Sumit Sambhal Lega 7th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Sumit Sambhal Lega 7th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dolly coming to Sumit’s house. Aaliya shows the diyas she is painting. Dolly asks Maya about the pickle Barni. Maya says she has returned it. Dolly says it was given by her mum, and she remembers Maya did not return it. Maya says she is sure she returned it. Dolly goes to see Aaliya’s dress. Sumit asks Maya which diya is better, his or Aaliya? Maya stares. He says fine later. Rajneesh comes to ask about Dolly. He tells Jasbir’s attack on food. Dolly tells Maya to return the Barni, its special for her, she kept her mum’s ashes in it.

Rajneesh and Dolly ask what, did they eat snacks from it. Dolly asks Maya to find it. Maya says its not here. Dolly asks is she annoyed. Maya says you are not ready to accept. Dolly says even she does not have it. Maya asks I m liar and thief. I m very sad, you are not believing me. Dolly says sorry and hugs Maya. She holds her hands. Maya says thanks. Dolly says dinner at our place, I will go now. She leaves.

Rajneesh says Dolly apologized. Sumit says that too, to Maya. Maya says Dolly believed she could be wrong sometimes. Aaliya comes with the Barni, and asks was Dadi finding this. They get shocked. Sumit locks the door. Maya asks Aaliya where did she get this. Aaliya says you gave it. Maya says this can’t happen, when did I give you. Aaliya says you gave me this to put crayons. Rajneesh and Sumit look on shocked. Rajneesh takes the Barni. Maya gives chocolate to Aaliya and sends her. They all stare the Barni.

Maya says I just remember, I was working and kids were asking, maybe I said yes without seeing the Barni, I get busy. Rajneesh says Dolly knew she was right and even then she apologized to you, this is so bad, Maya says what shall I do, I can’t give this to Dolly. Sumit says you have to return this. Maya says I will break this. Sumit and Rajneesh stop her and recall what all snacks they have had from it. Rajneesh says he can’t see this, the Barni was given by his Nani. Sumit says Dolly loves this a lot. Maya says fine, I will return this. He asks will they not stop her, don’t they care for her, if she returns this to Dolly, Dolly will be sure that she is always right.

She asks Rajneesh to think Dolly will force all decisions, and even on Sumit. Rajneesh says its just a Barni. He says he can’t hear anything. Sumit asks her to do anything. Maya dumps the Barni in dustbin. She takes the packet and throws it outside. She comes back and says Nani’s final rites are done, thanks. Sumit says I m shaking. Rajneesh says he will support Maya as there is no other option, whatever happens. Sumit says Maya is an avatar of devil.

Its night, Maya asks kids to get ready, they have to go for dinner. Sumit asks Maya to get ready. Maya says I m ready. Aaliya comes with another Barni. They get shocked. Sumit asks whats this Maya. Maya says she has put it in dustbin. Aaliya says she got it from dustbin. Sumit asks Maya to return this to Dolly and accept her mistake. Maya says no, we will hide this, Dolly will feel it was her mistake. Sumit says but it was not mummy ji’s mistake. Maya asks Sumit does he not love her. He says fine… don’t make this sweet face.

Maya comes to Dolly’s house and compliments her dress. She asks her to taste the dish. Sumit comes wearing huge jacket to hide the Barni. Dolly asks him about jacket. Sumit says he is feeling cold. Maya tries to take away Dolly. She takes Dolly to kitchen. Sumit tries hide the Barni. Rajneesh comes and gets shocked seeing the Barni. Sumit asks him to help. Rajneesh says I won’t touch it. Dolly comes and talks to them. Rajneesh hugs Sumit to hide the Barni Sumit is holding. Dolly gets glad seeing her sons together, and hugs them. She says she gave good values to them. Rajneesh says I love Sumit since childhood. Dolly says me too. She calls Jasbir to come and see sons hugging. Jasbir asks her to give them electric shock. She goes. Sumit gets away and asks him to help. They try to hide it. Maya comes and asks them to give Barni to her, she will hide. She asks them to keep Dolly busy in kitchen. Jasbir comes and sees Maya with Dolly’s Barni. Maya asks Jasbir not to tell Dolly.

Dolly comes and Maya hands over Barni to Jasbir. Dolly sees it and asks Jasbir. He says he has hidden it to tease her. Dolly says its my mum’s gift. Maya says she wants to say something. Jasbir asks Maya to be quiet. Dolly gets angry and leaves. Maya thanks Jasbir and asks why did he do this. Jasbir says he did not wish Dolly to scold Maya, afterall she is his daughter. Maya cries and hugs Jasbir. Jasbir says Dolly will scold me seeing the halwa. Dolly calls Jasbir… He goes to kitchen. Maya gets relieved.

Dolly comes to Maya with the Barni. She gives Barni to Maya. Maya says this…. Dolly says I used to see my mum’s face, not I see Jasbir’s face. She asks her to keep Barni or Jasbir. Sumit takes Barni. Maya thanks Dolly. Sumit asks what about Nani now.

Maya tells Sumit that she is thinking to keep a governess. Sumit says Dolly will taunt. Dolly comes home and stops them. Maya says I m thinking to fire the governess. Sumit says I promise I did not see her that way….

Update Credit to: Amena

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