Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh looks at aashi. sahil says how is this one? He says beautiful. Sahil says you mean handsome. aashi says I am ready lets go sahil. vishesh are you ready? He says yeah I am ready. ashi says lets go, sahil syas I can’t go like this. Decide something for me. aashi makes him wear a duppata. vishesh is smiling at her. aashi wraps his head with a golden cloth. Vishnu prabha and bunto knno come too. vishny and prabha say you look so good. aashi says so do you. lets go.

They arrive at the event. Jahbro aunty says, there is a competition and who wins will get a chance to take a photo with amit. Jahbro welcomes them all. she says aashi looks so good. SAhil says jhabro aunty you look pretty. sahil says what I am wearing is the new fashion. Jahbro says don’t worry prabha good will make everything all right. Sahil says why amit has to come, I am in such a bad look. everyone laughs at them. Prabha and Vishnu are upset. Aashi syas lets got for pooja. They all get in lane for pooja. Aashi’s dupata stuck in a light. Vishesh takes it out. she looks back at him. Vishnu says prabha you remember when ashish was 4 and he was ill. She says yes I remember, doctors said no. Vishnu says we went every year and God showed his miracle. They recalls how they prayed for life of ashish in the same temple. He says that was a big day. prabha says and today he has left us. They both pray. Ashish and mansi come in the same event. They see prabha and Vishnu. They ignore them completely. Prabha starts coughing, aashi says I have everything God give me strength to help uncle aunty. Mansi says to ashish world must be thinking that we threw them out but look at them they are enjoying. ashsih says I here to enjoy leave them. The host announces that the function is about to start. Vishnu takes prabha to dandiya. aashi says a special thing is going to happen with you. You will play dandiya with us. Prabha says we are here watching you. Vishnu says we never played before. aashi says there is always a first time.
prabha is coughing, aashi says are you okay? She says yeah I am fine go and play. Radha plays first, they all enjoy the dance. vishesh sees aashi and smiles. She is enjoying the dance a lot. Aashi comes behing him, while is looking for her. she says whom are you rummaging? He says I was just seeing. Prabha is looking at ashish again and again. Vishnu says are you okay? Lets go home. she says no we won’t go back. aashi and others will come to us. We will stay here. aashi says why are you statue? Lets go and play. He says I don’t know all this. aashi says no one is professional here. she teaches him basic steps. she says you can learn the rest. he says go and enjoy. she says you have to play at any cost. she holds his hand and takes him. Vishesh sees binti on the floor. she says thanks to aashi. aashi says surprised? he smiles and says yes. Vishesh says to aashi you back lace is lose. she tries to bind it behind him. They are all enjoying it aashi is dancing around him. while he just stares. Suddenly lights turn off and song, ‘mere hath main’ plays. Aashi comes to vishesh. he extends his hand and she holds it. The dance on the song slowly. Suddenly vishesh comes in reality its all his dream. Binti says what are you thinking? he is smiling and follows aashi.

preabha says they all look so happy. She says have you arranged the rent? he says I will manage from bank. she says don’t worry everything will be all right. prabha says tukur likes that balloon game a lot. buy one for him. we will give it to him whenever we meet him. mansi and ashish are enjoying. prabha sees tukur. Vishnu says they came alone. prabha says how can they come alone, The kid stands up its not tukur. Prabha is having an asthma attack.

Precap-amit shah comes on the event. people welcome him. He meets everyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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