Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Gayaays alright, if Raaj Mata doesn’t want to tell her then Rana ji will ask her that why there is Sartaj’s name on his childhood amulet. Bari Rani Maa was curt in her room and breaks the glass. She says had Mansen (the guard) not come there, she would have… Rajeshwari comes there and says even then she couldn’t know the secret. Bari Rani maa holds the glass and deters Rajeshwari to kill her, saying she delayed talking to Sartaj and he dealt with Gayatri and not them.
Raaj Mata says Gayatri wants to know the truth, but she should also know that not every truth is sweet, a few of them work as poison. Pandit ji says to Raaj Mata that the time for Pooja is going off, Raaj Mata says there is something more important. She brings Gayatri to her room. She asks Gayatri what was the name of God Krishna, Gayatri says Yashoda. Raaj Mata says he was born by Devki, then why people call Yashoda his mother. Gayatri says the mother who brings a child up is more important, she actually scolds a child when he does wrong and then cries herself, she covers the child with her motherhood’s shadow. Raaj Mata says to Gayatri that in that case she is Rana ji’s mother, he is her son and she will always be his mother. She tells Gayatri that Rana ji wasn’t given birth from her womb. Gayatri looks at Raaj Mata in shock.
Sartaj wonders if Gayatri would have trusted her, what if Premvadha would have lied to her. He thinks he must get some way to stop his assassination.
Gayatri says to Raaj Mata that she kept it a secret till today, but there must be some reason. She says to Raaj Mata that she can share it with her. Raaj Mata says a lot of years ago, it was a dark night. She was about to give birth, she went to Kul Devi Mandar. Yashoda hurried the cart to a hall. The ladies there were happy to see Raaj Mata, the owner had said that this house defames the child. Yashoda offers him double the money, and says he would allow it happily. He had said that two children would be born today. Raaj Mata says she had conceived after a long time. The maiden was busy with another child, Yashoda consoled Raaj Mata who cried in pain. Yashoda was shocked to see Raaj Mata faint. The maiden brought a son to the other lady. The lady gave the amulet along with the child saying he is Sartaj’s gift. The lady died.
Yashoda brought the child to Raaj Mata and handed him to her. Raaj Mata watched her in shock, then cried. She said her dream to give an heir to Amirkot had died. She was still there when she heard a child cry. The maiden said the son he is going to kill is his own child. Sartaj said his heart and his eye is stoned, if he won’t kill this child he will eat him tomorrow for his money. Sartaj pushed the maiden away and took the baby downstairs to kill him. He threw the child away. Raaj Mata caught the baby in her arms, Sartaj asks who she is and asks his son back? Raaj Mata asks his son? Wasn’t he about to kill his son? He must think his son died, from today he is her son and she can’t let his shadow on her child. Yashoda also came there calling her Maharani. Sartaj says the son of a Robber and a pr*stitute is playing in Raani’s lap. He laughs that he is a robber and needs his price. Raaj Mata asks his price. Sartaj says gold equal to the weight of this son. Raaj Mata game her jewelry to him. Sartaj says he wished his son would have been a bit healthy. Yashoda had put her jewelry in the balance as well, and said this child is Amirkot’s Raajkumar from today. Sartaj laughed that his child’s balance is still heavy. Raaj Mata took off her bindi. Yashoda said this is a gift from her husband. Raaj Mata kept it in the balance. This time, the child rose up. Sartaj says this much gold is enough for this year, now they will meet next year. He tells them that they have bought an heir for Amirkot, she will pay for it each year and if he doesn’t get this price any year, all Amirkot will know about his blood. Raaj Mata smiled at the baby, and took him with her. She tells Gayatri she could neither lose her child, nor the trust of Amirkot. She says only four people knew about this secret, she, Yashoda, Dilruba and Sartaj. Dilruba didn’t want a price, but only that the amulet be given to Rana ji. She says after Yashoda’s death, she couldn’t get him the money for once only and then Avdesh got to know about a secret there. He doesn’t know the secret though. She says Sartaj is paying for his sins. Sartaj wants to tell the truth to Rana ji. She says to Gayatri that she must also have realized that this truth can destroy anything, hugs Gayatri and cry.

PRECAP: Bari Rani maa picks up the amulet from the fire. She says she will destroy Rana ji. She makes Rajeshwari smell some liquid on a cloth, Rajeshwari faints.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Today’s episode was very interesting after so many days but missed raga scenes a lot. OMG Ranaji is not actual son of Rajmata, I think now the show will try to potray that to be rule of the throne u must be capable maybe not necessarily be related or be the heir something like that I wonder how will Ranaji react poor Ranaji and I m sure this truth will b revealed by non other than evil Badi Rani Maa. I wonder who is this dilruba? Will be really interesting to see. Raja Rani is back in track 🙂

  2. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

    Hi I m planning to write a fan fiction on ETRETR I m also working on ff for 4 other shows, but I m confused about two things
    1) From which track should I continue my ff?
    A) after ranaji knows his birth truth
    B) after avdesh save gayatri from goons(where gayatri dress up as warrior to save ranaji)
    C) after badi Rani Maya, avdesh and rageshwari is exposed
    2) which day should I publish my ff on weekdays
    Mon to Fri(choose the day u want)
    I will publish ff on weekends on sat or sun
    Bascially, will publish ff twice a week

    1. No thank you!

    2. No thank you. They do not make any sense. Lets stick to the real story. It will cause confusion

    3. Okay fine cool down I will not a ff but I will still ask one more time if u all r okay wid it can I write a ff and I will mention it right at the start of every episode that it’s a ff not the actual one . If you all r okay wid it please kindly chose which track u want if still not okay wid it I won’t write a ff. I was just asking. Don’t get disappointed. Sorry

  3. Very interesting

  4. fatarajo you can write wha ever you want I will read it and other people too, don’t listen to the rest of society. you do what you want to do. follow your passion

  5. so everybody was against kunwar ji for no apparent reason. its His BIRTHRIGHT to be king his calling. Kunwar ji is actually the victim here. Shame. I know whats it like to have your birthrights snatched by some random Freak who just got lucky. I always knew rana ji to be the a*ss around here.

  6. if I may say, publish it weekends, start with weekends, and cover unseen scenes questions unanswered in the story line ne. then sell it to the directors of the soapies they won’t have a choice but to accept because either they do not care about FAN-SUPPORT / fan interest or they just think fans are a bunch of dumb sheep that just follow what they tell us like slaves.

  7. go for it fatarajo I got faith in you. although I criticize heavily don’t paint me with such a brush fatarajo. it is your calling! Your gift! write to fail don’t fail to write. trust me on this one. and don’t listen to Negative idiots that say NO thank you – No thank you my backside! fatarajo is offering us a glimpse into a better understanding of what we are watching (A NEED TO MAKE SENSE) of what we watching even fantasies need boundaries of reason. please be reasonable. I am loosing what little respect I had for you xavior kasam then speak for yourself then. you have my full support fatarajo whatever you need.let me know ill support you.

  8. Thank u so much shals sorry if I have ever been mean to u maybe u express ur opinions in a extreme way control 😛 I knew u were actually not bad n just venting ur anger. And if me and other fans ever said anything to u don’t feel bad it’s just our love for the show 🙂 and happy to know u like to watch raja rani and also used to watch Tumhi Ho Bandhu 🙂

  9. I thought to discard ff of raja rani but after seeing positive comments from shals mam I m rethinking my decision I will again post my options in today’s episode if u all want u can say yes if u all don’t want say no. Then I will give the final call in today’s episode 🙂

  10. for shizzle my nizzle.

  11. May be Ranaji is Rajmata son only… Satraj may be exchanged children during birth.. his son was dead and he stole raj maata son and gave back to her only to take wealth from her.. no way ranaji can be a son of a thief and a pr*stitute.. Gayathi please investigate and bring the truth out… let raajma know it was her son all the time

  12. As much as I hate saying this.
    I agree with Shals, I see nothing wrong with extra enlightenment, Who ever you are never underestimate your ability`s to change the face of entertainment.
    Even if it is crazy.

    1. Lol Cory thanks for encouraging me 🙂

  13. Yea Fata raja go on and do what you want, don’t let anyone make you feel bad.

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