his son with death sentence. Hiranyakashyap warns Prahlad to chant his name, else he will kill him. Prahlad says god is only bhagwan Vishnu and they are all humans, so he will chant only Om Hari.

Devi Laxmi hears Prahlad chanting Om Hari and thinks who is praying with so much intensity, she needs to stop him before he spoils Narayan’s sleep. Hiranyakashyap lashes Prahlad while he continues chanting Om Hari. Laxmi reaches there and throws lash away and asks Hiranyakashyap how can he punish a small kid who is also his son, he should realize the power of god Vishnu and repent. Hiranyakashyap says he is god and is much superior than trickster Vishnu and know better magic than him.

Precap: Hiranyakashyap continues punishing Prahlad. Prahlad prays Narayan, and Narayan emerges in Narasimha avatar breaking pillar.

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