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*Nani-kaushalya devi
“Kukdooo kooookkkk”? d rooster alarmed
“Arrrgghhhhh Wt d hellllllllllllllllllllllll?”-murmered rags burrying her head in d pillow n covering her ears from both sides , as d sound disturbed her sleep.

But to her bad luck ,NANI ws passing from dere n saw d Maiden still sleeping?.

“Jey aajkal ke choriyaa”dese modern girls?”_said Nani making faces,clutching her pallu n den moved toward rags room.

On d other side….
Sanky thought to check ragini once,if she is awake or not.
He proceeds to her room
As he entered.His pupil of eye widened seeing d scenario n instently he shouted-“NANUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuu”

Hearing his voice ,rags jerked up horrified.
Her eyes falls at sanskaar ,who ws standing at d door looking at someone inside wid a weird expression ,den she followed his gaze n saw NANI standing on right side of her bed wid a pot full of water,rEady to pour on ragini.

Rags distant herself from nani n moved more towards her left.
“Acha hua tu uth gai chori varna bekaar me paani ki Barbadi ho jati(it’s good dat u r waken up,orelse unnecessarily dere would be wastage of water)”-said NANI wid à tough expression n den putted d pot down n went to sanky _”chora tu yaha ke karra hai?ja jake taiyaar hoja.janta hai na aaj ke hai!”(son what r u doing here?go n get ready fast.u know na what’s today!)”-said NANI caressing his face.

He simply nodded n passes a nervous smile .
Nani left from dere .
He leaves a sigh of relief .

“Aaj to tu bach gai DD…(today u got saved DD) Orelse NANU would have surely poured dat water upon u”-said sanky coming towards ragini.

She made an irritated face n said_”Frst becoz of dose monster mosquitoes,i couldn’t able to sleep . den dat creepy cock disturbed me…n now dis…huh!!!m feeling so sleepy……y everything happens wid me only..whyyyyyy???????”-she complained frustatingly in childish way,merging d pillow wid her pretty face.

Sanky saw her antics n laughed showing his cute smile.?
She peeped through d pillow n said_”now y r u smiling?”
“Haha?…jst look at you…nobody can say dat u r a professional doctor”
“DENTIST”-she inturuppted him
“Haan haan dat nly …professional dentist….well I have named u absolutely correct DRAMEBAAZ DENTIST AKA DD???”said he n starts laughing more.
“U………..I”ll not leave u…..”said she running to catch him holding d soft pillow.

Dey were running in d room n sanskaar was laughing like a maniac…Ragini was looking damn cute wid her scattered hairs.

As she ws not “used_to” of wearing such long skirts,so while running her legs get entangled wid her dress n she ws about to fall wen our BAHUBALI turned n holded her “on_time” gripping her soft smooth waist ,which became visible as her top get stretched up.(guys imagine d scene from BAHUBALI 2 wen Devsena ws about to fall n Our own handsome hunk Amrendra BAHUBALI holded her on time?)

Tere hathon ki taraf
Mere hathon ka safar
Rozana, rozana..
*”Sanskaar pearls of laughter vanishes n now he’s holding d angel softly wid his muscular hand”

Teri aankhon se kahe
Kuch toh meri nazar
Rozana, rozana..
*”Rags looked at his hands n den turned her head up .as she faces up ,his brown eyes met wid her hazel ones”

Rozana main sochun yehi
Kahan aaj kal main hoon lapata
Tujhe dekh toh hansne lage
Mere dard bhi kyun khamakhan
*”Dey had a long eyelock,dey knew something new yet lovely ws developing inside dem,bt is unaware about it”

Hawaon ki tarah
Mujhe chhu ke tu guzar
Rozana, rozana..

Tere hathon ki taraf
Mere hathon ka safar
Rozana, rozana..
*”.wind passes gently touching dere face.dey were lost in dis new blissful feeling ”

“Ragzzz……where r u partner????”-screemed laksh coming near her room

its wen reality striked sanskaar n he made ragini stand before laksh could see dem.

She rolled her orbs n stands nervously.

“Rags yaar….look wt maa had sent for u?…..u have to wear dis in today’s celebra….”-before he could say further,he saw sanky standing dere n said_”bhai!!!! Tu yaha?(u here?)

“Vo I came to wake ragini up…..n by d way Can’t I come here..???hmmm!! Shez not only ur friend bt mine too”-said sanky pointing towards rags n folding his arms.

“No..nothing like that bhai..I m jstttt asking…aveye!!!!!!”-said laksh moving his shoulder.

“I hope now u are not feeling sleepy”-said sanskaar looking at rags

She noodded in NO

Sanky tapped laksh head moving out of d room to which lucky complained like a kid .?

Rags smiled seeing d”brothers_bonding”

“Haha? well laksh tell me one thing….how dis Sadoo BAHUBALI suddenly transformed into friendly n sweet BAHUBALI hmmm?”-questioned rags looking at laksh.
“Hehehehe?koi transformation nai hua hai partner(dere is no transformation partner).he is always being like dis nly,but but but jst for his close ones .N now u r also his closed one …so……?”-said laksh
“Ohoooo…..so now I get it….he has one face for d world n d other one for his near dear ones…hmmmm!!dats weird bt still interesting”-said rags chuckling
“To kya khayal hai mere brother ke dulhan banogi(so do u wanna be my brothers bride?)-asked laksh directly

She widened her eyes n den tapped his head -“oye!!!kuch v mat bol(don’t say wtever comes to ur mouth) acha bata(okay tell me) for what purpose u came here?”-said she.

He bitted his lips n said-“oye haan!!I forgot d main thing nly..maa had sent dis dress for u…u have to wear it in today’s celebration…”
“Dress….celebrate…. M not getting nything..is it something special today”_asked she curiously.
“Haan(yes) partner today is special …actually everyone here respects n adore MAA n our family a lot as MAA n PAPA both had done so much for dis village .so wenever we come here,all celebrate n welcomes us grandly.dis is d way dey shower dere love to us.so fatafat get ready n come out before dat HITLER NANI start scolding us….”-said laksh handing her d packet.
Sanskaar goes towards AP N DP n applied some colors on dere faces n takes blessings .

Dey blessed their AAGYAKARI PUTRA(obedient child) wid loatz of good wishes.

Den sanky goes towards his Nanu n putted some color on her legs n seeked blessings from her.
She blessed him whole heartedlyy n kissed his hairs.
She knows dat how much he loved her .
She always feels proud to have such a grandson who respects elders so much .

Her trance of thought gets broken by laksh’s voice
“All love to bhai only hmmm!!!!”-said lucky setting his hairs up

Nani n sanskaar looked at eo n smiled
“Ke bolra sey chora? Aur Vo sab chor phle ye ghosla jo bana rakha hai na balo ka ,vo thik kar(wt r u saying lad? Well Leave all dese ,frst set dese messy hair)-said she making laksh hair proper

“Wt..wt…wt r u doing Nani.. stop it…it took me 20 minutes to style my hair…N look wt have u done…arggghh!!!naniiiiii”-said he in complaining tone resetting his hair into spikes

Sanky n d other members burst into laughter.

Suddenly sanskaar’s eyes falls on a RED FAIRY?
he narrowed his pupil to look at her.
N as she neared a bit he got dumbstruck realising dat was none other den RAGINI??

SHE ws wearing a red three layered lehenga n a short choli revealing her fair waist a lill bit ,along wid a long dupatta on neck.her hair is opened n half are placed in front.she ws wearing a beautiful pearl kada n long sober red beaded Earing.

She ws looking ASTONISHING?
Nybody could fall upon dat fairy!!
Bt dis fairy is lost somewhere…..

She ws looking towards sanskaar..
Who ws in a velvet royalblue colored kurta pajama n his sleeves r folded upon his muscular arms.
D tight fitted kurta is shaping his abs perfectly.
N his laal(red) TILAK is making him look drop dead handsome?

Ap caressed rags face n praised her
Uttara ws looking at d view, where people were celebrating grandly.
Loud Drum sounds n colors r all over d place..
Mama kept his hand upon uttara ,she assured him day shez fine…
Mami made her eat d sweet n den all get busy in celebrating…
“So may I?”-asked sanky taking a pinch of color n asking rags permission to apply it on her
“Aaa..mmm….M sry..Bt I never celebrated like dis”-replied she backing off a bit
He frowned his brows n asked _”bt why?”
She looks down n a layer of tear appeared on her eyes_”actually since my parents died,i stopped celebrating ny festivel”
“Oh!!!Bt it’s not a fest… We r jst celebrating”-said he unaware of her tears
She looked at him n now he came to know about her emotions.
He really felt bad for her..A child widout parents is d most painful thing in life.
Bt now he have to ctrl his emotions,he stopped himself to go wid d flow n said_”issssshhh!!!yaar…I thought u to be a JHASI KI RANI bt u r more like CRYING BABY…”-said sanky acting like a small crying baby.
As his words registered her brain cells,she narrowed her eyes n opened her mouth & said-“what did u Said. CRYING BABY…how could u….now u r gone BAHUBALI ,now even KATAPPA cant able to save u”-said she running to beat him.

Dey were running here n dere …our BAHUBALI ws laughing n enjoying dis sweet moment? den he hided somewhere n our Priencess ws searching for him keenly….
She went a lill far…no body ws dere…she thought to returned back as she doesn’t found it safe…she ws about to turn wen she saw a shadow..
She thought dat it must be SANSKAAR .
she bites her lips n slowly went dere. .

Bt saw a grp of few hot blooded guyzzzz drinking alcoholic beverages.
A fear surrounded her,bt being RAGINI PRATAP she left a sigh n started going back.

But instantly d boys comes near her.n started misbehaving.
She protest & ws about to run wen one of dem holded her sleeve n pulled her close..
He torned her sleeve n holded her thin wrist tightly .
She pushed him n picked up a large stone n throws it on him.his head started bleeding.
The other boys got furious n all three of dem cluched her.
She screemed bt dey closed her mouth.

D boy wid bleeding head comes dere n pinned her to d wall.he snatched her dupatta n throws it down .he goes near to her neck,n ws about to dig his head dere wen she bitted him ;he shouted in immense pain and his grip loosened .taking d oppertunity she pushed dem n turned to run wen saw SANSKAAR coming dere. as sanky saw d scenario his eyes turned red in anger.

She can’t even explain ,how much releived she felt at dat tym
Widout thinking a bit she rushed towards sanskaar n hugged him tightly.
His eyes automatically gets closed feeling her presence,n he wrapped her protectively.
Dis is d First tym in his life,dat he had hugged a girl,rather den his sister uttara.
Even its a different for ragini also.no doubt she had hugged numerous guys ,it’s common for her…Bt wen its about sanskaar everything seems to be something NEW something BLISSFUL something UNKNOWN ..
he caressed her hair n detached her softly from him.
He moved forward to kill dose bastards bt she holded his hands n nodded in NO..
He saw her teared sleeves n his anger reached its peak.
he kept his hands upon her n assured her
He came forward n bends down to pick her chunni,n den goes back to her n covered her full wid it,widout looking to ny part of her exposed body.dis is totally unexpected for her. she keeps on looking at him .she never knew dat someone so much pious like sanskaar is also existing in dis world.

He goes towards d boys n one of dem comes to hit him bt before he can even touch sanskaar,he ws knocked down lifelessly.
D remaining 3 looked at eo n gulped in fear.
Sanky moved towards dem n takes a plate of color which ws kept dere n throws it into dere eyes.dey started shouting in pain.sanky den beated dem mercilessly .he punched dem hard .
Soon d rest 3 r lying on d ground.

He den looked at ragini n asked -“who have done dat?”-said sanky pointing towards her sleeves.
She ws jst staring him.
“Raginiiiiiiiiiiiii….I asked something..WHO HAVE DONE DAT?-he asked again,emphasising d words.
She can feel his anger n den pointed towards dat boy who had torned her sleeves.

Sanskaar picked dat boy who tried to force himself upon ragini.
He dragged him near d deep water container n dugged his head inside d water.
The boy started panting.
Rags gets tensed seeing sanskaar’s anger.
She rushed to him n tried to calm him down.
But sanksaar is in “no_mood” to listen
He takes d boy out n before he could take breathe again sanky drowned his head inside d water.
D boy ws panting badly.

Ragini ws worried about sanskaar n den she holding his shoulder tightly n made him face her.
Dey both had a deep eyelock…
“Saiyaaan ve……”bg music…
In dis he loosened his grip from dat boy
Taking it as a last chance ,d boy somehow manages to escape from dere n goes towards d place where celebration is going on..
Sanky holded rags hand n runs behind d boy.
“Kaushalya Amma plz save me…plzzz….sanskaar bhaiya will kill me…donno wt magic dat girl had done on him..he is not at all listening to me Amma…plz Amma save me”-said d boy holding NANIz legs ..
She ws not getting nything n tried to make him stand.
Till den RAGSAN reached dere…
D crowd looked at dem ,sanky saw dat boy doing his drama.
He furiously goes towards him n cluched his hair n dragged him .

Nani saw dis n shouted him to stop,bt he didn’t listened .
Laksh saw dis n instently goes inside to inform all d maheshwaris about d happening.

“Sanksaar stop right dere”-shouted Nani
Sanky stopped .
“Leave him “-continued Nani
Unwantedly he left d boy ,making him fall down .
Sanky tightened his fist n den turned towards Nani.

“What kind of behaviour is dis sankaar ?”_screemed Nani coming near to him.
“Nanu ….u don’t know about d truth..he ws trying to misbehave wid ragini….he ws”-sanky looked down n den at d boy n said_”I”ll not leave him…I”ll kill him”
Sanky ws about to move towards d boy wen Nani stopped him n said_”chora pagal ho gaya hai ke?(have u gone mad?) For dis girl,u r even ready to kill Nyone haaan????what’s wrong wid u sanksaar ”

She knows dat Sanskaar is a rowdy boy, who is ready to beat d bad guys nytime ,bt she also knows dat he is very understanding .he took all decisions very calmly.but dis tym he is not at all in his senses. He was litterely trying to kill dat boy.

“Nanu..u r not understanding ..he..he..ws”-said sanky bt cutted by nani-“dats enough…I know who will be responsible for dis”-said kaushalya looking at ragini holding her pallu tightly.

Rags looks at Nani n found her expressions lill weird.
She holds her dupatta n lowered her gaze.

“Kaushalya Amma …believe me…dis girl nly provoked me…N wen I denied she started shouting n screening n even torned her own dresss n dat tym only sanskaar bhaiya came n misunderstood us….”-said d boy faking his tears

“Tu fir bola…tu chup nai hoga na..teri to….(u again spoken…u won’t stop ur drama na….now u r gone)-said sanky proceeding towards d boy.
D boy hids behind Nani.

“Sanskaar ….stop dere….”-ordered Nani
Sanky greeted his teeth n made a fist

Rags nodded in NO n ws about to say something to Nani wen she stopped her showing her palms n said-“no need to speak,its all happening coz of u…since u came everything started ruining…frst uttaraz marriage n now dis….our sanskaar who never argued to ny elder is now raising his voice against my words…..”

At dat tym all maheshwaris reached dere n Dp ws about to say something wen dey heard.

“Dats it Nanu…….y r u blaming her…it’s she who saved our uttaras life …we brought her here to have some peace bt look what she got to experience here? Such a disasterous situation…it could happen to ny girl…such boys like him are black spot to ny place…instead of punishing him u r taunting her…why Nanu why????”-asked sanky

Ap looked at dp n he too looks at her.Durgaprashad passes a smile..it’s not dat he ws happy coz sanky is protesting against his saasumaa,its jst dat now his son is adamant for truth instead it being ny elder or his own relative.Annapurna smiled back to dp?


Laksh uttara ram suji ujjawal n kaveri looked at eo…

“Apne kamre me jao …abhi!!!(go to ur room…now!!!)_”said Nani

Sanky looked at her …dis is d frst tym she ws shouting on him.bt he is not bothered about her anger,coz he know he’s right in his place .he looked at d sky n murmered something to his SHIVJI n den ws about to say something wen Nani said_”jst go…..”

Ragini was looking at each n every action of him.she ws litterelyyy surprised to see dis avtar of sanskaar.since wen she had stepped inside maheshwaris life ,she knew dat how much sanksaar valued n respect elders .for him elders r not less den god.he never denied ny order of ny elder being it fair or unfair.but here for d frst tym ever he was behaving like dis.and it’s for her.

No body ever supported her like dis.she had always taken her stand.she had potrayed herself a very hard n strong person in front of others eyes bt d reality ws she always needed someone in her life.n seeing sanskaar she felt so relaxed ,dat now dere is a person who trusted her,who cares for her repo.who is adamant to give her justice.she keeps on admiring him…

He “huffed” n walked forwards bt den stopped n turned back n goes towards ragini.
She looked straight into his eyes wid her big beautiful orbs .

Bg music…
“Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Manga Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola Muskura Ke Diya Jo Diya ..”

*He holds her wrist..she looked at his hand.n without saying anything he dragged her with him…

“Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau Tu Hi Apna Paraya Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu (Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun) ”

*He was taking her n she ws following him quietly.she ws lost in her thoughts.she remembered how wenever she ws in need,always sanskaar ws dere to save her.she realised it’s not coincidence .it’s her fate ,which got attached wid dis BAHUBALI ..

She smiled in her thoughts….
All d people were staring dem.
Sanky ws walking determining ….
N rags ws recollecting dere moments,she ws trying to find what’s dis feeling she ws going trough….

“Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun Rab Ne. Bana Di Jodii…”

*N finally she got it_”I LOVE U”-murmered rags..

Sanky stopped n turned back.he frowned n asked”Did u said something?”
Ragini stared him innocently n asked herself”did he heard it?”..
Bt den she cutely nodded her head in NO …

Sanky looked at her doubetedly bt den turned back n goes inside d house holding her.
So guys finally one has fallen in LOVE? yes our DENTIST finally Is in love wid her BAHUBALI??
Now let’s see wt wl happen nxt n how Sanskaar wl love her back??
AUTHORS NOTE-sry for such a long delay.actually m really very depressed now a days. N in between my MOM got ill ,n I can’t able to visit her even once.so due to dese things i can’t able to write ny update.sry once again.n guys plz plz plz pray for my MOM plz…

Guyz done wid another chappy!!hope u all lyked it..shower ur views regardng dis in d comment box.
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