Will you miss Star Plus’ Qayamat Ki Raat?

One of the popular supernatural show of star plus is going to get end and that is Qayamat ki Raat.

The show is a good start from the beginning, the show begins in the year 1993 where Suhasini’s who is later revealed to be Gauri and Karuna’s mother kills kalasur (Saurish Athiwal) when kalasur the evil tantric tries each way to get consummate with Suhasini (Dipika Kakkar).

25 years later kalasur tries to do the same with Gauri (Karishma Tanna). Gauri then learns of her mother Suhasini’s death and vows to take revenge from kalasur. She takes every risk by marrying Raj (Vivek Dahiya) only to save both her and Raj’s family. Gauri tries in vain to reveal kalasur in front of her family and she ultimately succeeds. As we know good always wins and evil loses that thing happens. At last Gauri and Raj finally kills kalasur but unfortunately, Raj and Gauri die at the end.

The story then takes 28 years leap where Gauri and Raj rebirth as Raghav and Vaidehi respectively. Vaidehi is a successful businesswoman who lives with his father Shekhar and grandmother. Raghav is a middle class who aspires to become an architect. Sanjana (Madhurima Tuli), an evil demoness tries to win Raghav in order to take him in her world. The story then follows how Raghav and Vaidehi will finally be reunited in this rebirth and to defeat Sanjana.

According to reports, Ekta Kapoor’s thriller ‘Qayamat ki Raat’ will go off air by next month. The last episode of this show will air on 17th February 2019. Though, the makers of this show tried their best to introduce twist and turn every now and then to keep viewers interest alive. However, it seems, they failed to strike the chord.

The latest buzz has it that ‘Qayamat Ki Raat’ will be replaced by another supernatural show, titled ‘Divya Drishti’. It stars Sana Sayyad, Sangeeta Ghosh and Mansi Srivastava as main leads. The story is about a girl who sometimes gets possessed by a Devi.

So will you miss ‘Qayamat ki Raat’? Are you going to miss Vivek Dahiya – Karishma Tanna pair? Do you want the second season of this show? Let me know your opinion through the poll. Do not forget to give YOUR comment.

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