Itti Si Khushi 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suraj takes his Ninni Bua with her to open all the Diwali gifts. Rekha is amused at Gayatri’s sudden departure. Is there some problem? Anand denies. she said she wasn’t feeling well. But Rekha is sure there is something. Gayatri ji was outside all the time with Aman. Sandeep tells her to stop thinking so much. Rekha goes quiet but looks angry. She takes their leave. Sunita requests her to stay back for the night but Rekha says that isn’t possible. You all must come to our home. They all nod. Rekha gives a packet to Shagun (filled with money I guess). Shagun tries to decline but Rekha stays put. It is from your dad. Buy something for yourself and Suraj. Shagun says I don’t need money but Rekha knows that Shagun needs it. Keep it, they will come handy. Shagun goes to drop her till outside. Sunita finds Akku all quiet. Did you have a word with Aman? Akku says no, I have no idea. Dida is sure if there was something then Gayatri would have told them for sure. Don’t worry. Neha comes out and finds everyone all worried. No one says anything to her. Neha says you all hide things from me. now I will do the same. you say I have grown up but no one tells me anything. Dida finally speaks up. We were just thinking about why Gayatri ji left so suddenly. Neha too had observed that. Gayatri aunty was quite angry. She dint hear anything but just saw them. They feel Gayatri ji got upset over something that they said or did. Neha suggests calling them. We will say sorry and make up for it. She rushes to dial Aman’s number but they all tell her to wait till the morning. Suraj brings a toy. His Ninni Bua goes with him to try it. Akku is in thoughts.

Kartik makes an entry just when Aman and his family reach home. He checks his breath for alcohol and then heads inside apologizing for being late. Gayatri doesn’t mind it. You are grown up so you guys can do anything. It doesn’t matter as no one listens to me anyways. She looks at Aman pointedly. Kartik follows her gaze confusedly after which she heads inside. Aman follows suit. Kartik asks Neeta what happened to mummy today. She dint even scold me. Has anyone acted worse than me? she goes inside sadly which confuses him all the more.

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Outside, Shagun tells it all to her mom. She is in a fix. How do I tell this inside that Aman wants to marry Neha and not Akku? Rekha tells her against it. shagun is worried about the engagement which is due in 2 days. Aman is saying it now that he likes Neha. Rekha finds it good instead. Just think about it. since Neha is back home the expenses have increased. I know why the house hasn’t been painted. And why Suraj’s school has not been changed yet! Rather I was worried that if Akku gets married then the money which she earns and spends at this house will stop. It is good if Aman likes Neha. Onetime expense and things will be sorted for life. Shagun thinks about what Akku will go through. Rekha points out that even the engagement hasn’t been done yet. Akku is a good and well earning girl. she will get many good options but who will like Neha! I thought that Neha will be stuck to you as a burden for life but thankfully things are looking bright. Don’t think / act like you have heard anything at all. Shagun is tensed. Suraj comes to bid goodbye to his Nani. She invites him to her place with his mom before leaving.

Gayatri thinks of Aman’s words of how she could never become her husband’s friend. She recalls a time when he had taken her last piece of jewellery to mortgage it. I will get it back as soon as my business is all setup. She says not one has returned so far. Think about Neeta. Leave one piece of jewellery for her atleast. He had pointed out that Neeta is just 6 months old. You don’t worry about me. I will buy 6 such sets when my business blossoms to national and international level. You don’t want to support me! she is sad that this was what she has been doing so far. Please find some job here. We will live happily in whatever you will earn. Why are you taking such a big risk? Think about Aman and Kartik’s future. He got irked that this is what he was trying to do. I am thinking about my kids by earning lakhs and crores for them but you want me to do some basic job. She tells him not to run after the dreams which will not yield anything. He got angry. You can never motivate me. you have no respect for my dreams, my wishes or anything. My Ma is right. I shouldn’t have married you. You don’t deserve me. I have never been happy in all the days that I have spent with you. I have only been sad. Flashback ends. Gayatri is in tears. Aman comes to her room just then.

Neha has called Gayatri. We were tensed about you as you left so suddenly. Her family members are taken aback to see her talking to Gayatri so late at night. Neha suggests her to take medicines. She gives phone to her father to talk to Gayatri. He begins talking but realises that the call wasn’t connected. Neha jumps in joy. Everyone smiles at her antics. Shagun looks at their happy faces from a distance and feels a little sad.

Aman is concerned for his mother. Why are you sitting in dark on Diwali? She says for me it has ended already. He apologizes to her for hurting her. I dint mean it that ways. I know how tough it was for you to support dad. She says you were right. I couldn’t support him. he saw his dreams crumbling down from a distance and then left us when he couldn’t take it anymore. But we continued struggling with it. it hasn’t ended yet. Aman feels bad. I dint want to trouble you. I did whatever you asked me to till date. I have no regrets with it. in fact, I am happy but about the wedding! Gayatri asks Aman if he is sure he will be happy with Neha and not Akku. He affirms. I will be very happy with Neha. She is a very good friend of mine. I dint think of her as anything else till date but now I have started to feel that no one can do as much for me what all she can do for me. she can sense my silence and whatever I feel all the time. A vase drops because of the wind. She gets up to keep it back again. Do what you feel like son. I wont say anything to you. He wont marry Neha if she is against it. gayatri denies. this is a very big decision of your life and should be taken by you only. I will not say anything more to you. Go and sleep as it is too late. Plus it wont matter if she agrees or disagrees until and unless his Dadi says yes. go and talk to her. make her agree for it. I will have no answers for any of her questions. Only you will have to make her understand. Aman leaves from there quietly. Jayanti overhears their convo from outside. Jayanti storms inside Dadi’s room to give her the news.

Shagun is worried in her room. Everyone is preparing for the engagement. I wonder if it will actually happen or not! should I tell Sandeep? He comes to their room but ignores her. Shagun tries to talk to him but he is angry with her for not being able to say anything to her mother. She always talks about money. He is upset with her taunts. You also kept quiet which added fuel to the fire. Shagun couldn’t say anything for her mother came mere two hours. I am anyways very stressed. I want to tell you something. He suggests her to share it with her mother and walks out of the room in a huff.

Jayanti begins to tell everything to Dadi when the clock strikes 12. It is her maun vrat today. dadi had advised her for it so that Jayanti gets married. Jayanti tries to talk in signals but in vain. Dadi lies down to sleep again. jayanti eyes her sadly.

Aman knocks at Neeta’s door. He wants her to call Akku outside her home. I want to talk about something important. She gets curious. What is it? I can see that you both (he and their mom) are tensed since we have returned from Akku’s place. He agrees to tell her everything later on. First call Akku.

Akku is awake in her room and angrily recalls the evening incident at home. She gets Neeta’s message.

Neeta receives a reply from Akku. She tells Aman that Akku will meet him outside only. He leaves.

On the other hand, Neha comes out in her courtyard with her head covered using a shawl. She is happy to see lights all around and is mesmerised by her gharounda. She begins to eat her ice cream and covers her head again as it is a little chilly outside. Aman reaches there just then. he walks towards Neha thinking that it is Akku. I want to say something important to you. You were right I cannot run away from truth anymore. I want to tell you today what’s in my heart. Neha’s eyes widen in confusion.

Precap: Aman looks at Neha happily as she twirls around him (his imagination maybe).

Update Credit to: Pooja

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