Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Garima thanking Rambhateri. She says you saved me from getting insulted, how did you get this envelope. Rambhateri recalls Raju keeping it in the locker. She smiles and says I have seen a man running from your balcony, this fell from him, I did not know this had money, it means that man was a thief.

Garima returns the advance to Chopra. He says I m not cheating, I thought Jaggu is your agent, I m giving you post dated cheque. Rambhateri says then let them stay here for a month, we will hold this deal for a month, give them 1 lakh so that they use it. He says fine, I will give the token if Garima does not think I m cheater.

Garima says nothing like that, I will wait here if you finalize the deal, I have to buy new house. Raju goes. Nandu asks Chopra to give token amount. He gives 1 lakh token. He says I will come after a month. Garima thanks Rambhateri for saving her from insult. Rambhateri asks her to keep all things inside and come in Ram leela, leave all tension on Ram ji.

Raju asks Rambhateri whats her problem. She says its cold weather and have body ache, massage my legs. He scolds her and asks why did she take money from locker. She says to give police and get you arrested for theft, to save your mum, it was important. He says I was also doing this, I did not wish them to go. She says so they are still there. He says problem is with you, you want to do good by bad, I want to do good by good, our aim is same, we both want Garima to be here, your mum is infront of you. Raju looks at Garima. He says all good what ends good. I m glad Garima and Rashmi are here, now we will go our home straight.

He collides with Nandu and her papers fall. They start arguing. She praises him, thanks him and smiles. He asks what. She says thanks again. He gets stunned and gets confused. She says your way was wrong, but you did good, aunty and Rashmi did not go, thanks from heart. He says what thanks, everyone has to go in 3 weeks, tell Rambhateri, I m also saying this from heart. She says people and their mindset will change in 3 weeks, Ram’s leela started. She goes.

Rashmi tells Raju that they are weak and can’t challenge him. She says let us go from here, and live our lives as we wish. She goes. Raju says there is some time.

Ram leela’s auditions starts. Nandu talks to Chanchal. Chanchal says all costumes are ready. Dipika says don’t know whom to select as Sita. Nandu sees the girls who came for audition. Nandu takes the auditions. A guy comes for Ram’s role and smiles seeing Nandu. Music plays………… He says I m Ishwar. Nandu says you are already Ishwar, whats need to become then. He says you took it as a joke, trust me, I have Ram within. My mum felt since childhood, that Ram is within me, my birth happened on Ram Naomi. Nandu moves back and shakes hands. He says congrats, you for Ram for this Ram leela. Anjali smiles and asks him to say two lines and perform. He says sure.

He asks for Sita. Nandu says Sita is not final yet. Anjali says think Nandu is Sita. He smiles and starts the lines. He says the lines well. Nandu looks on. She asks him to take costumes from Chanchal. She says Ram is final now, and we have to ask Rambhateri about Sita.

Rambhateri tells Nandu that she thought well and doing this. She makes Nandu dress up in traditional attire and makes her Sita. Nandu says I did not use all these things before. Rambhateri says all this have come in your life now, you won’t be able to live without this. Nandu bets. Rambhateri says fine. Raju comes to model town. Nandu asks her why are you doing all this suddenly. Rambhateri says I don’t like Ishwar in Ram role, Ram has to be revived in heart, Sita has to come before Ram. Raju comes there and gets stunned seeing Nandu. Bairi piya………….plays………..

Rambhateri shows mirror to Nandu. Nandu smiles seeing herself in Indian attire. Raju gets mesmerized seeing her feminine look. Rambhateri smiles seeing Raju smiling and staring at Nandu.

Raju asks Nandu who is she. Nandu says Nandu… and starts dialogues… Raju asks in which yug is she. She says Ram and Sita’s yug.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Now show is becoming interesting….
    But Naandu and Raju ko alg mat krna…. abhi to dono k chemstry ache se suru b nhi hui hai…

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