FAB5 AUR MANAN (Chapter – 11)

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Hi guys, how r u all?? Really sorry couldn’t update yesterday but here is chappy, have fun while reading, don’t sleep, k? So here it goes

Chapter 11 – Surprise

Precap: Nandu sings for Manik
It was a new morning but was this seriously a new morning, was today something good was going to happen or something bad, lets see, whats say?
Nandini woke up at 9am, freshen up n had breakfast n was seated with her lappy on her lap, Abhi has already left for office. She was checking mails when she recieved a new mail. She opened it

Miss Nandini Thakkar
We would like to inform u that u have been appointed PA of Manik Sir at his Music Company, so u can join today. We would like to welcome u whole heartedly.
From Manager of Fab5 Music Company

Nandini was very happy as she vil start her job today, she saw the time n it was 9:45, she went to her room n changed into casuals as she was still wearing pyjamas. She prayed to her aiyappa n left for office. She reached there at 10. Everyone were gossiping about her, she went to Manik’s cabin. Nandini started

Nandini: Good Morning sir
Manik(irritated): yaar Nandu yeh sir kya hota hai?
Nandini(understanding his point): sir, I am ur PA so I can’t call u by ur name.
Manik: but still
Nandini: leave that sir, do u have any work for me?
Manik: oh yes, I have.
Nandini: what is it, sir?
Manik: for our new album, v have called a classical singer, he vil come here by 2pm, so I want u to welcome him.
Nandini: k, sir as u say.

Nandini came out of the cabin n was going towards her cabin when her phone started ringing. She received the call

Nandini: kaisi hai?
Twinkle: mai thik ho, tum kaisi ho?
Nandini: I am fine, aur Nana Nani kaise hai?
Twinkle: woh bhi thik hai, aur konsi office me Bhai ki PA ho tum.
Nandini: Music Company.
Twinkle: acha
Nandini: acha, I vil talk later.
Twinkle: k bye.

After this call session, Nandini informed the peons what they should bring for welcoming, it was almost time of his arrival. Everything was ready, Manan were welcoming the person together so they were in cabin. The person arrived n was impressed by arrangements of his arrival, the manager took him to Manik’s cabin. Manik was seated on his chair n Nandini was standing beside him. As the person opened the door of the cabin, Nandini was shocked to see the person as it was none other than our “behated Pundit”. Nandini was losing her balance, the flashes were coming of that day in front her but she had to stay strong, she said to Manik she vil b back in a min n went fast from there. Manik thought to talk her later.

Nandini reached her cabin, she kept her hands on the table n her eyes were fully red bcoz of anger she have for Pundit. She thought no Nandini tumhe strong rehna hoga, apni family ke liye, Manik ka promise nhi tod skti tum, n overall this album is very imp for Fab5, so u have to stay strong n don’t let him effect u. With that she left for Manik’s cabin.

Nandini plastered a fake smile n entered the cabin. Pundit was seated in front of Manik, Nandini went n stood beside Manik. Pundit was shocked that she is not getting effecte seeing him. Manik n Nandini discussed everything with Pundit. They started jamming in the evening at Malhotra Mansion. Nandini brought snacks for everyone, after that everyone returned to their homes. Nandini wasn’t able to sleep, she didn’t know what was the reason. She heard car’s honking n saw Manik’s car outside. She came down in 5mins.

Nandini: tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?
Manik: mai apne friend se milne aya ho
Nandini(pushing him towards the car): acha to ab mil liya, toh ab jao
Manik: arey arey, itni bhi jaldi kya hai, pehle ye batao tumhe subah office me kya hogaya tha, tum aise kyu bhag gyi thi?
Nandini(hesitating): woh…I…was…feeling dizzy isiliye mai apne cabin chlgyi medicine lene
Manik(worried): kya?? Dizzy tum thik ho na bolo, doc ko call karo.
Nandino: areyy I am fine, no need to worry. Ab jao bhi u have practice.
Manik(crossing his arms): pehle I need something from my friend
Nandini after thinking of 5mins understood what he needs n signalled him too move his arms n he did the same. She hugged him n he hugged her back wid a smile. After 5mins they broke the hug n both went from there. Nandini lied on her bed n
Nandini’s POV
Pata nahi bina uske kahe mujhe pata chaljata hai what he needs, jaisi friendship I have with others, our friendship is different from them
Manik’s POV
But agar hamari friendship un sab se alag bhi hai I love it, lekin still r v juz friends???
After this they both dozed off thinking of each other.

Next Day, Nandini was roaming in office as she didn’t have any work. Nandini then went to her cabin, when Manik entered n Nandini asked

Nandini: tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?
Manik: xcuse me, mai tumhara boss ho r tum mujhe hi
Nandini: acha, kal khud keh rahe the
Manik: acha sorry, ab chalo mere saath
Nandini: kaha??
Manik: Malhotra Industries
Nandini: par mai tumhari PA iss office me ho na ke uss
Manik: mai Manik Malhotra hoo, tumhe kahi bhi appoint kar sakta hoo.
Nandini: agar aisa hai toh mai tumhari PA dono hi office me ban jati hoon
Manik: ahaa badi der lagadi samajne me
Nandini: Maniik
Manik: sorry, now lets go

They reached Malhotra Industries after 30mins n Manik showed her her cabin n gave her 2-3 files. Nandini finished 2 files n was completing 3rd when she recieved a message. She read the message n smiled. After that she completed her last file n returned all files to him. Fab4 called Manik n informed him today they vil jam at Music Company n he agreed. Nandini left for her home as she didn’t have much work.

Manik reached his home at 11:30, it was all dark, he thought all servants slept so he went to his room n tried to sleep but couldn’t.
Manik’s POV
Lagta hai aaj bhi Nandu ke pass hi jaana hoga, kal bhi mai gaya tha isi wajah se, uff pata nahi mere itne friends hai par sirf Nandu ka hi thought kyu aaraha hai.
His chain of thoughts broke when he heard some voices from lounge.

He came out n went to on the switches. N Fab5,Navnibhi,Twinkle n NanaNani: Happy Bday Manik. He was suprised as he totally forgot its his bday. Mostly he was surprised seeing the three peoples he didn’t expect. They were his sis n grandparents, he went to them n took blessings from them n side-hugged his sis. He said

Manik: I am so happy, diz is the best bday ever wid best surprise.
Fab4: thanx but the surprise idea was someone else
Manik: who?
Fab4(pointing towards someone): Nandini
Manik(very happy n hugged her): thanx so much for this surprise
Nandini(still hugging): I didn’t knew that u would love this surprise so much I mean last month only u met them but still
Manik(breaking the hug): but I was missing them.
Fab4: ab ye emotional drama hgya ho toh plzz chalo cake cut karna hai.
Manik: acha chalo bhukkado

With that everyone moved to the table where cake was placed n Manik cut the cake. First bite he gave to Nani, then Nana, then Twinkle n Fab4. Lastly he gave to Nandini n everyone were busy playing with the cream. Nandini took out something from his bag n gave to Manik. Manik asked

Manik: what’s this??
Nandini: this is called bday gift, dumbo
Manik: acha…. Kya kaha dumbo??
Namdini: woh sab chodo n open it. He opened the gift n found a

(Musical Tie With Chotu Guitar)

Nandini: how is it?? U like music so
Manik: its amazing
Nandini: sacchi
Manik: muchi
Nandini: k wear it na
Manik: u make it wear
Nandini: me??
Manik: yesss

Nandini made him wear it n it was looking good. After that Manik went towards the cake n started throwing it on Nandu saying for calling me dumbo n everyone joined their cake-fight. After a good chase everyone gave their gifts to him n all returned to their respective homes.

So how was it?? Liked it or loved it?? N yah A BIGGY HUG TO ALL MY READERS for supporting me from start, luv u all n keep loving me n my ff, waiting for response………….
Lots Of Love….❤️❤️❤️

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