Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman and Badal decide to marry

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Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Badal bringing Suman to celebrate her birthday. Friend brings cake. Suman gets happy and hugs him. Badal asks where is that bengali. Boltu comes there on a cycle. Suman asks what happened. Boltu says he could manage to bring harmonium player. Badal says I asked him to bring guitarist. Pujan Pandey tells his family that he has fixed Suman’s alliance and has chosen the groom. He shows his pic. The harmonium musician sings happy birthday Suman playing harmonium. Suman cuts the cake. Badal wishes her happy birthday. Suman asks for her gift. Badal shows the gift. Suman saks what did you bring me, 2 Rs wala gift. Badal asks her to return it. He presses the button. She sees their pic and gets happy. Suman says she is materialistic. Badal says I will be cheap but will support you always. Their friends tell that it is not their private party. They dance celebrating her birthday.

The little girl asks if he is Ram or Ravan. Pujan pandey says he is Ram of Suman. Chandrama tells that Sita had chosen her groom and that’s why it is called Swayamwar. Pujan Pandey says there is no difference between Suman and my choice. He tells that the guy name is Arjun mishra and he is studying in USA and his father is a judge in high court. Lakhan says Suman has grown up. Pujan Pandey gives sweets to his wife and says you are not looking happy. Pujan Pandey says Suman can’t get good alliance than this. He says nobody shall tell Suman and shall tell her when she comes here. Someone throws stone in their house. Chandrama takes Lakhan to side. Pujan Pandey gets angry. Lakhan comes out and shoots in air. Pujan Pandey asks him to drink water. He asks him to drink his anger also, but don’t digest it and take it out at the right time. Suman sleeps on Badal’s lap. Tea seller guy asks if you will be allowed in hostel. Badal says they will not argue as exam are nearer. He lifts her as she is sleeping.

Suman waits for the call and thinks she will not talk if nobody call her. She gets the call and picks it. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. Suman doesn’t speak to them. Suman writes she don’t want to talk to them. Pujan Pandey says they didn’t sleep all night and prayed for her. Suman writes if he forgot her birthday. Pujan Pandey says he didn’t forget her. He asks what she wants? Suman says bullet..Pujan Pandey says no. Suman writes scooty. He says he will get car for her and asks her to learn driving first. Suman says ok. Rukmani asks her to light the diya. She says she has done already. They all wish her happy birthday and end the call. Suman thanks them.

Lakhan hears on TV about the band in Ronakpur. Mohan comes to his home. Some goons lights the petrol bottle and throws in Mohan’s neighborhood. It shows it is done by Lakhan. Lakhan laughs and goes. Many people and kids get injured.

Suman, Badal and others are sitting at the tea stall. Suman says exam is done, she has become free bird now. Badal says they haven’t free and will do higher studies. They watch the news and get shocked. Badal calls Mohan and asks what happened? Mohan says many are injured and houses are ruined. Badal asks who did this? Mohan asks him not to worry and tells that they will some people under dirty politics and it is a criminal matter. He tells that someone is telling about the girl’s murder and says why anyone will kill their daughter and tells that he wants to tell the girls that they shall marry in their community. Suman and Badal are shocked. Suman cries. Badal comes to Suman. Suman hugs him. He says I went to meet you and you came here. Suman says lets get married. Badal says even I wanted to tell you this. He says we will marry in the morning.

Suman and Badal come to the registrar office and gets married. They get married in temple also.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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