one room is shown whicj is decorated with flowers and A girl is shown is sitting in the middle of the bed covered with veil.
A guy entered into the room and sat infront of her
Guy:(stammers)i didnt lik this marriage
Girl:immediately removed her veil (happily)is it? Omg im really happy
Guy:wat r u saying ragini?
Rag:even i too didnt lik the marriage sanskar
San:r u serious
Rag:nods thank god v both didnt lik this marriage..do u love someone else
San:nods as no
Rag:then y (queries)
San:my papa and mumma divorced when i was 12..i was with them for 12 yrs but in those yrs too i have grown up by seeing their fight…i lost faith in love/marriage and all..i dont want to give the same pain to my child which i experienced b4
Rag:this much big reason
San:glares her
Rag:sry (pouts)
San:wat abt u
Rag:i dont want to share my life with anyone…i want to live individually
Rag:wat y r u looking at me lik this
San:is it a actual reason ?? Its a simple thing.for thid u dont want marriage!
Rag:hello ..i dont know y all r lik this??all human beings in this world thinks that their own problem is a big thing but others will have simple one…damn lik u
San:but my condition
Rag:wat ur condition? If ur parents marriage doesnt wrk up then how did u thought urs too?moreover u know the pain of ur parent’s separation then how will u give tge same pain too ur son?see in my condition i dont like sharing my life with someone lik u…i hav a reason right but in ur condition u r just overthinking
San:gets into thinking
Rag:k im feeling sleepy ..i will sleep on bed ..u sleep on sofa
San:dont forget its my room(annoys)
Rag:dont forget im ur name sake wife
San:glares her
Rag:see if one day i sleep on bed and next day i have to sleep on sofa..alternate days v will exchange..is it k?
San:nods and goes towards the sofa

@after few minutes
San:i have heared that if hero says if he didnt like her in his wedding night..herione will get devasted and she made many thing to get his husband’s love and atlast they will get united
Rag:(laughs) sanskar(laughs)u r really cute..u r not a hero amd im not a herione ..i think u r having overthinking problem
San:(annoys)see i just said it will happen in films but not in our life…(angrily)gud n8
RAg:smiles a lilbit by seeing his face and dozzed off

As soon as ragini entera into the room with coffee mug
San:(annoys)i already told..u dont need to do my things
Rag:dont behave lik my husband..this is for me by saying she srarted drinking coffee
San in mind wat she said is true..im just overthinking
Rag pat him
San :nods as nothing and went

@dining area
Suj:beta taste this by saying she forwards a curry ..ragini made it
San:no ma i dont
Rag:before he says furthur she placed a curry in his plate…have it sankar ji u will lik it
san:glares her in mind now y she os behaving like my wife…he had food without complimenting it
Suj:beta ragini is new here..just show her places her
San:ma i have
Rag:holds his hand sanskar ji aunty is saying na
Suj smiles and left
San:jerks her hand
Rag:i dont want to hurt aunty..dont forget she is my mum ‘s bestie..
Rag:if u dont want to accompany me..v will go separately and will join when v return to home
San:its k v will go
Rag:ty sanskar ji
San:y u r adding ji suddenly
Rag:pouts aunty told me that i should not call u by name ..wats this?then y they kept a name for u when ur wife itself cant have the rights to call u
San:smiles i will speak to mum..u just call me by my name itself
Both went..

@restaurant afternoon
San:so do u like mumbai
Rag:nofs but less than mumbai (her birthplace)
San:smiles so wat do u
Suddenly a guy pats ragini’s shoulder..rag turns and immediately hugs him..
Rag:laksh when did u came from london?
Lak:yesterday n8
rag:hits him..if u came earlier..u might attend my wedding
Rag:sanskar this us laksh my bestfrd and laksh this is sanskar my (stops)
San:her husband (eyeing her)
Trio had a talk

San:who is he
Rag:i already told na he is my bestie
San :(face fell)
Rag:i dobt know y our society is lik this..if a girl talks to a guy then they conclude themselves as lovers
San:(happy inside but acts) y r u saying this now

San:madam ji today i have to sleep on bed
San”:pats her
Rag:eyes him to sit…
Rag:v both didnt lik this marriage then how v will elpoe from this relationship
San:even i dont know ragini..lets wait for some more days..v will get a solution for it
Rag nods and went towards sofa
Both dozzed off

Guys its 3 shot ff…seriously i lost interest in writing but suma made me to write..i updated this part in watty two days b4 but i miss u people ,ur comments therefore i updated here now…i dont know whether u people r in watty..thats y…hope u lik it
Thanks for the love
Sry for my decision..hope it will b my last one

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