Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Pujan Pandey talks to Suman

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Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman greeting Pujan Pandey and asks how are you. He says he is good and tells that he reached home just now. He asks Chunnu Munnu to connect the phone to TV. Chunnu says you are looking mast. Pujan Pandey scold them and asks them to go to room. His wife Rukmani tells that they have to teach them. She takes the call and asks how is she? Badal comes and calls Suman. Pujan Pandey looks on hearing them. Suman says she is coming and talking to her family. Chachi asks Suman about the valentine day. Suman says today is her friend’s birthday. Pujan Pandey tells that it is against their customs and asks her to understand. Chachi comes and talks to Suman. He says I learnt everything from Bhai Saheb. Friend comes and calls Suman. Other Chachi comes and tells that she was washing her Chacha’s clothes as blood was on it. Pujan Pandey says may be he fell down. He asks her to go and celebrate Pallavi’s birthday. They end the call.

Suman thanks Badal for sending Pallavi to talk about her birthday. She hugs him. He says he understood when he saw her talking on phone. Pujan Pandey slaps his brother Lakhan and shows the chain saying it was found on the crime spot. Lakhan apologizes to him. Pujan Pandey asks him to be careful. Suman collides with a guy who misbehaves with her and asks her to be like a girl. Badal comes there and holds his hand. The guy asks him to leave his hand. Badal asks then what. The guy says I will kidnapped you and your girl. Badal says I am Badal Ram and will ruin you and your lanka. Other friends come there and ask Badal what happened? Badal says he was taking load. Suman jokes. They laugh.

Badal calls his family. His sister Guddi gives the call to her father and says he said that bawaal happened. Badal says why will I say? She says she is not lying and asks about her girlfriend. He asks his Papa to see what Guddi is seeing. His father says he wants him to become IAS, Collector. His mum asks him to go to school. She then tells Badal that he shall become IPS and not IAS and is about to tell about the honour killing in the neighborhood, but his father ends the call. He scolds his wife for telling Badal about it and asks her not to sow the seed of hatred in his heart. He asks her not to say. She says she will not talk. Badal calls him. His father picks the call and says he is going on a duty.

Pujan Pandey is taking bath in Maaghi Purnima while his family ladies are giving clothes to the people. The old man touches choti Chachi by mistake while taking the clothes. Choti Chachi slaps him and asks why you touched me. Suman and Badak are in the class. Suman throws paper balls on Badal. Teacher sees her and asks her to tell what she was teaching now. Suman gets up and says you had said about the gift concept in ancient times. Teacher asks what do you think that gift idea is good. Suman says it is good and makes even weak relation strong. Badal says I don’t think that this custom is good. Teacher says you are the first guy to tell this. Suman asks what is your problem? He says that custom is waste. Suman says you are waste. Badal says gifting has become rich people’s customs and says from where people will get gift. Suman gets upset and goes. Badal comes out and asks about Suman. Pallavi says she went to temple for Maaghi Purnima. Badal thinks he did wrong by teaching her. He comes to the temple and prays to God. Suman looks at him. Badal asks her not to get upset with him and says he will hold his ears and her legs. She looks her and starts going. He climbs down while talking to her. He says I tease you on your fast day. He asks her to give him a chance to rectify his mistake. He slips and is about to fall down from the stairs. Suman shouts badal.

Precap: Badal’s father asks Pujan Pandey not to snatch his children books from them. Pujan Pandey says Ram shall support you. Badal’s father says Ram is with me.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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