Kawach 20th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Angad’s decision defeats Kapil, Sandhya reads the book

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The Episode starts with Vinayak, Usha and their family come to Sandhya’s house. Sandhya greets them. They wish Malini and her husband. Angad comes there and wishes them. Usha asks Sandhya about Angad. Sandhya says he is Angad only and says Kapil went as Angad is wearing rudraksha. Bhairavi comes to the party. Jolly greets her and asks about Manu. Akhil shows the CCTV footage to Manu in the latter house. Manu is shocked to see Angad coming out of Ashutosh’s office. Akhil says I am shocked seeing this video and says don’t want to believe on it. He says when I go home, my family members say that he is possessed. Manu gets up and says I know what to do.

Sandhya and Angad are dancing. Sandhya feels vomiting sensation. Angad asks are you fine? Akhil comes to the party with Manoj. Jolly gets happy and

hugs Manoj. He says I know you will come and asks are you fine? Kapil and the ghost lady are standing in the balcony and looks at them. Sandhya welcomes Aaji (Madhuri) and Karthik. Balraj asks Sandhya to make the arrangements of food. Sandhya says she will do now. Aaji gives book to Sandhya and says this book will solve all your problems. She says Pandit ji is no more, but left a book for you. She says this book can be read by you only and will get freed of pret aatma. Sandhya opens the book. Just then Rishi comes and shouts Angad. Kapil smirks standing in the balcony. Angad asks him to leave the gun and says we will sit and talk. Rishi says I don’t want to talk and says I will shoot you.

Jolly says have you gone mad? Angad asks what is the matter? Rishi says you have ended everything. Kapil controls Rishi and makes him shoot Angad. Angad sees Sandhya taking the bullet on her chest. Rishi gets shocked and runs. Kapil smirks and tells the lady ghost that he did what he wanted to do and says his bad destiny made even good cry. They rush her to the hospital, leaving the book on the floor. Angad tells that he will not leave Rishi and is about to go, but Balraj stops him. He says you needs Sandhya at the moment. Akhil asks Manoj why he made Rishi freed from the Police station. He says his sister’s life is in danger. Manoj threatens to slap many cases on him if he opens his mouth. Angad thinks of his moments with Sandhya and cries. Jolly asks him to have courage. Angad says today she is fighting with life and death and took my death on her, she shouldn’t have done this, I would have been on her place. Balraj says it is not like that.

Angad goes to the temple in the hospital and says I never asked anything from you and haven’t done your puja. He says today I am standing infront of you for Sandhya and asks why she is fighting with life and death today. He asks him to save Sandhya today. He says you have to save Sandhya, until she become fine, I will not go from here. He rings the temple bell. Some mantras are being played. Angad says you have to save Sandhya, if anything happens to her, then I will kill myself. Doctor asks Nurse to cut the rudraksha mala before operating her. Nurse cuts it. The evil spirit comes there just then and the light flickers. Everyone gets shocked. Ruhi says operation is going on inside. Angad thinks if the ghost came again and thinks nothing can happen to her. Doctor says how we will operate now and asks others to check the light. Aaji thinks where did that book go? She recalls that the book is left at home and prays for her.

Doctor says what the hell is going on with the Generator. Nurse says she is sinking. Angad keeps the diya on his hand and it blows off. Kapil is standing outside the temple and asks what happened it is set off. He says Sandhya had sent that I have lost and she has won. He says your winner wife is losing her life. He says Doctor made the rudraksha mala cut and asks him to save her. he says you have two options now. He asks him to take off the rudraksha mala which Sandhya made him wear. Sandhya is sinking. Nurse tries to give oxygen using handpump. Doctor says Patient will die this way, we need to operate on her. Electrician checks the fuse, but couldn’t understand why the electricity went. Kapil asks Angad to think and says Sandhya is dying. Angad thinks of Sandhya’s words and refuses to take off the rudraksha mala.

Kapil asks what did you say? Angad says what you have heard. Kapil says ok, I will kill Sandhya. Angad asks him to go and kill her and says if any happens to her then even I will die and then what you will do. He says if Sandhya is not alive then Angad will not be alive too. He says you need my body, once I kill myself, you can’t get my body and will be left as aatma. Electrician says fuse and lights are fine then why light is not coming. Kapil asks why are you playing game with me. Angad says our love is our strength and shield and we will never let our love become your weapon. Kapil says ok I will kill you both, love ends and everything ends. He tries to get inside the temple, but couldn’t enter inside. Angad says my love and my God are with me. Kapil says what do you think that you made me lose. Angad says we don’t want to play, but will never lose. Kapil says once pret aatma is after someone, they don’t leave them till their death. He vanishes. Lady ghost vanishes from the OT. Light comes back.

Nurse asks them not to worry and says Sandhya will be fine in sometime. Kapil and the lady ghost comeback to their place. She asks him to kill everyone. Kapil says right now what is important is their baby in Sandhya’s womb. He says everyone will die one by one. Sandhya gains consciousness. Ankit says I will tell everyone. Sandhya asks Angad if he got tensed. Angad asks why did you do this, if the bullet had hit your heart. Sandhya feels pain. He asks are you fine and calls doctor. Sandhya stops him and says your scolding are more dangerous than the bullet. Angad asks her not to divert his mind with her cute doings. He says why did you do this? Sandhya says if I would have done it with a thought then would have done the same thing.

Usha and madhuri come there. Aaji says danger didn’t end till now. She asks karthik to give the book. Karthik gives book to her. Manoj comes to the room and takes something from the cupboard. Kapil and the lady ghost are in his room. Sandhya opens the book and finds the book empty. She closes the book and asks Shivji to make her see what is written in the book. She reads some mantras and opens the book. She could see the contents written in the book. Angad says nothing is written. Aaji says only she can read. Sandhya reads that whoever is murdered, have the revenge mission. He says such souls can be handled by bhootnath and devlali’s temple is the only temple which can get them rid of the ghost. She reads that 11 pandits have to do the vidhi vidhaan at the place where they died on the poornima night. Aaji says it is tomorrow, we have to do vidhi vidhaan tomorrow. Sandhya says before doing it, Pandits shall know who are those prets and what is their relation with them. She says that pret is related to her and her family.

Sandhya closes the book. Angad asks her to continue reading. Sandhya says how can they related to us or our family. She says we need to know about those ghost before the vidhi vidhaan. Angad says we don’t know. Sandhya says we have to and says there are two ghosts, one is Kapil and other is Kashti lady. She says we have to find this before tomorrow. Manoj thinks to leave the country and is leaving. Kapil stops him and asks do you recognize me? Manoj says you are dead. Kapil says friends die, but enemies live. He says I am dead, now it is your turn. Kashti lady appears infront of him and makes him fall down.

Ankit says how we will find them. Angad says we just know his name Kapil. Sandhya says why did they kill Ashutosh uncle and says he must be having some connection with him. She says balraj, jolly and Manoj can help them. Manoj falls down. Kapil says this is the death smell which you gave to me and my family. He pours kerosene oil on him. Manoj apologizes to him and says forgive me. Kapil says even I plead infront of you all, but you people killed us. Manoj says we did wrong with you and asks for the chance. He says I will surrender and tell the truth. He says he will expose others also. Kapil says we want badla. Angad calls Manoj just then. Manoj picks the call and asks him to save him. Everyone looks on tensed.

Precap: Angad reads news that the fire broke out in the restaurant and the officer investigating the case went missing with his family. Ashutosh and Manoj see them burning. Sandhya asks the ghost what they want. The lady ghost’s face is revealed and she is Sandhya’s lookalike.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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