Reunion of ishqbaazis (Character Sketch)

Hi guys sorry I couldn’t update on Friday.Thanks for the comments and I would like to mainly focus on the children of oberois so I would like to give the intro of the kids

1. Shivanya[15 years]-Daughter of Shivaay and Anika. Daring girl,hates NKK,never cares about anything, mischievous and a very intelligent geek
Have her father’s kanji aankhen and tadi

2.Shivika[15 years]-Dughter of shivaay and Anika.Mumma’s girl,always listen to what her mumma says.Loves her sisters to the core

3.Ruvya[15 years-2 months younger than Shivanya and shivika]-Daughter of Rudra and Bhavya.Says stupidity sometimes,always concerned about her health,combo of rudra and bhavya

4.Omika[15 years-1 month younger than Ruvya]-Daughter of Omkara and Gauri.Mumma’s girl,loves her sisters a lot,have a passion for art

5.Gaurikara[15 years-7 minutes younger than Omika]-Daughter of Omkara and Gauri.Daring,never cares about anything,more mischievous than Shivanya,more close to Shivanya.loves drawing and arts .Talented in arts. Have a long hair which make resemblance to her father and mother

Both Shivanya and Gaurikara are somewhat alike they never like anyone badmouthing their mothers and do not stop themselves from raising their tongue if they felt it was wrong.
There are some new twists in the story
Svetlana is now living with oberois
Gauri is no more an uneducated person she is now a fashion designer
Bhavya and anika are taking care of a wedding plans and bhavya have left police force because she felt that it is not safe for her dear ones
Anika,Gauri and Bhavya live in Shimla along with their children and sahil
Rudra have became a matured man after bhavya left and goes to office along with his brothers
Om take art as his passion and take care of business
Shivaay has his own life
Shivomru knew they have children but does not know about their where beings
Ragini had left oberoi mansion but comes back

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