Itti Si Khushi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha’s mom is cooking halwa for Neha. Shagun is also helping her in kitchen. Sandeep comes there. His mom tells her to bring Mata’s chunri and 11 coconuts. There is Mata ki Chowki at Sharma ji’s house today. I want to thank Mata for making Neha well. Sandeep gets happy thinking it will be loads of fun tonight. Shagun keeps mum. He asks her if she needs anything but she simply shakes her head. His mom tells her to bring dresses from Jolly Tailors. She has got dresses for Neha. She is going to attend a function with so many people after so long. She should look good. It doesn’t go down well with Shagun and Sandeep knows it already. He agrees to bring everything on his way home. He takes his tiffin from Shagun and leaves. She shakes her head as she thinks about things.

Neha is putting nail paint. Akku comes there. She tries to tell Neha about her engagement. Things have changed over all these years. Neha nods. She tries to put it on Akku’s hands too but she declines. I don’t like pink any more. neha’s favourite colour is still pink. My choice will never change. Akku gets tensed. She tries telling again. no one knew when you will return so mummy papa took a decision. Just then their mother comes with a dress for Neha. You will wear this tonight. Neha loves it. Akku has selected it for Neha. Neha gives her a kiss. You are my bestest sister. You know what all I like. You know me so well. She wants to try it but stumbles as she runs. They rush to her side. be careful. Neha apologizes cutely and opens her mom’s hairs once again. they all smile at her naughty tricks. Akku too follows Neha inside.

Kartik is looking for something. Neeta teases him about it. you keep your things everywhere so how will find them at a particular place! He is looking for bike keys. He gets to know that Aman has taken the bike. Mumma has sent him for some work. Kartik is irked. Don’t know when he will be back. Gayatri comes there. He has gone for some work. He will be back once its done. He doesn’t waste his time in parties like you where you waste both time and money. You haven’t started working yet and look at your expenses! Kartik is busy on phone. You only spend / waste money like your dad. He wonders about it. she tells him to ask himself. Don’t you have any responsibility towards this house? This house is run by Aman’s salary and whatever rent we get from this house. Things would have been easy if you would have helped a little but! He tells her to wait and watch how things work out once his business starts. I will earn this much that my life will be set. I will buy a car for myself first. Neeta tells him to board a bus first. He turns to go but his mother wants to know if he will be back in the evening. There is Mata ki Chowki in the evening. He is not interested but she insists. He nods. He gets a call from his friend and leaves.

Neha takes her medicine. She lies down for a while on her mother’s request. Akku offers to sit beside her. Neha gets up excitedly once their mom leaves. What are you wearing? Akku agrees to show but after completing her talk. You were asking me about my boyfriend that day. I kind of have a boyfriend. Neha wants to know more. do I know him? He lives here? Suraj comes there. Dida is calling her. She wants drums on her wheelchair. Neha knew it that Dida would enjoy it. She begins to go but Akku tells her to rest but Neha is unstoppable. Akku is worried. How do I tell her now? The Chowki is in evening. Maybe I will get a chance there only.

Mata ki Chowki begins. Aman’s Dadi and Jayanti reach there. Dadi wants to sit in the front. Sharma ji is more than happy to oblige. They are distracted by the honk of Dida’s wheelchair and Suraj’s excited shouts. Dadi is surprised to see Dida (Sushila) there with Akku. How did you come? Dida says Ma called me so I came. Jayanti calls it a miracle. You dint step out of the house over all these years and you are here today. She thanks Maa but Dida gives credit to Neha. Dadi comments that the decorations of her wheelchair appear to be done by Suraj and not by a 26 year old girl. Neha comes there with the rest of the family. they all exchange greetings. Jayanti compliments her. Aman’s Dadi wishes that her childishness goes away too. Everyone gets serious. Gayatri comes there with Neeta. Gayatri knew about how Neha has changed things for her. Neeta told me. Dida nods. If she wouldn’t have insisted like a kid then I wouldn’t have gotten up from my bed ever. We should learn to live from these kids. We know nothing. Neha gets excited to see chunri. She starts distributing them among everyone. Gayatri is in some thoughts as she looks at Neha. They move to the front to offer prayers. Dadi stops Jayanti. What’s in Sushila’s chair that everyone is gathering around her only? She tells Jayanti to bring a chair for her. Keep it ahead of Sushila’s chair. Jayanti smiles as she understands Dadi’s mind well. She makes a guy do it for her. Dadi enjoys sitting ahead than Sushila.

Lakhbir Singh Lakha makes an appearance there. Neha ties a chunri over his turban. He blesses her. Dida is glad to see him. She praises him. Neha introduces her. she is my DIda and a very big fan, AC, of yours. Everyone smiles. Dadi too praises him. she wants to make a request to him but before that Dida wants him to sing a bhajan for her. he complies. Dadi is not happy. jayanti adds fuel to the fire. Sushila ji is acting like some queen today. Neha is too smart. people call her a kid but she smartly gave Lakha ji chunri and made him agree to sing bhajan for her Dida. It indicates that this girl can do anything. Dadi looks worriedly at Neha who is oblivious of everything.

Neha dances with Suraj as Lakha ji starts singing the bhajan requested by Dida. Dadi is keeping a tight vigil on her. neha is thoroughly enjoying herself. First bhajan comes to an end. Neets signals Akku to go and talk to Neha. Akku nods. Dadi is irked with Neha for dancing like a kid amongst everyone. A few other ladies too find it funny / kiddish. Neha’s mother hears it. She has got well but her brain is still of a kid. She is of marriageable age now but look at her! One of the ladies remarks that neither is she a girl nor is she a lady. She is somewhere in between now. I pity her family members actually. She will live with them only now. Gayatri hears it too. Neha notices the same group of ladies and walks up to them. she recognizes that particular aunty (Mala aunty) and hugs her. you have changed so much. Your hairs look just like Dida (grey). I cannot say that I missed you as I was sleeping since a long time. How are you? She nods but then excuses herself. Neha asks her mom sadly that aunty dint recognize her. her mom replies that no one has the eyes to recognize her. you are different from everyone else. At times people grow up but their hearts remain small. Neha doesn’t mind it. she is anyways happy to meet them and enjoy the Chowki. She goes to dance again. her mom smiles.

Jayanti requests Shagun to teach her yoga as well. It keeps people fit I have heard. Shagun suggests her to join her every morning when she does yoga. Jayanti excuses herself. Come to my house to teach me some day. She goes to randomly talk to a lady that is standing near Akku and Neeta. She gets to know that Akku hasn’t told Neha about her engagement yet. Now it will be fun!

The announcer tells them that Mika is going to sing some bhajans too in Mata ki Chowki. The crowd applauds loudly. Neha is excited too. Girls ask for his autograph but he wants to offer prayers first. They oblige. Neha suggests Dida to get out of the house daily. You got so many surprises today. Dida nods in agreement. Priest does Mika’s tilak and adorns him with a chunri. Mika greets everyone and chants praises in Mata’s name. He starts the bhajan. Lakha ji enjoys it too.

Neha gulps down cold drink. She opens one for Suraj too, using her hands. He notices his friend Aditya and goes to meet him. aditya’s mom is surprised to see Neha. You have changed a lot. You dint recognize me? Neha shakes her head. The girl introduces herself as Lovely Chawla. Neha recalls that she was in her school only. You too have a changed a lot. You got married? She talks about Aditya who studies in the same school and class as Suraj. Aditya and Suraj come to their Ninni Bua to get their bottles opened. Neha again uses them opening her hand. Neha opens one for Lovely as well. Aditya finds her very cool. Lovely talks about calories. Neha drinks it herself then.

Akku is looking for Neha. She meets Aman by chance. He greets her awkwardly and compliments her too. She feels happy and compliments them back. But there is an awkward silence afterwards. She tries to talk to him but he is actually looking around. before she can talk again, he asks for Neha. She tells him that Neha will be here only.

Lovely tells Neha how she got married after 12th class only. I fell in love with a guy so my parents got me married even before the result came out. Neha finds it cute. She recalls how they were so sure in school that Lovely will only marry the guy that her parents will choose for her. You are quite fast. Lovely smiles. You too wanted a love marriage. Where is your love? Neha sadly replies she dint do anything except sleeping. Lovely suggests her to do it now. I have got busy with my life, husband, kid and home. But you have your whole life in front of you. You can work and then settle down. It is up to you to decide what you want to do. Neha gets thinking. Aditya wants to go to restroom so Lovely is diverted. She turns to Neha. When you will become a mother you will understand that your life will be lost in schools and bathroom. See you later. Suraj pulls Neha for dance. Neha thinks about all that she has to do. I have to fall in love, get married, become a mother, have kids and have to work too. She (Lovely) went ahead me. Neha notices Aman talking to a girl and gets curious. She sends Suraj to his mom and goes to see Aman.

Neha is relieved to see Akku talking to Aman. She twirls around again and asks Aman if he recognized her today. he plays along and says no. She replies that he is a very bad actor. He actually dint recognize her as she is looking like a member of the bhajan people. Neha and Akku smile. Neha produces the chunri that she has kept for him. she wants to tie it but he takes it from her politely. He is not able to tie the knot though so she helps him. Akku is uncomfortable. Gayatri observes it from a distance too and is not happy. But someone comes to talk to her so she has to turn around. Neha keeps her hand on Aman’s shoulder and asks Akku isn’t he looking cute. She nods. Neha comes in the centre and puts her hand around theirs from the each side. what were you guys talking about? Aman says I was asking about you only. They go from there. Gayatri turns but finds them gone by then.

Aman remarks that the atmosphere is so peaceful. Now Madam Chep is here so the quiet is over. She hits him playfully. They call each other Gittu and Chep. Akku looks at their bonding from a distance. Neha shows her nail paint to Aman too. Gayatri can see / feel Akku’s discomfort. Neha takes Aman with her. Akku feels bad.

Dida takes out a Rs. 500 note from her purse. Dadi notices this. she takes out a similar note from her purse and keeps it in the aarti thaal. The girl with the aarti thaal goes near Dida. She keeps the note and in turn picks up Rs. 100 notes as she wanted to offer Rs. 100. Jayanti smiles seeing this while Dadi is completely taken aback. Dida prays for peace / blessings for her family.

Gayatri is not able to reach Kartik. Plus Aman is nowhere to be seen too. Dadi takes Kartik’s side. he is a young guy. Will he look after his work or will he spend his time in praying here? Aman comes with Neha. Gayatri observes their proximity. Aman too realises it when he notices his mom’s angry face. He excuses himself and goes to greet / stand with Neha’s family. Neha is again busy in bhajans. Akku joins Neeta. She signals her that she couldn’t do it.

Lakha ji is singing another bhajan. Everyone claps along. Suraj again pulls Neha for a dance. Dadi is busy making faces at this. everyone else is relishing the bhajans. Aman too looks happily at Neha. The bhajan comes to an end. Neha asks Dida if they will be able to see Maa. Dida replies that it can happen if the person prays with a pure heart. Neha is sure it wont happen with her then. I have lied a lot many times. I used to lie to teacher that I am ill when I dint used to complete my homework. Dida smiles. Maa knows that kids don’t think ill of anyone and they have a pure heart. This is why she never gets angry with kids. Neha disagrees. She was upset with me that’s why she kept me away from you all for 12 whole years while I was sleeping. Dida explains that Maa was with her all this while. She was taking care of you. When you woke up, you could run, smile and do everything. It is all Maa’s blessing. Whoever’s heart is pure is a kid. People say that Gods reside in a kid’s heart. Say thank you. Neha obliges. I am sorry I complained to you. You were always with me. Jai Mata Di.

Ardaas begins. Everyone goes one by one to make an announcement of their wishes. Neha too wants to say something. Her message is too long so she gets the mike. Dadi is irritated at her antics. Suraj requests her Ninni Bua to talk. Neha is confused. I only want to thank Mata. I was really ill she made me well. When I returned home after staying in coma for 12 years, I was really happy to see Suraj. Motu Bhaiya has lost weight. Shagun Bhabhi has made him fit. I used to think that Dida is really big (old) but she turned out to be much more younger than me at heart. She says love you to everyone. I don’t know if it was possible to return but my parents were sure I will come back. Her family members get emotional. I have got one more chance because of them. I was so eager to grow up when I was a kid so I used to wear mumma’s saree. I prayed to God to grow me up real fast. I have grown up 12 years in a single day. Dadi taunts her about it (though she says it to Jayanti only). The most interesting thing is to see Akku. She used to run after me when we were kids but now she takes me everywhere. She does all my work. Everyone should have en elder sister like her. but I was not so good. I used to push her away from me when we were young. But now I promise I wont give you a chance to complain ever. I will become a Didi like you. I have got everything that I wanted. Aman smiles. She prays for Mata Rani’s wishes and blessings for her family. neha’s family members are proud of her. She hugs them one by one. Aman feels happy about it.

Lakha ji blesses Neha before he leaves. He also gives her his chunri as a gift. She gets her picture clicked with him. neha shows it to Akku excitedly. Mika takes the stage again. he too is curious to meet Neha. He calls her on stage. I need a fan like you who can bring smile to anyone’s face. In these 12 years, you have actually got what we have lost – truth, honesty. I salute you for it. neha requests him to sing another bhajan as she and her Motu bhaiya want to dance.

Mika sings Damadam Mast Kalandar on Neha’s request. Neha dances with her Motu bhaiya. She also pulls other people for it. Jayanti too heads somewhere. Dadi thinks everyone is acting like kids. She finds Jayanti dancing with little kids. Gayatri keeps mum. Neha makes Aman dance too. His family members are tensed. Neha tries to pull Akku but she stays put. Neha comes back to where Aman is standing. Gayatri watches their happy faces. Neha goes back to dance. The song ends.

Jayanti tells Dadi that she enjoyed a lot. Dadi taunts her about it. enough of the drama now give her back nicely. She goes to Neha’s parents. She has thanks Mata Rani. Now you too should pray that she gets a good house. She grows up and gets a good groom just like Akansha got. Aman is all quiet. Dida says Devi Ma has not given another life to Neha for no reason. very good has written in her fate. Whoever marries her will be really lucky. Dadi turns to look at Jayanti who nods back. Jayanti says something in the ears of the announcer.

Announcement of Aman’s and Akku’s engagement is made. Akku and Neeta are tensed while Neha is literally shocked. Gayatri and Dadi enjoy Neha’s sad face. Aman and Akku are told to seek Ma’s blessing. Aman notices Neha’s reaction as well. Neha looks at him and Akku one by one while everyone claps for the couple. Neha’s parents observe Neha too. They are confused too. Dadi is clearly enjoying it. had no one told Neha about it? Jayanti wonders aloud as to why was it not done. Akku says I was about to but! Gayatri suggests her to seek Ma’s blessing first. Akku and Aman go ahead. Neha’s mom stands beside her. Neha feels bad. She is in tears to see them together. Akku turns to look at her once. Mr. Agarwal is confused as to why Akku dint tell Neha when she had said that she will. Akku feels bad for Neha. Aman is aware of Neha’s eyes on him.

Aman and Akku take blessings from their elders. They come to Neha. Other ladies gossip (Mala) about why they (Agarwals) got their younger daughter engaged first. Do they want to keep the elder one at their home for forever? another ladies say who will marry her after all. She is just like she was before. Aman and everyone hears it too. Before Akku says anything to Neha, she holds out her hand for Aman so as to congratulate him. he tries to say something when Gayatri interrupts him. you should call him jijaji now. she tells Akku that they should do some shopping tomorrow. take Neha along. Neeta will be with us too so she will feel good. Neha smiles through her tears for everyone’s sake.

Neha walks away from there. She sits on an isolated place as she cries her heart out. Sad music plays. A lady (Maa) caresses her head. Neha immediately wipes her tears. Do you know me? who are you? The lady introduces herself as Durga. I haven’t seen you. How did you see me? she knew that Neha was busy dancing on bhajans. Plus you were busy with cold drinks and looking at Aman. You look happy when you smile. Neha doesn’t know when she will smile next. She calls her aunty. Don’t feel bad but I want to be alone for a while. Please go. Ma couldn’t help it as she saw her sad. My daughter had come for darshan but got angry and left. Neha gets curious. The lady says, she was dreaming of a job since years but someone else got it instead. She got upset and left. I tried to make her understand that you don’t get everything in life that you want. Whoever was destined for it, got the job. There is nothing to be sad about. Neha can feel the hurt of her daughter. Durga Ma replies that whatever is yours will come to you. Have some faith. Neha knows she wont get it now. Durga Ma knows everything. You don’t know how blessed you are. You have a pure heart. Your thinking is good. You want to do good to everyone just like Gods do. Such girls are thought to be Mata’s roop. Nothing will happen to you ever. Neha turns but finds her gone. She looks around for her Durga aunty but cannot find her anywhere. She asks Sharma aunty about her but she is clueless. Someone calls out for her so she has to go. neha thinks about her Durga aunty’s words. You will get what is yours. she thinks about Aman and gets sad again. where is Durga aunty? I want to ask her why she said that I will get everything. I lost my everything today.

Precap: Neha talks to Akku. You think that I am feeling bad that you are getting engaged to Aman? Yes, I am hurt. Akku and her parents are taken aback.

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