Chandragupta Maurya 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanand’s Masterplan To Kill Chandragupta

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Chandragupta Maurya 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand meets all his brothers and asks if they are giving a chance, how will they tackle their enemy Chandragupta and Chankaya. Each one describes their idea. Dhananand says he expected same from his brother and orders to kill their enemy right away as soon as they see them instead of captivating them. On the other side, Chandragupta wears his jewels and imagines Durdhara walking to him and helping him wear jewelry. He asks what is she doing here, anyways good she came here as he was missing her and was worried for her. She asks why he was worried for her, she came to alert him against the recent happenings. He then gets out of imagination and sees Ambika who says she needs to talk regarding Durdhara. Dhananand in palace taunts Durdhara and insults her. Ambhi Kumar warns not to misbehave with Durhara, he cannot tolerate it. Amartya Rakshas warns him to dare not speak to king like that. Dhananand says he liked at least someone opposing him for Durdhara and says he will not hesitate to kill his brothers if they go against him, etc. Durdhara claps and confronts Dhananand and her other brothers that they all forgot their father’s death anniversary and don’t even want to pray for their father, but she will go to their kuldev’s mandir and pray for sure today. Ambika informs Chandragupta how Dhananand tried to kill Durdhara and she fell from balcony. Chandragupta feels guilty and blames himself for Durdhara’s condition. Ambika says he need worry as Durdhara is saved miraculously. Chandragupta says he has to rescue Durdhara from her cruel brother. Ambika says her spies are all around palace and if Durdhara gets out of palace, they will inform him first. Chandragupta thanks her.

Durdhara arranges pooja thali to perform pooja at her kuldev’s mandir. Shipra warns her not to go against king. Dhananand enters and throws away thali and warns her not to step out of palace as her dead father will not return and she should value her alive brother. Durdhara thinks he provoked her unnecessarily and now she will got to her kuldev’s mandir and even meet Chandragupta.

Malayketu chants Chandragupta’s name and praises his bravery. Chandragupta gives credit to acharya Chanakya and all the women in is life. Chanakya says it is Chandragupta’s good upbringing that he respects women so much. He gets letter from 17 janpad chiefs who all deny to attend Malayketu’s coronation ceremony. Chandragupta says it is Dhanand’s plan. On the other side, Amartya rakshas informs Dhananand that as per his plan, all 17 janpad chiefs denied to attend Malayketu’s coronation ceremony and praises his intelligence. Dhannand says now he is understanding his king a bit and asks him to go and stop Durdhara from going to kuldev’s mandir. Durdhara leaves on her chariot towards Kuldev’s mandir when Amartya rakshas stops her.

Chandragupta with his team travels and they stop seeing climatic change. Ambika comes on her horse and informs that her spies informed Durdhara was heading towards kuldev’s mandir when Amartya rakshas stopped her. Chanakya and Mura ask Chandragupta to go and meet Durdhara they know he is feeling guilty for sending Durdhara with her brother. Chandragupta rides his horse towards temple hoping to meet Durdhara and rescue her from Dhananand’s grip. On the other side, Ambhi Kumar offers to help Durdhara reach kuldev’s temple and even meet Chandragupta as he knows she still loves him. She asks how will he help going against Dhananand. He says he will go and seek Dhananand’s permission and walking into Dhananand’s room requests him to let Durdhara go to Kuldev’s temple and if he does so, his relationship with his sister will get back to normal and she will start respecting him again. Dhananand permits. Durdhara hiding outside hopes Ambhi Kumar does not get into any trouble. Ambhi Kumar comes out and informs that king gave permission. Dhananand orders Amartya rakshas to get ready to kill Chandragupta and his team.

Precap: Durdhara reaches kuldev’s temple and requests poojari to send her message to.. Poojari turns and reveals it is Chandragupta. Ambhi Kumar comes there.

Update Credit to: MA

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