Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Suman gets jealous and fumes on Anjali

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suman asking Pallavi to get 500 cards Printed of NGO with its name. Pallavi says she will do it today. Anjali comes there and says hi. She says even I am working with you all, so will be friends. Badal says as you wish. Anjali goes on praising him and says you are unique and wonderful. Badal thanks her and says nobody praised me like this. Suman gets jealous and asks her to concentrate on work. Anjali says sorry. Suman asks her to take list from Badal and update in computer. She says pallavi and badal are going with me to basti. Anjali says even I will come. Suman asks her to do as she said. She asks badal to come. They leave. Shashi comes to Anjali and asks what happened. Anjali says game have just started. Shashi says good and says Suman Rani, now see what happens.

Suman warns Badal not to take any chances. Badal says what I should have done when Anjali praised me. Suman says she did a drama to enter my room. She says when she looks at Badal, I want to break her eyes. She gives the mirror to badal and asks him to keep it safely.

Pujan Pandey comes to meet Amit and slaps him. He then asks him to get up and asks from where you get the clothes and food and with whose money. Amit says yours. Lakhan asks who asked you to record her video. Amit says I felt bad seeing her dancing so sent you video to inform you. Pujan Pandey warns him and asks him to get everyone’s signs on the papers and make them leave, else everyone will be burnt including you. He says Sevak tola’s land is of Suman. He warns him and leaves.

Suman is at home. Anjali asks her to take her to market. Suman says she wants to rest now. Anjali asks Badal to take her. Suman asks her to take elders’ permission. Shashi comes and gives her permission to go with Badal. Suman says Badal has some work while going home. Shashi says he will do while going and gives him money to make her have pani puri. She asks them to go. Suman fumes in anger. Shashi notices her anger and thinks now everyone will know who is the real player. Suman tells Pallavi that she will break Anjali’s mouth. Shashi comes there and asks on whom you are getting angry. She asks her to drink juice. Suman doesn’t take it and tells that the doctor is refusing to follow up the patients. She says his girlfriend is very doubtful on him. Shashi asks her not to worry and asks her to drink juice. Anjali sends her pic with badal. Suman fumes in anger. Shashi meets Anjali. Anjali says if there is something then it will be revealed. Shashi asks if she is sure? Anjali says may be she is possessive about her staff. Shashi asks about badal. Anjali says I don’t think that Badal has any feelings for Suman. She says I think I may be fall in love with him and tells that he is very shy and can fight with the world for his love. Shashi asks her not to divert her attention and says no girl can hide the jealousy. They laugh. Chandrama comes there and asks what is the matter, they are in mood. Shashi says Anjali told her a joke. They laugh.

Anjali tells badal that she has love at first sight with him and asks how did he fall in love with Suman. She tells him that she will kick out Suman from his life. Suman wakes up and it turns out to be her dream. Anjali asks what happened? Suman says chudail came in her dream and was ruining her life, says she will kill her. Rukmani comes there and asks what happened? Suman says she saw Chudail. Rama comes there and asks if she saw chudail like Anjali. Suman says yes. Shashi comes there. Anjali says she was calling you chudail. Rama tells Shashi that she is misunderstanding my words. Shashi argues with Rama. Rama says I am scared of Anjali and goes. Suman goes to wash her feet as told by Rukmani. Shashi asks Anjali to concentrate on work. Rama asks her to make food on Sunday night as she will be busy watching Kedarnath film.

Pujan Pandey calls Lakhan and says Lawyer is going to meet them in Sevak tola. Lakhan says I will not let that lawyer reach sevak tola. Pujan Pandey says you are a donkey and says basti people might misunderstand the lawyer. Anjali brings tea and serves to Suman. She is about to give tea to Badal and makes tea falls on him. Suman scolds her. Anjali says I didn’t do it intentionally and says she will get him a new shirt and tries to check his size. Suman says I don’t like all this. Anjali asks why are you reacting so much, when badal is not reacting.

Precap: Suman checks Badal’s phone and says I know everything. She asks him to tell truth and asks if Anjali send you a message.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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