Jab love hua (ragsan) part- 20 ~fairy

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Hey guyz fairy is back wid another chappy.;)yey!!! We have reached 20th episode??? n d credit goes to u all!!Thnku soo much for loving dis ff ? n for all your support??
thnx a ton for such beautiful comments ….love u all choo much!!umaaah?!☆☆♡♡¤¤

Haan PPK is suddenly gone off air as u all already know? I know everyone is sad!!Bt guys god never does bad wid good people!!N our teja is d bestest!!so dats y jst believe in God!! N PRAY FOR HER NEW SHOW? I think dis show wl be more amazng?? let’s jst wait n watch for re-entry of our QUEEN wid a BANG??
N guys now Teja is having 900K followers !!so we r trending to keep same PROFILE PIC ,which is made by our Super talented #GANGA SIS ?(really loved it a lot sis?) !! So everybody who is dere on insta ,plz put d same PROFILE PIC & if Nyone of u doesn’t have dat edit /,ask me I”ll give it to u? or u can find it from ny teja fan club!! Yey!!our QUEEN soon wl reach 1M??? so xcieted!!!

link to prev. Episode-
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so lets start episode 20…….

“Achu?”_sneezed ansh
“Aaaaaaaachu?”_sneezed ragini
“Achuuuuuuuuu?”_again ansh sneezed
“Achu Chu? “_rags accompanied his sneeze!!
“Aaaaaaaaaaaacccccccchhhhuuuuu??”_both sneezed together sitting under a warm quilt.

“Offo;!!! Is dere ny sneezing compitition going on or what???”-asked sujata
“No choti daadi!!she is copying me”-said ansh pointing towards rags?
Rags opened her mouth n said_”hawww?”

Ap came inside d room !! N said_”till now dere sneezing doesn’t stopped☹️,pari have u given medicines to dem?!!”

“Yes maa,i had already given dem medi! Bt still it’s not showing its effects ?”-said Pari worriedly
“Arey arey u guys chill!! Medi wl take a lill tym to cure!! We”ll be fine soon!!don’t wry,kyu hai na ansh(I said r8 na ansh)”-said rags

“Yeahh!!?!achuuuuuuuuu?”-replied ansh wid a sneeze ofcourse?
Ap n pari gives a glare to dem.

“Haa chore jey to dekh raha hai manne ke tm dono kitne phine(fine)hoo!!(yeah dat we can see,how much fine u both r)”_said Nani entering in d room wid 2 glass of kada?(ayurvedic medicine)

Rags made a yuckky face? n confirmed_”is it a kada???”

“Yes dis is a kada!!u”ll get Super fine soon after drinking my special kada”-said NANI proudly ,forwarding d glasses to ansh n ragini

Ansh had taken it fastly as he’s he scared of Nani? bt rags wsnt ready to take it!!

“Aye!!chori take it fast!!”-said NANI

Rags nodded her head in NO n said_”I have seen in movies n serials ,dese types of kada’s taste so bad!!ewww!!!I can’t drink all dese things at all”

Nani frowned n said_”uff!!!d drama of dis grl!!are baba drink it!! It’s not a serial or ny film!!whatever dey show isn’t always true…N dis is special kada ,n it’s really tasty believe me n drink it!!”

Rags monologue-“y dis budhiya is so keen to made me drink dis yuckky liquid??? Does she had mixed something in dis!! Oh holy shit!!yes she must have done something wid dis kada,orelse suddenly how come dis lady GABBAR wl turn to PARVATI!! How much evil she is?behind dis innocent face dere is hidden monster huh!!”

Rags opened her mouth to say_”I”ll never ever drink disssssssssssss……”
Before she could complete her sentence NANI made her drink dat kada forcefully!!!

Nani stopped after she assured dat rags had gulped all d KADA !! N den sidened d glass!!

Rags face ws worth to watch?
Her lips are twisted,eyes r half closed n half opened n forehead r frowned!!it seemed as if she is suffering from some kind of facial paralysis ?

Nani ws seeing her curiously _”so u liked it????”-she asked??

Rags comes out of trance n made a disgusting face_”it’s even worst den d taste of liquor-“Bacardi 151″”-murmered rags

“Key chori???key cheej??ba…baaa”-(what???wht thing???ba ….baaa”)-said NANI not getting wht rags -murmered few sec ago?

Rags widened her eyes n said_”no..no..nothing Nani!!! I ws talking about…ba…baaa…baigan(brinjal) haa baigan”-said rags diverting Nani!!

“So u didn’t like it!!”-nani
“Not at all”-said rags bluntly

Nani looked at her angrly!!Bt as u all know rags dosnt care about her?
Den Nani looked at Ap n pari,dey were staring her nly!!N den again Nani looked at ragini n Burst out laughing!!

Nani laughed more n den touched rags head n leaves d room still laughing!!

Rags looked at Ap n pari who r staring her shocked !! Rags signaled dem dat NANI had gone mad for sure !?!to which Ap gives her a cute deadly glare…rags bited her tongue n smiled cutely!!?

Other side Pari made ansh to drink d kada n den taken him to his room!!

“Ragini beta!! I know u consider us like ur family nly? n dats y u didn’t liked wen we all thanked u for saving ansh risking your own life,bt still beta I really wants to bless u from my heart!!Thnku so much ragini for saving his life!!u r like an angel to us baccha!! U had always helped us!! We r soo thankful to u”-said Ap kissing rags hair wid moisty eyes n shivering voice.

Rags looked at her n hugged her tightly!!

At dat tym pari entered n passes a sweet smile seeing dere bond!!
“Maa….oil”-interuppted pari forwarding hot oil to Ap

Ap wiped her tear n held d oil !!she asked rags to lay down on d bed!!
“But why???”-asked rags confusedly
“Don’t ask questions ,jst obey us ..hmm!!”-said Ap

Rags layed dow!!!!
Ap started massaging her hair ,whereas Pari strted massaging her feet wid oil!!

Rags gets starled seeing dis n tried to get up saying_”arey!what u both r doing??”
Bt before she could get up Ap pushed her back !!N said_”khabardaar thora sa bhi hile to(don’t move a bit!!)”

“But …”
“No but vut!!!jst close ur eyes n relax!!hot oiling wl make u feel good!!N u”ll recover soon”-said Ap
“Hmmmm?”-accompained pari
N both continued massaging rags..

Ragini felt so overwhelmed n pouted cutely!!
Ap signed her to close her eyes…N she obey her silently!!

“i can’t believe before some days ,it ws me nly who doesn’t get sleep properly!! As D death of my parents horrifies me!! But after getting dis family …M feeling so relaxed!!dey cared for me soo much!!N it’s all because of u SANSKAAR ? (she blushed) nly through u I got dis beautiful family!!thnx a lot for coming in my life!!!now I can’t afford to loose u or dis family!”-rags thought …

Even she doesn’t know wen sleep occupied her!!

Sanskaar bend his head praying in front of shivji!!
As he is d nly one who always wakes up earlier den Nyone else n finishes his quota of pooja!!

He moved out of his room!!
N saw his NANU going inside ragini’s room wid a pooja THALI in her hand!!

He frowned n asked to himself_”why NANU is sneeking inside ragini’s room???I have to check!!”
Saying so he goes behind Nani n stand in front of ragini’s door.

He saw dat Nani goes inside silently without making any noise n caressed ragini’s hairs!!
He wsnt getting wts going on??
Sudden change of her behaviour is disturbing him!!

Nani takes out a pinch of red kumkum n putted in her forehead!!!n chanted some mantras!!

He smiled a bit as he heard d wording of Sanskrit mantras!!
He got to know dat Nani is praying for ragini’s well being!!
He gets happy!!
Nani completed her prayer n turned to find sanskaar leaning to door n watching her!!

He raised his one eyebrow n asked her through action_”what’s going on”
She gets shocked as she expected no one to catch her like dis ?
She smiled sheepishly n comes forward to him n said_”dis grl is so pure!!nly m d worst !!who doesn’t believed n even blamed dis innocent soul”-said NANI in a whisper

Sanky hugged her n consoled!!!
& Said_”are Nanu it’s not ur fault !!! Even i also had made a mistake in recognising her wen we frst met!! Actually it’s not our fault it’s her fault nly!!!shez a unique piece? nly people who knows her can understand what really she is!!!”-said sanky looking at d sleeping beauty!!

Nani nodded ,he wiped her tears n she gave a sweet smile to him!!
“Let’s go”-said sanky n Nani -accompained !!
Rags woked up yawning!! N to her surprise her sneeze had stopped? she smiled widely!!N goes towards washroom rubbing her eyes like a cute child!!
As she ws about to brush,she sees d TILAK Of kumkum On her forehead!!she leaned to d mirror to see it clearly!!N den touched her forehead!!
“What d hell is dis!!N who had done it??”-rags questioned herself!!
She thought for a long n den concluded_”oh no!!? Maybe!!!maybe!!!dat Nani had done dis!!oh shit!!means she is doing BLACK MAGIC on me???yeah I have seen in movies!!oh no!!now what wl I do???”-panicked ragini!!
“Kaushalya Amma(Nani)!!!!today anyhow u have to do justice to us”-said d boy who tried to molest ragini, entering inside dere house .

Ragini rolled her eyes n made a disgused face seeing dem again!!

Everybody comes out hearing d voice!!

Sanky saw him n his blood boiled he ran down d stairs making a fist of his hand bt in midway kaushalya stopped him!!

“Shhh!!!!”-kayshalya interrupted him!!

She goes towards d boy!! N said_”u want justice right!!”
He smiled n nodded his head!!
She grinned n goes in to bring something!!

She came out wid a broom!!
Rags saw dat n gulped ,she thought dat Nani wl beat her!!
“Arey!dis budhiya had really gone mad!!,before she beats me,lets jst leave from here “-murmered rags to herself

She ws about to sneaked out wen she heard a loud scream!!
N d scream cont.
“Aaah!!!!aaaahhhhhhh!!!aaaaaaaa!!!!aaah!!!!!AMMA !!!AMMA!!!!PLZ STOP!!AMAAA!!!!AAAH!!!!”

RAGS turned n found dat kaushalya is beating dat boy mercilessly!!!N he ws dancing here n dere to get saved, bt who can run out of d clutch of The great SANSKAAR KI NANI,KAUSHALYA DEVI?
She beats him blue n black !!
Sanksaar laughed seeing dis!!
N rags ws still in shock!!

D boy ws about to push NANI ,wen sanskaar holded his hands n pushed him strongly!!d boy falls down!!N can’t able to get up!!

Kaushalya calls d village people n said dat dis boy is at fault not ragini!!

She hands over d boy to d villagers,who beated him more n den donno what had done wid him!!

Kaushalya turned towards ragini n mocked a SORRY!!not able to face her!!
rags passed an assuring smile!!
Kaushalya spread her arm n called her!!rags goes n hugs her ,n she hugged her back,!!

“Oho!!so after getting dis dramebaaz ,u forget about ur LAADLA poota(fav. grandson) hmmm!!!”-said sanskaar pouting

Rag-kaushalya looked at him n giggled!! Den kaushalya again opened her arms n asked him to come..
He runs n hugged her tightly!!,so now rags ws on left side n sanky ws on r8 side of kaushalya’s shoulder!!she ws wrapping both of dem wid loatz of love n care!!?
“I have to tell sanskaar about my feelings!!but how???? Bt before dat I have to tell him about my real identity!!?? Bt what if he won’t accept me after knowing dat I am SHEKHER’S niece ??”rags ws murmering within herself while swinging in a small swing tied in a mango tree!!
“No no no i cant afford to loose him!!! I REALLY LOVE SANSKAAR A LOT!!”

“WHATTTTTTT???????????????????????”-she stopped murmering hearing a loud sound!!

She widened her eyes n turned immediately to found LAKSH standing at her back wid a shocked expression!!

She gets up from d swing n turned towards him _”wa….WA…what???”-asked she
“What did u said r8 now”-laksh
“Don’t fool me!!I heard u!!!u said!!!u said!!!u said dat u love my brother sanskaar!!isn’t it!!”
She tuned n nodded her head in NO
he grabbed her hands n made her face him_”partner don’t lie to me”-said he
“Argh!!!okay fine!!yes!!I DO LOVE HIM!!”-she finally confessed!!

“YESSSSSS!!!!WOHOOOO!!!!YEY!!!!!!!”-laksh strted doing some Michel Jackson steps
Rags got confused ,he grabbed her palms n started twirling her!!
“Luckyyy stop it!!!what happened to u!”-said rags
“Yes!!yes!!!oh my god!!!M so so soooo happy!!!I knew it!!!I knew it!!!! Dat mere brother ki dulhan wl be u only!!????wohooo!!!M soooooo happpy!!!!!”-said he wid gr8 excietment
Rags laughed as she never expected dis reaction?

Bt soon she turned sad n said_”but he doesn’t loves me!!”
Laksh looked at her n asked _”who???bhai!!!”
She nodded
“Offo rags …u know him na!! He had never loved Nyone except for his family n friends!!N how could u expect him to love a girl dat too a super modern girl like u?”
“Hmmm…u said r8!!! Bt now what we”ll do???”
“Don’t wry partner ,laksh is wid u?,u jst need to behave like a sati savitri grl type!!u jst have to change urself a lill!!understood”
“CHANGE!! no no not at all!!!I don’t believe in such type of love!!!M like dis nly!!if he have to love me den it must be wid real ragini nly”-saying so rags gets inside d house..
“Are but rags yaar!!!”
“Good n8 lucky”
“Are sun to!!!!”-laksh keep on following her bt she widout hearing him got inside her room!!
She peek from her room n said_”n laksh if dis news gets viral na den i”ll chop ur head remember dat!!”-warned she n again went inside her room

Laksh gulped n said_”now she also strted giving warning like my brother!!!Huff!! Mere brother ki dulhan!!brother ki dulhan”-sang he n goes inside his room.

“Papa -papa!!!we have to leave immediately back to our place!! dere is some problem held in our PARTY!! N even MR.ROY needs some corrections in his project bhaiya!! so I think we need to go back as soon as possible!!”-said sanskaar .

Dp nooded n asked all d members to pack dere stuff!!!

Soon dey all r ready to go!!
All bids bye n seek blessings from MAMA MAMI n NANI!!
Rags as usual ws about to hug NANI bt stopped n bends to touch her feet,bt before she touches it Nani made her stand straight n hugged her!!

All gets happy!!
D village people’s bids bye to dem!!
Sanskaar n NANU as usual had some private talks? n soon dey left from dere!!

All r going in car!!
Rags ws sitting on d window seat enjoying d breeze!!!

Dere car passed SHEKHER’S car!!
N shekher gets glimpse of RAGINI!!
he gets shocked!!!
He started following d car to confirm whether it ws ragini only or someone else!!

D maheshwari’s car stopped in front of MAHESHWARI NIWAS
shekher gets stunned to see ragini coming out of car!!
“Oh she ws hiding here!!dats y we can’t able to find her out!!haha but not nymore!!now see what I”ll do!!ek teer se do nishana(wl hit two wid one arrow)

Saying so shekher went some where!!
SANSKAAR gets inside n hurriedly goes towards his JANEMANN!!?
he missed her sooo muchh yaar!!
Rags giggled seeing him blabbering cont. Wid his janemann!!
She made an “Awwww” face seeing his cute antics?

All went inside!!!

After a few while….
Everybody ws sitting in d hall!!
Wen dere door knocked opened wid a loud sound!!
“Durga prasaaaaaaaaad”-shouted shekher!!

Rags couldn’t believe her ears dat she is hearing SHEKHER’S voice!!

All gets shocked to see him dere!!
Dp goes towards him n shouted _”how dare u to get inside my house!!!get lost from here!!who let u get in??guards guards!!!throw him out r8 now”

“stop shouting MR.MAHESHWARI!!! N give me my NIECE (RAGINI) back,whom u have kidnapped”-said shekher!!

Rags hided behind pillar !!she got so much scared!!!more den shekher she ws worried dat how she”ll face d MAHESHWARIS ,she don’t wanna loose dem!!specially SANSKAAAR!!!Fear occupied her face!!N her throat become dry!!

“Have u gone mad or what!!!we dont even about ur niece!!y would we kidnapp her”-snorted Dp

“Because of revenge Mr.maheshawari!!!admit it u have kidnapped my niece”-shekher

“Inspecter saaaabbbbb”-shouted shekher
N police comes inside dere house!!
“Inspecter arrest him ,dey have kidnapped my niece RAGINI n hided her here”

Ragini!!!dis name shocked all d maheshwaris !!a thunder striked dere!!!
RAGS closed her eyes!!!can’t able to face d situation!!!she always acts to be brave bt d fact is shez not at all brave to face harsh situations!!

“Ragini!!!come out beta!!see ur chachu had come to take u!!!don’t get scared baccha!!!now dese MAHESHWARIS can’t do nything wid u”-said shekher searching for her…

Ragini holded d pillar tightly!!

Shekher gazed here n dere n atlast found her behind one of d pillars!!!he smirked n moved towards her n tapped her shoulder…
She jerked n moves back !!
Bt he holded her n dragged her out from dere!!!

She ws standing in middle facing down!!
All maheshwaris r looking at her for an answer!!!
Bt she being helpless can’t say or do nything!!

“See inspecter dey nly kidnapped her!!!see how much tortured dey have done wid her dat she is so scared to even say a word!!!!ARREST DEM INSPECTER FOR KIDNAPPING RAGINI”-commmanded shekher..

Arrest dem !!!echoed in her ears n rags looked up …she wanted to interrupt bt nothing comes out of her mouth!!hervoice gets stucked in her throat!!
N tears r brimming cont. Making her vision blur!!

“No!!!!!no!!!”-rags somehow says n nodded her head to stop d police arresting dem!

“Ragini is it true …what shekher is telling??”-asked Dp

She bended her head n tears dripped down!!

“Ragini…”-he asked again

She jst nodded her head in YES!!

sanskaar moved back a bit!!

“Bt it’s not like what…what u guys r thinking…I….I ..jst..it…all..went..so unxpecteingly ..dat..i never..got chance to explain…it’s all…”-she keep on blabbering,not getting correct words to explain dem!

“Jst arrest dem fast na INSPECTER”-shouted shekher loudly!

“Nooo!!!!don’t u dare to even touch dem!!dey r my family!!!”-screemed ragini,in favour of maheshwaris

“Family!!!from where dey became yr family???? We are ur family beta!! I know dey must have washed ur brain dats y u r saying such things!!INSPECTER don’t listen to her ,jst put dese kidnappers behind d bars”-said shekher n was about to hold ragini

“Don’t u dare to touch me!!!move away!!!u r not my family!!!move away”-screemed she senselessly!!

“INSPECTER jst look at her condition ,donno what dey have done to my daughter!! Plzzz give dem tight punishment plzzz “-asked shekher showing his crocodile tears!!

Inspector ws also confused ,what to do n what not to…so finally he had spoken_”see miss.ragini!!we have all medical reports dat u r d related to Mr.shkher by a blood relation!! Bt u don’t have ny such relation wid MAHESHWARIS …so u have to come back to Mr.shekher till d court’s decision”

Sanskaar was jst observing all d situations!!
Being a calm n sensible person ,he ws thinking something deeply!!

“Ragini…let’s gooooo”-said shekher n started dragging her wid him!!

She ws trying to move out of his hold…she looked back several times towards maheshwaris!!
Annapurna forwards her hand to stop her bt even she can’t do anything!!it’s a legal matter!!

Ragini ws searching for sanskaar!!
Bt couldnt see him!!
Her blurry vision ws not allowing her to see much!!she can’t even wipe it so dat she can look for sanskaar!!
He had always saved her!!N her heart ws cont. Saying dat dis time also he”ll save her!!

Her heart ws shouting his name_sanskaar !!!!

Bt words r not coming out of her mouth!!

As shekher ws about to cross d entrance wid ragini!!

(Bg music)
# “Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu.
# Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja.”

She looked up n found her love holding her!!
She smiled wid tears!!
Dat moMENT ws undescribeable !!!
she mouthed a “THANKU”
he ws gazing shekher ? n den removed SHEKHER’S hand from ragini’s wid a jerk!!!
Shekher moved back wid sanskaar’s strong force!!!
Sankaar den looked at ragini !!
N his eyes melted on her!!

He doesn’t need ny proof or nything to believe in her!! Already once he had done a mistake on not believing her,bt not again!!NOT AT ALL!!
He ws a kind of guy who if once believe in Nyone ,wl never leave his/her hand forever in ny situation!!!N today it’s about ragini!!she ws special for him!!yeah indeed!! He accepts or not,bt she is!!

He broked d eyelock n turned!!
He softly dragged her inside d hall!!
Everyone’s eyes were on dem!!
Soon dey reached to d MANDIR placed in d hall!!
He left her hand which made her come to d real world!!
She looked at d mandir n den at him!! He bends n picked a pinch of SINDOOR
before she could realise or say something!!
Her eyes gets closed ,
making her ,his for all d births!!

# ” Mangalam Pundareekaksham.
# Mangalaya Tano Hari “!!


N don’t wry dere marriage wl happen very grandly,its jst d starting??!!

Guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
? ? ?

lots of love
keep rockng n stay blessed
yours fairy ?

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