Mere Angne Mein 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Mere Angne Mein 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla scolding Rani for tying Babloo. Rani tells what Babloo did, by giving food to beggars. Sarla goes and frees Babloo. Babloo says I will call Lallan, he will see you all. Sarla says no, Rani is mad, she will apologize to you. Babloo calls Lallan. Sarla says stop it, and gets Rani.

She asks Rani to say sorry for Amit’s sake. Rani says sorry, if you beat me next time, I will shut you in bathroom. Sarla says we have to go in marriage tomorrow, wear good saree. Rani gets excited and asks whose marriage. Sarla says Preeti’s marriage. Rani gets shocked and asks again? Sarla says yes, what we have to do, we will go. Rani says yes. Babloo asks Sarla does she scold anyone. Amit comes. Babloo calls him useless. Amit and Sarla ask Babloo not to talk badly. Sarla scolds him. Babloo bites her hand. Sarla ties Babloo to the chair and locks him in the room.

Its night, Rani worries for Babloo. She takes the keys from Sarla. She gets food plate and goes to Babloo. She says I got food for you, will you have it. She feeds food to Babloo. He eats food and says I will complain to Lallan about Sarla and Amit, they will be tied in stable. Rani gets annoyed and asks him to stay in room.

Shanti talks to her husband’s pic and shares the problem of Kaushalya getting adamant on Preeti’s remarriage. Nimmi comes and tells Shanti that she does not know how the earrings came in her clothes. Shanti hugs her and says I trust you, you can’t do this cheap thing. Nimmi says the family does not trust me. Shanti asks her not to worry.

Kaushalya tells Preeti to inform Lucky that engagement is today, come with preparations. Preeti thanks her and says I will remember this. Kaushalya says I misbehaved with Shanti and Raghav for you, don’t spoil things. Preeti worries and tells Kaushalya that I did not tell Lucky about Nandu, you also don’t tell him please. Kaushalya gets shocked and asks Preeti why did you not tell him, if he leaves you after marriage. Preeti says no, he will not leave me. Shivam comes and says Riya’s dad is unwell, we are going there. He goes. Preeti says Riya is jealous of my happiness. Kaushalya asks her to look after her happiness and forget Riya.

Sarla asks Amit to get ready, they have to go to Preeti’s marriage. He says I have much work, I can’t come. Rani asks who will manage Babloo if we all go. Sarla says leave him in room. Rani says I have to go to Prabha’s house for puja, I have given food to Babloo, but he is a small kid, till when to keep him locked. Sarla says he is a problem, let him be there.

Shanti asks Kaushalya will she manage all work alone, where did Riya go. Kaushalya says Anupam is unwell, Shivam went to drop Riya. Shanti says she will tell her father about Preeti’s second marriage now. She asks Raghav what happened to him. He says what shall I say. Shanti says no one listens to me, Kaushalya took my place, I don’t have to say anything, I m not annoyed with Raghav, I will always bless Raghav. Preeti signs Kaushalya. Kaushalya tells Shanti that Lucky is going to come, we will keep engagement today. Raghav asks what happened, you just give us orders, it will happen as you said, Amma give me money to get ring. Shanti says fine, do it. She asks Nimmi to go to jeweler and get ring, Preeti is getting engaged, get cheap ring on loan. Nimmi goes.

Raghav says my earnings will be spent in the girls’ rings. Nandu comes home drunk and says congrats for Preeti’s engagement. He apologizes for coming in this house in drunken state, Preeti has made me drink by giving sorrow. Preeti looks on. Raghav holds him. Nandu says its fine, you all are happy, whats the use to cry now, be happy. He leaves. Raghav says see what state did he make, his dad helped me in my bad time. Preeti goes. Raghav says I m satisfied that Kaushalya would be happy doing this. Kaushalya cries. Shanti thinks how did Nandu know of engagement matter. Kaushalya thinks to tell Shanti what Preeti did, and prays for Preeti.

Sarla asks Lucky to sit. Shivam looks at Lucky. Everyone get shocked seeing Lucky, who looks like Nandu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ahahahahahahaha cant wait for tomorrow episode???????

  2. I know it won’t happen but it’ll be nice if Nandu/Lucky refuses to marry Preeti. Then that witch will know what wrong she did. I’ve never seen such a useless character.

  3. Hope truth about nandu being lucky comes out and it’ll be just right for preeti, sarla, pari and kaushaliya.

  4. @Asha I agree, if the engagement goes ahead how long can nandu keep up the pretence?

  5. I think Nandu should come as Lucky and just say sorry I can marry you Preeti!!!!

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