His Innocent Princess (The Untold Story of A Cursed Love) Ragsan part 3

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A Surprising Proposal……

“Good morning Sir.”
Nodding subtly at the greeting, he stepped inside the cabin, without bothering to knock.
His visit was expected anyways.
Eyes furrowing in genuine concern as he gazed at his best friend of past 40 years.
“Take a seat Abhijeet.”
Came the distressed voice of his companion followed by a tired sigh.
Without uttering another word, a file was placed before him to look at.
Turning over the pages, his eyes widened in shock staring over at the printed letters in disbelief.
” cancer. Stage three.” The emotionless tone of Omkar Malik cut him in between.
Abhijeet Maheshwari was shocked.
Too shocked to even react.
“Don’t worry. W-we will go to the best docto-” Words evaporated into thin air as he halted mid sentence. His assurance sounded too weak to even his own self.
For the first time, he was feeling helpless.
His best friend was on the verge of death and he can’t do anything to stop that.
“Look Om I-” He started once again.
“I’ve accepted my fate already Jeet.”
The man mumbled wearily, rubbing his temples to ease out some of the tension.
“It’s Ragu that I’m worried about. My daughter is way too innocent for this world and it scares me. I will not be there forever with her.”
“Stop talking nonsense okay? Nothing gonna happen to you. I will get the best-”
“I don’t have much time left buddy.” His eyes held vulnerability.
“There is only one way left. I have to get her married. To someone who would care for her and love her. But you know what the problem exactly is and I can’t die before securing my daughter’s future.”
“My son.”
The words escaped his lips without his knowledge.
Omar Malik whispered confused.
“I’m asking your daughter’s hand for my son, Om.”
“Have you gone crazy?!!! ”
Omkar Malik yelled getting up from his seat.
“Sanskar and Shikha are going to get engaged Abhijeet.”
“But they haven’t yet.”
“Shikha is like a daughter to me.”
Omkar Malik defended once again, clearly against the idea.
“We both know that the duo are getting married for their personal gain. Think over it Malik. We can find another groom for Shikha. I see Ragini as my own daughter and noone would take care of her like us.”
Abhijeet Maheshwari argued once more.
“Fine.” The man complied begrudgingly.
“And what about Sanskar?” He further enquires apprehensively.
“I will talk to him.” His best friend reassured calmly.

“What the hell?!!”
Snapped Sanskar Maheshwari agitatedly.

“Watch over your tone, son. Do NOT forget that you are speaking to your father at the moment.” Abhijeet Maheshwari sternly reprimanded his son.

Taking a deep breath to calm down his raging temper, Sanskar spoke once again.

“What exactly do you mean by, ‘We are going to see your friend’s daughter for my marriage’, dad?”
This time keeping his language and tone in check.

“I meant exactly what I said Sanskar.”
The calm and collected demeanour of his father flaring up his anger even more.


“I’m not asking you Sanskar. I’m telling you that we ARE going tomorrow. You want to tie the knot with her or not is upto you but meeting her tomorrow is not up for discussion.”

“Good night and take care.”
With that the call was disconnected from the other end as he gripped his cell phone in a tight, harsh grip.

“10 a.m. sharp.
Be ready.

In seconds, the device was smashed right at the wall, disintegrating into pieces.

“You can’t control my life dad.”


“Don’t you think that you’re controlling his life too much ji? Shouldn’t he take such an important decision of his life on his own?”
Enquired Sakshi, a bit apprehensively.

“I’m doing what is right for him Sakshi. Shikha is not the perfect match for our son. You and I both know the fact very well.”

“Now I don’t want any further more discussion on the topic.”
His tone held no room for argument.


“So you mean that now uncle want you to marry his friend’s daughter?”
Whispered Aditya confused, glancing over at his best friend’s direction who was sipping his wine silently.
Face void of any emotion.

The duo sitting at one of Mumbai’s most renowned disco bar.

“I mean what the hell dude? It’s seriously confusing the hell out of me!! What exactly your father want? First he wanted you to marry someone to become a CEO and now he want you to see this girl. What exactly your father want man?”

“As if I know.”
Scoffed Sanskar, twirling the half filled glass carelessly in his right hand.

“Hey handsome!! Want some fun time alone?”
The high pitch voice of a girl dressed in a skimpy, revealing blood red dress intervened.

Though the girl tried her level best to appear s*xy, making her voice as sultry as possible, To Sanskar, it just sounded like a dying hyena screeching in a loud obnoxious tone.

Sure he is a Casanova but he do have a class.

And this girl in front of him, definitely do not fit in the category.

Scrunching his face in distaste, he didn’t bother to hide back his disgust as the bimbo checked him out openly, eyes clouding over in lust.

“Get the hell away from me lady. You ain’t my type.”


Aditya quietly examined the scene unraveling before him. Shaking his head in amusement.

The girl turned over in his direction once more, causing his breath to hitch in his throat.

That face.

Same eyes, same features.
He blinked twice to clear his vision and there she was. Nowhere.

The bimbo questioned noticing his piercing stare, in hope that the Greek god of a man might have changed his opinion.

“Get out.”

Stomping her feet, she walked away from the place while Sanskar cursed under his breath.

“Damn this alcohol.”

“How much drunk am I?!!”

“Now I’m imagining her once again.”

“And that too in that bimbo.”



A Surprising Proposal…….. and A Livid Billionaire

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