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so lets start episode 17….

“auchh!!!!!.?”-screamed laksh ,when ragini touched his wound.
“Opppsi sry!!!is it paining a lot???☹️”-asked rags concerned.
“???Hmmmm”-nodded laksh cutely.
“Awwww!!!mela baccha”-said rags ?
“Ewwww!!!m not baccha vaccha?”-said laksh making weird faces
Rags laughed seeing his antics n said-“bt u r only acting like a child…..it’s a minor wound,n u r doing as if it’s something major?”
“Huh!!!minor wound….is it looking like minor to u…..my whole head is bandaged n even i got scratches over my hands n legs also? do u even know how much blood I loss…???u should be thankful to me..dat coz of me u r safe RAGINI MADAM..Bt look at u …u r making fun of a SUPERHERO ,like me.!!!!”-completed laksh flinging his hair in air?
“Bahahahahahhahahaha!!!!awww!!jst look at u….u r soo cute yaar….okay okay ..Thnku soooo much superhero?…”-said rags
“Hmmm!!!dats like a good girl”

She looks at him n den holds his hand
“Well lucky….I genuinely wanna thank you……”
Laksh looks at her raising his one eyebrow.
“Really lucky thnx a lotzzz…if u weren’t dere,den I couldn’t have able to prove my innocence…u know wt laksh ,I always wanted a brother ? who could protect n support me …Bt unluckily I don’t get one…” A hot tear escaped her eyes ,laksh gets up a lill n wiped her tears …she looked at him n den smiled through her tears n said-.-“bt den luckilyyyyyy I donno from where I got u hehe?” she pinched laksh nose ….
“Auchhh!!!ragzzz yaaar…..?”-said laksh kidishly
“Heheh chorry?..acha lucky u always beats d goon by yourself or someone helps u in dis hmmm?…”-asked rags
“Welll most probably I nly beat dem…Bt sometimessss…..I give my BAHUBALI bro a chance …u know na m sooooo generous ?”-said laksh
“Ahaaaa!!!! Generous hmmmm….bahahahahahhahahaha”-she burst out laughing .
“Hahahahahha…..k k k ….welll jokes apart…u know wt lucky…. U won’t believe,whom I slapped ?……I slapped d great Mr.BAHUBALI ?”-SAID rags biting her lower lips
“Uuhhhh…w..h…a…ttttt!!!!!?…u mean to say u slapped THE BAHUBALIIIIII??????”asked laksh wiping his sweat
“Hehehehhe yeah yeahhh!!!! Actuallly it happens wen he only asked me to slap himse…………………………………….”-said kept on narrating whole incidence.

Sanky ws watching dem secretly standing at corner of door….
“Hmmm…so she consider laksh as her brother…….u know wt ragini ,u r totally different from d way I thought u would be….for d first tym in my life,m so wrong about someone….m really sry for hurting u…m feeling so guilty…N I promise I won’t repeat dis ever…..(he looks up n prayed to shivji)….”
He shifted his gaze towards ragini n smiled looking at her antics ,d way she ws explaining laksh d whole incidence .
“Huhhhh!!?? ? DRAMEBAAAZ ?”-murmers sanky n left to his room.

“Ragini…..”-said sanky approaching rags ,who ws sitting on terrace.
She turned towards him n passes a warm smile.
“Hmmmmm!!!”-said rags
He looked here n dere n den moved towards her n sits beside her.
She looked at him ,n he ws staring d stars..
“U like to watch d stars??”-asked rags so innocently.
A sweet smiled crept sanskaar’s lips hearing her words.
“Mmm…..truelly speaking yeah… I feels happy seeing dem…..d way stars lightens d whole world widout demanding for nything in return…actually dey inspires me to serve d people .?”-said sanky still looking at stars…
Ragini ws admiring him continuously,she lost herself in his deeep words…
He turned his head towards her n asked-“u also like to watch stars???”
She ws cont. Staring him…
He frowned his brows n den shaked her_”raginiiiiiiiiiiiii????where r u lost?”
She jerked n nodded in a NO…
“So do u like watching stars???”-he asked again
She blowed some air from her mouth n looked up at d sky…
“Actually….. m not so found of watching dem…it’s jst dat everybody says wen people dies ,dey becomes STAR ..so I always tries to find my MOM &DAD in dese millions of starssss….Bt unfortunately I havent found dem till yet….coz dese stars always change dere places?”-said she being a lill sad
He looked at her angelic face,which ws shinning more due to light of stars….

Suddenly she felt a strong hand coving her eyes…
“San.kaar….wt r u doing???”-questioned she
“Shhhh….jst listen to me”-said he coming very near to her ears
She felt some tingling sensation…

“Jst think about ur parents…d way dey had showered dere love on u…d way dey cares for u……jst think about dem…N wen I remove my hand ,instantly look at d sky n which ever star u”ll see,will surely be ur parents?”said he
She nodded …
After a while he removed his hands n she looked at d sky…..
2 brightest stars shines at instantly.
She widened her eyes in excietment n a layer of tear forms in her eyes…
She looked at sanskaar wid lots of excitement n he nodded his head,understanding d feeling shez experiencing.

She again looks back to d sky n said something to her parents via her heart.

She den closed her eyes controlling her emotions.

Sanky forwards his hands n said_”friends??”
Rags opened her eyes n looks at him..
She smirked n said-“soch lo…(think before u ask) if once I”ll accept ur friendship,den u have to bear me forever ?”
He smiled n said_”soch leya(already decided)…so friends ?”-asked he again

She nodded n shaked her hand wid his….
(Love is friendship)
Both talked a bit like dat n den went to sleeep……

“Sanskaar!!!we r going to ur MAMU’s house …..actually he heard about breaking of uttaras alliance,& so he want us to come dere,to change our mood !!!N even your NANI wanted to see u….so tell everyone dat we r leaving for SHIVPURA”-said Ap

Sanky nodded n goes to inform everyone ….

“SHIVPURA……I haven’t ever heard dis name????uttara where is it???”-asked ragini packing her stuff .
“It’s a small town in UDAIPUR …actually it’s a kind of village ,only d difference is dat d houses r now made up of bricks instead of soil..”-said uttara
“Ohoo ……N where r we to stay dere?”-asked rags
“We r going to badimaa’s maayka(hometown)…dere is NANI,MAMU,MAMI,??..”-said utts n den something striked her n she cont.-“bt ragz ….dey all r pure traditional…so beaware…especially from NANI she hate MODERN culture..she can’t even stand dose people who doesn’t follows her order….?”-explained utts…

“Hmmmmm…achaaa…. ..so now I get it, from where Mr.bahubali got dis traditional avatar in himself?”-said rags jokingly
Utts goes to her n said-“n ragz don’t even dare to tease sanskaar bhai in front of Nani….he is her fav. N she can’t take ny words against him…N dat too from a girll!!!”

“Uttara ..now u r making me scared”-said rags
“M jst awareing u ragz”-said utts n leaves from dere…
“Okay so take care of urself…N don’t worry I”ll return back soon hmmm!!!! “-said sanky to his janeman ,kissing it?

Rags saw dis n supresses her laugh…

“So bahubali…wts going on???”-asked she
“Nothing jst….biding bye to janemann”-said he
She nodded n moves towards d bike.
She touched it n said_”Well bahubali ki janeman hi I am ragini… actually coz of dis sanky we haven’t got tym to properly get introduced to eo… ? n yeah don’t worry janemann ,we”ll be back soon hmmmm?”

Sanky smiled looking wt she ws doing??

She kissed d janeman n moved towards sanky n said-“chaley???(shall we leave?)”

He nodded n moved towards d car?


Dey reached dere n goes inside ….
It’s a beautiful place…
Greenery is seen everywhere…
D nature is so pleasing..

Sanskaar gets down d car n rushed to her NANI n instantly bends down to take her AASHIRWAD.
She blessed him n den hugged him showering all her love…

Rags sees dere bonding n adores it…
Everyone meets eo & finally Ap introduces RAGINI to dem..

rags passes a smiles to all n ws about to say her #HIIII? Wen sanky coughed n she looked towards him…
He signalled him to touch dere Feet n takes blessing….

Frst she didn’t understood wt he ws saying bt wen he stamped his feet den she got it!!

She goes towards Mami mama n takes blessing n den reached to NANI..

Nani scanned her up to down..
Rags ws wearing her tight fitted half sleeve t_shirt wid a multicolored short over_coat N a long colorful lehenga….

she bends down n widout even touching properly her feets ,ws about to get up ,wen NANI holds her head n made her go more down….
Rags winced…
N Nani said-“take AASHIRWAD properly”
Rags gulped n touched her feet accordingly n gets up.

“So u r d girl,who revealed DEV’s fraud hmmmm”-asked NANI
rags nodded ….
“Manna padega,kafi chalakkk chori sey tu”(must say!u r really a clever girl)-blurted NANI sarcastically

Rags doesn’t understands dat NANI is complementing or taunting her…
So she jst passes a nervous smile…

Sankskaar sensed d situation n interrupted everyone by saying_”oh gawd NANU ,m sooo hungry…let’s get in n have some food na….come….” He takes Nani inside d house n everyone follows dem..

“Aaaahhhhhhh!!!!bachaaooooo its trying to eat me!!! Helppp”-shouted rags running here n dere in her room.

Listening to her screams,sanky reached dere hurridlyyy ,bt wt he saw dere .made him burst into laughter ???????????

“Sa…sanksaar…..helppp….see ..see dis SHEEP is trying to eat me…”-said rags n goes towards sanky n hides behind him

D sheep said-“meeeeehhhhh ”

“Se …seee…she is accepting…dat she only wants to eat me”-said rags kidishly

Rags holded sanskaars collar tightly n ws really very close to him.
D air she ws blowing is creating tingling sensation on his nape of neck.
He turned his head towards back n their eyes met..

D sheep comes towards sanky,n due to its sound he came back to senses n looks down to find dat sheep indicating something.

He smiled n den asked rags to come in front.

Rags denied n buried her face in his neck.

He holded her hand n make her come in front n said_”have faith in me”

She looked at him n frowned .
He made her bend down wid him on their knees n said -“dis sheep is hungry,dats y it ws chewing ur lehenga…indicating u it’s hunger…N u thought dat it’s eating u..hahahhahaha??” saying so he laughed loudly .

Rags hitted him playfully n said-“I got scared yaar…who keeps sheep in dere room????”

“Dis is not a CITY ,here u”ll get all kinds of animals in ur room nly?..”

????Rags looked at him wid weird face n said-“I jst hate dese creepy animals?”

“Ragini….dese animals r also like us…dey also have a soul….which needs love…try to think in other way,den u”ll surely love dem”-explained he..

She looked at him…he touched her hand..
Which generated several sensations in her.
He takes her hand n made her touch d sheep softly?….

She felt a smooth touch n looked at her hand…she jerked bt den sanky assures her ..

She gets calmed n again touched d sheep ….dis time by her own..

Sanky smiled seeing her..

She passes her hand on d cute lill white sheep n caress it???..

Finally sanky takes d sheep in his arms n goes out of rags room.

RAGINI sees him going out playing wid d sheep n blushed unknowingly n den moved towards her bed.
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