Music of the heart-teaser

After the phone call Abhi walked out of the cabin furiously.Pragya who noticed this follwed him but without paying no heed to her he walked away.Pragya became very sad to see Abhi upset because of her.

Abhi goes to a place which is very dark to meet a person..
Abhi”what happened?” Person”He just tried to escape but I caught him.”
Abhi” Where is he now?” The person shows the direction.. Abhi goes there and looks at the person whose hands and legs are chained. He is looking so horrible..

Abhi”how dare you?”and he holds his collars. The person’s face is shown he is none other than Nikhil(Shocked uh??)

Other side,
Abhi keeps on ignoring Pragya.. He An upset Pragya comes to Abhi..

Pragya” Sir.” Abhi” what do you want to ask Ms. Anamika?”

Pragya”Sir.. That.. hmm.. you..” Abhi” I don’t have any time to waste Ms.Anamika” he said still eyes glued on computer screen.

Pragya” Sir.. I ..came to ask why are you nowadays talking with me properly”

Abhi looked at her and said” I am your boss Ms.Anamika. Do you accept me to speak like a lovey Dovey bird to you? You are my employ and I am your boss. Just be where you are. Don’t cross the limits.” And still shifted his gaze to the computer.

Pragya had tears in his eyes hearing his harsh words.
The screen freezes here..

Shocking uh guys?? What do you think about this.. chapter is on the way guys.. until then take care..
With love,

  1. Lopez

    nice dear post soon

  2. yes dear very shocking !
    eagerly waiting for your next update !

  3. SamyuSam

    Suprrrbb achu….. I think abgi purposfully ignoring her dear…… Dnt know what he is upto… I will wait nd see… But update regulary deae….

  4. Very shocking dear soo sad.

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  6. Saranya24

    Ohh poor pragu so sad but still she deserve it fr ignoring my darling abhi loved it dear?????

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