Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Badal wishes Suman on her birthday

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The Episode starts with Badal telling Suman that he did a mistake and asks her to give him a chance to rectify his mistake. He slips from the stairs. Suman holds his hand. She scolds him for wearing sandals wrongly and makes him wear it. She says I will not leave you. Badal’s father cleans Pujan Pandey’s shoes. Pujan Pandey offers money, but he don’t take it saying he did his duty. Pujan pandey appreciates him. He asks his name. Badal’s father says Mohan. Later Pujan pandey talks to other teachers and asks why did they give job to other community men. Rukmani, Rama and others talk about the fast. Pujan Pandey asks them not to keep fast if they don’t want to. Mohan comes to meet Pujan Pandey. Servant informs Pujan Pandey and says he can’t called him inside. Pujan Pandey comes to balcony. Mohan meets him and tells that I was fired from the job as I belong to different community and asks him not to snatch education from his community children. Pujan says you are talking like me as worked in my school. Mohan says I requested you and tells that his son is like him and is studying in a good college. Pujan Pandey asks will you make him collector. Mohan says yes, as I call him collector. Pujan Pandey says Ram shall support you. Mohan says My name is Mohan Ram.

Badal and Suman are in the boat. He tells her that she brought something for her. Suman gets happy and hugs him, knowing he made it for her. Their friends come and ask Suman to share tiffin with them. Suman gets upset and asks them to have it. She is about to go. Badal stops her and shows another box, says it is for you. Suman smiles. He asks her to open the box and eat it. She says Pita ji breaks his fast with Maa’s hand. Rukmani makes Pujan Pandey break his fast. He asks her to break her fast. Lakhan comes and asks why did that other community man came here, says we have to do something. Pujan Pandey asks him to become silent. He finishes the food. Rukmani asks him to bring puja thaali. She brings it. Pujan Pandey tells that they have to calm and attack carefully. Rukmani and Lakhan looks on.

Mohan Ram closes the door as his wife gets angry and asks why did they fire you. She says I will ask that Pandit. Guddi asks her to calm down. Mohan asks did you think that they will give you water. She says I will break their head and holds the batta. She says today they snatched your job and will snatch your son also. She cries helplessly. She sets off her stove in the kitchen with the water and vent out her anger.

Badal tells that tomorrow is Suman’s birthday and they have just 1370. His friend tells that they have kept some money hidden and brings the money. Boltu says you didn’t give money for you. Badal thanks them and says I have one more request, don’t think that I will return your money. He asks them to get ready and says they will go for shopping. They are at the tea stall. Pallavi and other friend are with them. Suman comes there. They all hide seeing Suman. Suman comes and asks if they saw Badal. Pallavi says he might be studying. Suman says I will switch off my phone and will not talk to him now. Rukmani tells Bindiya about Sita and Ravan. Bindiya asks why Sita didn’t marry Ravan. Pujan pandey comes and says destiny had chosen Shri Ram for her. He asks Rama to bring sweets for him and says there is a good news.

Badal and his friends are waiting for Suman to come near the window and says just 1 min left for the clock to strike 12. He climbs the building. Pallavi opens the window and asks Suman to look. His friends makes the crackers burst in sky. Badal comes near her window and wishes her happy. He says I love you. Suman says I love you too.

Precap: Pujan Pandey tells that he has selected groom for Suman and shows his pic. Suman celebrates her birthday with Badal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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