Patiala Babes 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ashok Verbally

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Patiala Babes 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashok barges into Babita’s house and yells at Babita that she is jealous of his newly married life and is interfering in his life. Minnie warns how dare he is to speak to his Babes like this. Ashok shouts back how dare she is to send messages to Mita and keeping contact with her. Babita slaps Minnie. Ashok smirks and leaves. At Khurana house, Mita searches her mobile and asks Biji if she saw her mobile. Biji nervously says she saw Ashok reading her and Minnie’s messages and walking out of house with mobile, breaking water mug. Mita rushes towards Babita’s house. Babita confronts Minnie and scolds her for befriending Mita and letting Ashok verbally abuse and allege her while she herself encourage her to be fight for herself and not tolerate Ashok’s nonsense. She continues scolding her when Mita walks in and says Mita is a nice girl and she boasted her morality toay, Babita should not scold Minnie and should be happy to have a daughter like her. Babita reverts back and says because of Mita and Minnie, she had to hear from Ashok. Mita tries to put in her point, but Babita warns her to get out of house. Mita sadly walks out of house. Babita then vents out her anger on Minnie again. Minnie runs to her room and falls on bed crying. Babita consoles her and explains her view. Minnie cries hugging her, and they both reconcile.

Ashok returns home and asks Biji about Mita. Biji says she went to Babita’s house behind him. He angrily shouts. Mita returns home. Ashok verbally abuses her. She with shivering voice says he does not have right to insult her. He locks her into her room as a punishment while she pleads to open the door.

Babita cuts onion in kitchen reminiscing Ashok’s allegations. Minnie walks to her. Babita says she is preparing onion pakoras for her. Minnie says she knows she is crying reminiscing today’s event. Babita says Ashok alleged that she is trying to break her newly married life, all her past came as flashback in front of her eyes, she does want to feel the same humiliation again. She continues pouring her emotions out. Minnie consoles her.

Precap: Ashok verbally abuses Mita and tries to push her out of house when Babita slaps him and warns that he cannot escape every time after insulting women.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mita’s character is suddenly so weak doesn’t make sense…yeah she accepted a lot being in love with ashok but she certainly won’t accept this type of direct abuse. Neither ashok will dare behave like that with her…she is no helpless lady babita once was…if a shy lady like babita can show him his aukat then he can imagine what mita will do if he ill treat her. Anyway will miss mita’s character she was an important part of story. Never thought can ever love the “other women” character but the actress did such a good job showing the goodness moral values and vulnerability while maintaining realism that had no other choice than fall in love with the character. Good luck to the actress, hope to see her portraying such realistic character in soon future

    1. SsiyAa

      she isn’t weak suddenly and i don’t feel they are trying to show babita mahan… if one has to compare then comparison should be like this, babita got married in arrange relationship on family’s will and did everything as ideal daughter-in-law without questioning anyone but mita took her decision on her own, she was free to live her life the way she wanted and she chose this love relationship. babita made sacrifices and compromised because of her belief but mita did that for her relationship. there was no one to warn babita on her life with ashok but mita was warned by many still she kept on trying for her relationship. mita showed trust on her relationship and love, she knew ashok is aggressive, obsessive and difficult, but all she knew this behaviour of ashok was only towards babita because he never loved her, she wasn’t expecting the same for her. by choosing a wrong person she lost everything within her and that’s natural. in a way to make identity in her relationship and new family she lost her identity. somewhere she is also in shock for drastically changing behaviour of ashok day by day, as she is strong we have seen her everytime taking stand to make ashok correct but babita never did that. mita is not weak she is just not able to figure out what actually is going wrong and why. and this happens as when when we are in some trouble situations our mind goes blank and continuity of trouble make us frustrated. she chose wrong person because of which she lost many thing she is in depression and such things are also part of pregnancy and also in shock by ashok’s obnoxious behaviour towards her, she need care and attention right now but all that is happening is blame-game. she was in hope that coming child to fill all distances but now she is afraid as ashok has gone poisonously mad in his arrogance forgetting she is pregnant. ashok’s this shade she never expected all she knew is he loved her but reality she is facing today is ashok is pathetic with spineless male ego to rule woman. such a uneducated rascal being educated. that’s shame on ashok. last, babita was nothing but became something on minnie’s support, so that’s accomplishment for her but mita was something and later became nothing is more traumatic experience for her. soon she will figure everything but till that it’s a process it will take time to react strong right now she is nervous and afraid not weak. that’s it sorry for wrong reply.

    2. what will be the name of babita and hs child ?a. minnie 2 b.binny c.sinnie d. innie

  2. WeAreAnarkali

    This Beautiful show is the closest portrayal of reality.

    Not all “other women” are bad. Lot of them are innocent and vulnerable and they fall head over heels in love with someone who dupes them. Then it’s hard to get out of that tangle.

    Getting over a nightmare marriage takes years, even decades. No one is ever over anything. Sometimes a random event can trigger all the memories to come back.

    How to directly thank the makers of this show?

  3. SsiyAa

    ?in today’s episode, babita wasn’t wrong but in hatred for other woman who broke her house and let her suffer so much with her daughter, to have that pain and all negative feelings somewhere in her made her react violent. i literally cried today for both babita and mita. none of them deserved this.
    ?so today’s episode is reality check for ashok, i thought her left babita as he loved mita but look what he said, “jyada khubsurat”, paraya mard, jalan, dusri shaadi, khush etc etc.the hell!!!…my foot!!.. seriously!.. this ashok is baap of khatri, in fact more.. huh..!
    ?he was just misrepresentation in mita’s eyes. he became devil for mita. look at the way he was behaving in his fake male ego and being authoritarian, i have strict hate for people like him but yes such people exist and can be seen many houses.
    ? mita is in distortion phase, depressed, scared, hurt and broken all together. we know this all is so quick because makers want to wrap up her role and precap was like finale episode, but i was hurt to see her like that. she was unique concept in this show being a another woman she was never typical vamp.
    ?minnie’s justification was right and true to be friend with mita just to support her. she wanted to make mita realise her strength which mita lost over the period of time just to be with ashok.
    ? yesterday i thought babita is over-reacting in her jealousy and hatred but today i felt she was natural. Her self-respect, independence, strength and whatever he achieved was questioned today by an outsider (as ashok is nothing to her now).
    ?i’m relaxed to see babita easily understood mita’s condition after minnie explained her the whole situation. and liked it in precap she showed ashok his place (aukaat).
    ?may be makers have lots of content to show therefore they are showing eveything so fast and quick, others show don’t have any. IRONY
    ?we need to accept however good they try but it will be somewhere illogical or dramatic or theatre or mistaken to some little extent. we have to give that space and have to ignore in order to enjoy the rythym of show.
    as yesterday they showed everything so quick and in theatre based drama style, even i have learnt karate to purpleII belt and it is more about technique then strength (@metoopatialababes and @dhara, i agree with them from yesterday’s comment), that too i have forgotton as i never kept it in practice or passion as it’s obvious i never realised it’s need just did that because we were taught in schools for hours everyday as extracurricular and but that does tells right trick to defense but whatsoever makers could have expanded the topic of self- defence to few episodes but i guess they are in some hurry or may be as we can clearly se minnie hardly know A of karate so may they didn’t wish to reveal that truth or get trolled over it, but to enjoy the show we have to ignore it or forget it….

    1. I feel the actors should take a little bit of training for their roles. It just makes the story a little more believable. In fanatasy shows, whenever the writers include shivji, they include tandav dance to please him. I have seen only mouni roy dancing gracefully enough to appear believable. The rest is just weird camera cuts and flying hair and thumping music… Whereas tandav is supposed to so energetic and breathtaking… It just makes me feel that it is not good enuf. Now i know nothing about karate but minnie’s actor learning at least a little bit would have brought in much more believability and more scenes could have been included. When minnie was training for her karate competition she trained for a few days under hanuman. But babita trained only for a few hours… It would have been good if the writers did at least some research and included a few real self defense tricks… Anyways, todays episode was again fantastic and the actprs are so amazing, i dont feel anyone of them are acting but as if they are real people

      1. SsiyAa

        i agree with the fact actors should get themselves trained for their roles… and mouni is trained kathak dancer before entering industry and yes she is always graceful…she is dancing since her childhood.. so she is different.. last week i watched divya-drishti and when i saw the rithvik in front of shivji trying to do tandav and yes it was flop attempt. i can recall mohit from mahadev which was masterpiece in that mouni, sonarika, mohit everyone was go graceful and dedicated towards their role…all of them have tried to do tandav in one or other form and did that successfully…. so yes irrespective of acting, physique other skills are also to be learned for making their role complete.

      2. Yup. I saw rakshit’s ‘tandav’ too. Standing in the natraj pose and shaking your hands while the camera zooms on your mask is not a dance, lol. Still, rocky’s dance from naagin 2 is the worst. His dance makes me laugh holding my stomach… Truly, the show mahadev is the only one very good with its casting in that aspect

  4. The whole episode was very very intense… Lots of emotions today. I wonder how one man can cause so much pain. Minnie, babita, mita, biji, bauji all are suffering and crying and heartbroken because of what this ashok is doing. He has become a devil today. Even his parents cant do anything about him because they are old and have no money… After this point everyone should leave ashok. He can drink and hang himself for all i care. Mita should leave, i would still watch her story separately but after what happened today she should not stay with ashok anymore. In fact, she should file a case of domestic abuse and send him to jail. Ashok got off too easily from his first divorce. Babita did not even accept alimony so ashok faced no consequences for what he did. This time he should face consequences, he has to be held accountable else he will never learn a lesson. Biji and bauji should leave him too and sukhi should take them away to live elsewhere. The way ashok behaved is the like the worse of men in our society
    I guess yesterday the makers hurried through two subplots, that is karate and election, because they wanted to focus more on the intense episodes coming. I am so waiting for babita’s slap tomorrow. It is high time someone showed him his place. Mr monster ashok
    The way minnie told her views to babita was very real and so was babita’s reaction. She had thought mita was a devil enjoying in her new home and trying to snatch away minnie. But when she found out the reality, that mita is in a worse condition than her, babita couldnt be angry anymore… Waiting for monday’s episode

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