Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Rahu runs with the amrit.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with samudra manthan in process. The gods and demons churn the ocean. Ravana tells ganesh that after that, the divine horse, Uchashrava appeared and it was give to the demons as indra dev and the gods didn’t want the demons to get eager and frustrated. After that, Chandra dev appeared and the moon came.

Ravana says the demons and gods fought to have Chandra dev. Raja bali and the demons say we shall have the moon for us. Indra dev says no, Chandra dev is a god and she shall be with us as the moon serves the universe and earth. As the gods and demons fought, mahadev intervened and he took the moon and placed it on his head, thus completing his form. The gods and demons praise mahadev and say har har mahadev! Chandra dev goes with the gods and the churning continues.

Soon, as the churning continues, 2 elephants appear and devi laxmi appears in her form. The demons say to raja bali, this devi is beautiful and we shall have her. Raja bali says no, we don’t want that, we want amrit and we shall wait for it. The gods do pranam to devi laxmi, lord Vishnu appears and he takes devi laxmi with him to vaikunth dham. After some time of the churning, dhanwantari dev appears with the pot of amrit, the last thing to come from the samudra manthan. Rahu says this is my chance and he flies to get the pot, as he nears it the pot disappears and everyone is perplexed. Dhanwantari dev is shocked. Raja bali and demons blame gods for taking the amrit while the gods blame the demons.

The gods and demons get to the beach of the ocean and start arguing as to who has taken the amrit. Raja bali and the demons take their weapons to fight and say don’t cheat with us gods. Indra dev and the gods take their weapons and as they have regained their divinity and powers due to presence of mata laxmi, indra dev says don’t challenge us demons! Don’t undermine us, we are gods and don’t forget we have got our divinity and powers back. Brahma dev appears and everyone do pranam to him. Brahma dev says neither the gods, nor the demons have taken the amrit but someone else has. You all didn’t start samudra manthan without doing the Pooja of pratham pujya ganesh ji, maha ganpati has taken back the amrit. Pray to him and do his aarti, his Pooja gives success to each task. The gods and demons understand and the stone of ganpati is set up, the aarti starts. Gods and demons do aarti of ganesh and ganesh appears in his divya form, everyone do pranam. Ganesh gives amrit pot to dhanwantari dev and blesses everyone and goes. Rahu runs to dhanwantari dev and takes the pot and runs away, raja bali and the demons follow rahu. Indra dev and the gods get angry at the demons as they took the path of cheat again. The gods follow the demons.

Ravana tells ganesh that rahu went to patal lok with the amrit kalash and the demons followed him as did the gods. Ravana says but prabhu Vishnu took the Mohini avatar, his female avatar to stop the demons from taking amrit.

Lord Vishnu takes mohini avatar and goes to patal lok, mohini’s beauty mesmerizes rahu and he stops in his track. Raja bali and the demons come and they all are amazed by the beauty of mohini, they forget about the amrit as mohini takes the kalash of amrit in her hand. The gods come and the demons go to confront the gods from taking amrit. Indra dev gets angry.


Precap: Mohini avatar serves the gods the amrit. Rahu fools the gods by taking a disguise and drinks the amrit.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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