Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Atharv asking shall I beat Suman. Sujata says no, she is elder, sit quiet, sometimes mistakes is not of humans, like its not Suman’s mistake now, its our situation. Atharv says I have seen you hiding and crying, I did not feel good. Sujata says yes, I was crying for myself. She sees Ramakant’s pic and says today I was crying for someone else, Suman stayed infront of Ramakant and was much far, she would have bear a lot. Ravish hugs Suman.

Guddi thinks of Ravish and goes to Atharv. She hugs Atharv. He asks do you want to play. She says you used to say one day I will get love, the man who respects me, cares and loves me, you know I got that man, I love Ravish. Atharv says captain saab is good. She says I know, he is very good and loves you, Vividha has no feelings for Ravish, I really love him and can make a relation with him.

Atharv takes a binoculars. Sujata asks him to keep it back. Daddy ji says its our family’s special thing, its for you Ravish. Ravish says let Atharv keep it, its same thing I have it or Atharv have it. Guddi smiles seeing Ravish. Atharv does not take medicines by Sujata’s hands. Vividha comes and says she will sing a song for him, then he has to take medicines. She sings surmai ankhiyon mein….. Guddi looks at them sadly. Atharv sleeps in her lap by listening the lullaby. Ravish comes and looks on.

Vividha sees Ravish and tries making Atharv sleep on the bed. Ravish signs her to stop and not disturb Atharv. He gets a pillow and keeps under Atharv’s head. She gets up and stumbles. Ravish holds Vividha. Guddi says I will take Vividha to room. They go.

Its morning, Kalindi talks to Suman about army association exhibition. Ravish comes and greets everyone. He asks Guddi how is she. Guddi says I m fine. He asks about Sujata and Atharv. Vividha says they are in their room. Sujata asks Atharv to come. Atharv says its very cold. Vividha comes and asks Atharv to come and have breakfast, he will feel good. Atharv pulls her and they have an eyelock. He says he will not get up. She says I will see and tickles him. He laughs and asks are you mad. Sujata comes. Vividha says I got breakfast for you.

Sujata asks Atharv to freshen up. Suman comes and says no need to have food in room, you can have food downstairs, kitchen will have just my rights, but I promised my son that you will get equal rights, you can have food with entire family, this jail acting will end, I can do anything to fulfill my promise to Ravish and Ramakant, I can’t just keeping promise, not breaking, come. Suman goes downstairs. Ravish sees Sujata and Atharv coming. Atharv dines with them. Ravish asks for juice. Guddi says I will give it. She pours lots of juice in the glass and it overflows. Vividha notices Guddi staring at Ravish.

Vividha shouts Guddi. Atharv laughs seeing this. Guddi says sorry, and passes juice to Ravish. Aditi gets a message and goes making some excuse. Kalindi thinks something is wrong. She goes out and meets Avinash. She says this is too much, everyone is at home, you called me to meet. He says I took this risk for you. She hugs him and says I don’t like to hide this relation, Suman and Ravish think I m young. He jokes. She says you look stupid, its your good fate that I like stupids. He says fine, lets see what can this stupid do. He gets her close to kiss. Kalindi comes there and does not see them.

Kalindi goes ahead and sees Aditi along. Aditi makes excuse. Avinash gives a flying kiss and goes. Kalindi understands there is something fishy. She gets Avinash’s bracelet on the ground. Guddi recalls Ravish’s words and smiles. She comes to Ravish’s room. She takes his pic and hugs it. She sees his medals, his uniform and accessories.

Vividha sees Gudddi hugging Ravish’s shirt. Vividha asks Guddi what are you doing. Guddi makes a work excuse. Vividha asks her not to worry for these things, and goes. Guddi takes Ravish’s pic.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ???wow vivida atharv romance starts.iam very happy of that scene.
    I thought suman will call sujata 2 dining hall.its happen.
    Atharv stills r super today.
    Guddi looks for ravish is cool???

  2. ewwww no guddi u cant do this and be with ravish its soo disgusting ????

  3. Gr8 episode…
    I can notice Vividha’s jealousy for Ravish…

    1. Same here…insecurity ha ha….

  4. Watt is this nonsense.. Why she feels when guddi huging ravishs shirt.. If vivida fal fr ravish this the worst stry ever..she forgot abt our atharv jst break of 1mnth.. I don’t knw abt soulmate lve changes in 1 mnth??? Vivida fall fr ravish then I will stop watching jndsd ..

  5. no pls I donot want vividha to fall in love with ravish

  6. vividha to fall for ravish ……he is so upset Seeing vividha with athrav really hating guddi how can she love ravishhhh

  7. In the precap vividha Konchem rude ga matladindi guddi tho ravish shirt chusthunte , so I think vividha ravish ni like chestundi Thanaku teliyakundane . And vividha atharv meda jaali padutundi anukunta . So finally I think it’s ravidha but ala aithe nenu jndsd watch cheyanu. So sad about my atharv

  8. Nooooooooo……what nonsense guddi.plz stop this bachchuwali harkat.Thank god ravish has no special feelings for guddi.

  9. I want to see ravish and vividha together not guddi and him …. It seems so diagusting ??

  10. On twitter it says many more secrets to be revealed. So who knows what’s yet to come. I also notice vividha’s jealousy for ravish.

  11. No yar it’s not jealous for sure. Maybe vividha thinking about conditions which r already worst. May be she is feeling, guddi falling for ravish is not sensible at she is very young to understand meaning of love. As a sister no girl supports her. Plz yar don’t doubt on vividhas character.

    1. Yeah u r right @suman.. Vividha was anger for guddi’s childish behavior.. But not jealous..

    2. I agree.. Its not jealous. These Ravidha fans thinks.. So blind. Vividha was caring guddi..not jealous. Stop over thinking guys.

  12. Nice epi. I know vivida feel jealous. I am very happy of that ravidha’s unexpressed love.

  13. Antonio conte

    Quickly arrange marriage of ravish and guddi ..send them honeymoon….

  14. no yar suman..vivi fall in lve with ravish..i hte that..nd aash niku telugu vacha,,

    1. Hi joe naku telugu vachu enduku ante mem telugu valam kabati , neku telugu telusa ?

  15. Aam2000

    guyzz plz read and comment on my ff on ViTharv named Main Adhoora Tere Bina…….Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…………………………………..Need more support. Give ur reviews so that I can improve.

  16. Don’t get disappointed Joe. How can she show similar feelings for two people at a time. N how many times she falls in love without realizing her feelings. Before also atharv made her to realize her love for atharv. Again some r expecting same with ravish. What is dis yar. She is female lead, Not a vamp. Wn atharv made her to fall in bed, she didn’t objected. She knows difference between love n guilt. OK I accept atharv is same as child now. But vividha know dis very well. She is very clear about her decision n feelings. Den y d hell u r forcing her to share similar feelings n intimacy with ravish. She knows her sister well. Still she is having mentality of a child. So vividha objecting dis. Dats it . I am sure she will make her to realize her mistake as ravish is mismatch for her(guddi) as a elder sister.

  17. Joe confuse avaku. All is well.idi story of atharv n vividha. Dats it. Ninna kuda vividha precap look ni jealous annaru. But complete scene chusina tharvata nakayite yekkada kanipinchale.

  18. Ravidha should unite

  19. vividha fall in love with raavishh .ravish vividha jodi super.guddiii??

  20. Suman niku telugu vacha.. Hope fr the bst.. Ravida fans andaru ravida antunaru.. 1 mnth lo lve ala change avutundhi asalu..

  21. If CVS shows vividha falling for ravish, den we don’t WANT such a shameless girl for atharv sujatha. May be ravish fans enjoy such a jodi. But we can’t take dat. Den Jana na dil se door bye bye. RIP JNDSD.

  22. Plzzzzz go on ravidha……

  23. Yes yar suman.. If vivida fal for ravish this show is meaningless.. I wil stp seeing this show.. Gd bye fr jndsd

  24. Ya actually I am from hyd staying in Chennai at present. Y to take tension yar if vividha falls for ravish means it shows d character of a girl. So we don’t expect such a girl for our atharv. No no. Atharv deserves best. Any how for ravish n his fans they won’t mind if a girl sharing such a great intimacy with a boy n same girl falling for another one dat to at same time . Hope CVS won’t portrait female lead as such a character less. Till now vividhas character is portrayed very strong n intelligent girl with great morals.hope they won’t spoil vividhas character. Next twist may be Sumans ( ravish mothers) death. Hope she won’t take any promises before meeting ramakant.

  25. i dnt wnt to see vividha wid ravish..i jzt luv vividha n.atharv as a coule so wanna see both together in upcoming episodes…plz plz give us atharv back in d same position.as previous

  26. What wrong vividha..now feeling jealous…never accept him as hubby… Now feeling insecure…asthrav my life my love….second change….ha ha ha….

  27. you can’t do this giddi. It’s really
    insesitive.Rabish is your jiju….

    1. yes I agree with u….I dont like guddi..I want to see ravish and vividha together not guddi and him

  28. Vividha feeling insecure n jealous. No way. As a elder she is correcting her sisters mistake. Dats it. Plz yar don’t force vividha in to forced marriage. I don’t know y people specially being girls n ladies expecting one girl to share similar intimacy with both male leads. No plz God sake don’t think in dat way. If Seriously vividha avoiding atharv means, ya we can assume vividha falling for ravish. But clearly she is expressing her love n care for atharv. Again plz yar don’t compare her intimacy with atharva to friend ship or guilt. Even ravish realized her love for atharv. Den y d hell u expecting to show female lead character as vamp.witout vitharv no jndsd. Please accept the fact

    1. Yes u r absolutely right

  29. Yes yar suman.. If vivida fal fr ravish then this is worst thing ever.. How can pure lve changes jst 1 mnth seperation..

  30. this story is justifying the name Janana dil se door , I support if vivida loves Ravish.

  31. Antonio conte

    How lucky vividha is … whether vithravv or ravidha fan.. all are crazy about vividha….

  32. Ravish and vividha super guddi don’t come in between them

  33. I want to see ravish and vividha together not guddi and him …I don’t like gudii ewwww…

  34. U characterless girl …I hate u vividha..if somebody come after ravish then u ll for him ..we dnt want lk dis girl for atharv

  35. Ye dange krne wale sirf black money wale h congress sp bsp or mamta ji mdm saf suthri jo sali chor h or chor h sala kejriwal janta mar deti but bacha h to sirf modiji se cz cm h delhi ka security h varna sale ko jinda jala dete cz ye isi or terrorist se mila h tabhi punjab boarder se election jitna chahta h

  36. Mujhe smjh nai aata ki ye negtive k liye khud bolte h bt positive k liye b khud public se q nai puchhte late khayenge ye chor congress wale sale or ye mentalll kejriwal yar isko to agra bhej de pagl khane me cz ya to ye terrorist h ya naksli sala desh me gand faila rha h sath me ye chor sivsena wale jinko pata nai ki vo kya bol rhe h kya kr rhe h

  37. dont worry…..”AGLI BAR MODI SARKAR”
    Janta koi naraj nai h naraj h sale chor….blacker congress sp bsp or ch…ya kejriwal….

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