Hamari Sister Didi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Seema and Alok come and thank Amrita. The take the blessings of their families, Karan smiles looking at them.
Mrs. Kapoor calls Karan, he tells her that Amrita is alright. Karan calls Amrita to hand her the phone, Mrs. Kapoor tells her that she called Karan to ask is everything alright. Amrita tells her that everything is fine here, she must be very happy watching how good it felt. Mrs. Kapoor says not everything can be forgiven.
Dimple says that all the staff’s energy end in Amrita’s dramas. Karan says that it was because of her craziness that they both were saved. Amrita comes there; Dimple calls her and taunts her that she said a widow must have the right to remarry. She says that it’s not been long that Avi left, and you are thinking about moving on. Amrita denies all this. Dimple says she thought you must also get a second chance, and start a new life. Amrita says that she has moved on in life, Avi isn’t here but for her he is everywhere, for her children she has moved on but along with Avi. She keeps hand on Dimple’s and says she has moved on, it was she who lagged behind; and leaves. Karan scolds Dimple for thinking before she speaks and not be so insensitive.
Amrita informs Mehr about the duties. Karan comes there, and tells her to relax as she must go home and rest. She says she is appointing duties of nurses, but he says he will manage it without her. She asks her that he must not interfere in nurse’s duty atleast. Karan explains that he was just helping her, and reminds her she was very happy the day he came to save her in ware house. She bends in front of her, praising him to be great.
Amrita comes home, and finds Mrs. Kapoor slept on sofa. She corrects the cusion, when she wakes up. She asks is it good for children to put her life in danger. Amrita says that in the end, everything went well. Mrs. Kapoor says that end is never well, this is what Avi must have said. Amrita says it will not happen again. Mrs. Kapoor says she is used to interfering in others lives and there is only an inch of difference in being brave and being stupid; one must keep that difference. Amrita says that now she has her elder one, to teach her.
Babay brings a patient, and meets Vaijanti. Babay helps them bandage a patient and inquires Vaijanti about her belongings. Karan listens to the conversation and recalls Dimple’s reaction to Babay’s arrival before. He comes to ask her what she is doing here. Babay tells him she came with a patient. He says that you come here again and again; Babay argues that the patient was injured, but Karan shouts that she isn’t welcome here. Babay curses him that he will come to her door one day, and leaves crying and Karan asks her to wait in the visitor’s lounge.
At the nursing booth, Malika teases Mehr for smiling and watches Inspector Veer coming. Mehr thanks him for all that he did, yesterday. He say he had to help two lovers. Malika heads to leave, but Mehr takes the file but slips down. Veer shows concern for her, but Mehr asks her not to cross his limits. She is rude to him, and asks doesn’t he have anything else to do. Malika takes Mehr inside.
Amrita asks children for breakfast. They come out with luggage bag, and tells her that dadi mama is taking them for picnic like papa used to take them. Dadi mama tells her not to be sister did with her, and go get ready.

PRECAP: Amrita play hide and seek with kids in park, she is about to fell down when Karan gets hold of her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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