Dhhai Kilo Prem 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shocking…Piyush suffers heart attack

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The Episode starts with Piyush asking Deepu to accept that she has kept fast for him. Deepu refuses to have anything and says I will break my fast if you feed me with your hand. Piyush says no and says it is Teej fast and not Karwachauth and says I have brought triple cheese pizza for you. Deepu refuses to have it till he feeds her with his hand. He says ok and sits on bed. Deepu smiles. Piyush says I am feeding you so that your BP stays normal. Deepu asks him to feed her. She says first you. He takes a pizza bite and then Deepu takes pizza bite. Rang De song plays….She coughs. Piyush makes him have water holding glass. He rubs behind her back to stop her cough. She looks at him and smiles. Rang De song plays again.

Piyush asks are you fine? She nods yes. He asks her to eat. She makes him have pizza and wipes cheese off from his lips. She says 1 min, you are wearing matching kurta. Piyush says may be he worn by mistake. Deepu says he is looking good. Guru knocks on Sarika’s door. Sarika opens the door and on seeing him, she tries to close the door. Guru says he came to apologize to her. Sarika says it is 4 am. He says he is hungry and kept Teej fast for her. Sarika asks what was the use to keep fast. He asks her to make him have something. Sarika asks him to have food from outside. He gives her water bottle and asks her to break his fast atleast by making him drink water. She pours water on ground. He bends down and have water. Sarika smiles. Guru says he felt like he had amrit and goes.

Ragini says what to do, shall I make Deepu have food. Mishra ji looks at the stairs and says your damad came to give darshan. Deepu tells him that she will make tea for him. Piyush says if you know me so well then why did you leave me alone in runway, and says he misses her at home. Deepu says you would have stopped me by holding hand. Piyush says if you would have stopped. Deepu says he would have checked. Piyush says if she had refused then his respect would have gone. She says you don’t care for my love. Piyush asks her to come home. Deepu asks why? She says because you love me and missing me.

Piyush says no, just to make tea. He asks her to come. She refuses to come and says she came here as everyone broke relations with her. Piyush says he will leave if she don’t come. Deepu asks him to go then. She says until his all family members come to take her, she won’t go to her sasural. Piyush says fine and goes. Ragini tells Deepu that she should have gone with Piyush. Mishra ji asks do you want to go. Deepu says yes, and says she will go when his family members calls her back, and says here Meghna needs me. Ragini asks him to call Piyush and asks him to take her back. Deepu says she wants all family members’ love with Piyush’s love. Piyush comes home. Tushar asks did you go to meet Bhabhi and asks about the sindoor on his shirt. Piyush asks him to go and recalls Amit’s words, Meghna, Tushar and Deepu’s words.

Madhuri tells Namrata that she will give food to Piyush and misses Deepu. Tushar shouts saying something happened to Bhaiyya. Madhuri, Namrata, Pankaj, Pragya and Kunal come there. Tushar tells that he was standing and fell down suddenly. He says he got heart attack. Pragya says I asked him to lose weight. Kunal says he will call ambulance. Pankaj says heart attack at this age. Tushar says he called doctor and he would be coming. Madhuri presses his chest. Doctor comes and asks everyone to go out and Tushar to be there. Piyush’s condition worsens. Madhuri prays to God for Piyush’s safety and tells Pankaj that something might be bothering her. Kunal says this is happening because of hyper tension and says he will call Deepu. Pragya asks him to ask Pankaj first. Tushar calls Deepu and asks her to come home fast as Piyush got heart attack. Deepu is shocked and runs to tell Mishra ji that Piyush got heart attack. She cries and tells that Piyush is unconscious. Ragini cries and says how can he get heart attack at such young age. Deepu, Mishra ji and Ragini go.

Doctor checks Piyush and tells Madhuri and others that he suffered a heart attack, but he can’t take her to hospital. He has installed all medical equipment there and asks someone to take care of him. Deepu comes there and asks Madhuri what happened to Piyush. Pragya asks why did she return and with whose permission. Deepu says you have broken relation, I haven’t. Pragya says you will not meet him. Deepu asks Tushar to take her there. Doctor tells them that Piyush’s condition is critical and he is unconscious, and was taking Deepu’s name. He suggests them to let him meet Deepu. Deepu comes to room and hears Piyush taking her name in unconscious state also. She asks him to open his eyes and see, says she is right infront of him. She cries.

Meghna and Rahul come there. Pankaj stops them from entering. Mishra ji says she is your daughter. Pankaj asks him not to interfere. Pragya is pushing Deepu out when Pankaj stops her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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