Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi giving letters to everyone sayign its her love anf blessings. Anshu says shall we read it now. Dadi says no, go to your rooms and then read. Naitik comes to Akshara and tries to talk. She is annoyed and he holds her closer. He asks about their love. She says let me go. He says take your gift. He burns heart crackers and she smiles. He says happy Diwali. She smiles and lights another heart. Everyone see it and smile. Naksh says wow, see the heart in the sky, its so beautiful. Naitik and Akshara smile. Anshu asks Jasmeet to come. She says she is scared of crackers. He says come, hold my hand. They smile burning the crackers. Ananya asks which cracker was it, it was mine to burn with mum and dad. Jasmeet says sorry. Varsha thinks Ananya’s heart broke because of Jasmeet, she should have cared for her feelings atleast.

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Akshara wakes up by the alarm and says who kept this. She gets a card of Karwachauth asking her to get up, as its their fast today. She looks at Naitik. She shows her dress ready. She smiles. She wears the dress and they both have the food. He asks her to have food and stay hungry all day. She asks him to think can he stay hungry. He says I can try and maybe I will succeed. She thanks him. He says you told Muskaan, not me, why, we decided we will keep fast together, I m keeping this fast as you love me a lot, and I also love you a lot, we both worry for each other, I pray to Lord to give my age to you. She says please Naitik no, and hugs him.

Everyone talk about Chanda doing good work, but taking leave. Jasmeet smiles and says her old friend added her online. Rajshri asks how did she find you. Jasmeet tells about online search. Jasmeet tells them that she can find their friends and make them happy. Rajshri tells about her friend Nupur. Kaki says about Meera. Jasmeet says I will teach you. Varsha gets upset. Rajshri asks her to come and learn from Jasmeet. Varsha says no, I will clean home. Kaki says yes, see all the work, its Bhai Dooj tomorrow.

Devyaani says she will make Wada today. Akshara says she will have it later, and hides her fast. Girja asks Akshara to send tiffin to Naitik. Akshara says no. They ask what happened. Bhabhimaa says it means they have kept the fast and laughs. Naksh and Yash come. Devyaani applies cream to his hand and asks him to keep applying for few days. Naksh says he wants to be at home. Yash says they have to give consent form. Naksh says yes and asks Akshara to sign the field trip form. She says no, I told you will have to ask me before. Naksh says sorry. She says no. Yash says let him go, I will miss him. She says no. Naksh apologizes. She says Naitik is not here, I can’t allow. He asks her to call him and ask.

She says no. He calls Naitik and can’t connect. Everyone request Alkshara to allow Naksh. She thinks yes, else Naitik will be angry to limit Naksh from learning things. She agrees and Naksh thanks her. Rajshri and Kaki are learning computers and did not get their friends. Varsha asks them to put the name changed after marriage. She says Jasmeet should have told you this, she just said half info, put surname and city name. Jasmeet hears this and gets annoyed. Devyaani tells about branded soap of Rs 2000. Bhabhimaa says so costly. Akshara shows other gifts and likes a showpiece. She asks can she keep it in her room. Bhabhimaa says yes.

Naitik calls Akshara and says he is feeling hungry. She asks him to have food. He says would you do the same, you mean I m not good husband. She says no need to prove it, you are good husband, dad and son. He says thanks, I will talk later. She tells about Naksh’s field trip and she signed the form. He says why did you sign. She says we decided last time, we won’t help if he says on last moment. He says we should not send him. She asks why, its compulsory. He says make any reason, don’t ask why. She says I signed. He says thanks for saying and gets worried. She says its strange, if son is happy, Papa annoyed, and if Papa happy, then son annoyed. Karishma thinks about Naman.

Akshara thinks Naitik is annoyed. Naksh comes home and says Papa cancelled the trip by calling teacher, whats his problem, he became weird, he always stops me and scolds me, I m afraid of him like before, when he used to sleep, I don’t like that Papa. She says I will talk to him. She hugs him. Thoda hum bhi khelenge……………..plays……………..She makes Naksh smile. Naksh says promise you will talk to Papa. She says yes. Akshara tells everyone about their fast. Naksh asks her did she tell Naitik. She says no, I will talk when he comes home. The crow sounds. Bhabhimaa says it looks like some new guest is coming. She tells about Bhai Dooj and she has to go to her Maayka.

Rajshri and Kaka see online friends and relatives, as Varsha teaches them. They like it as they can link to people across countries. Bhabhimaa talks to everyone at home. She asks Devyaani why is she buying so much honey. Devyaani says she needs for medicines. Few ladies come and greet Diwali wishes, and gives sweets to them. They say this one is for the new member coming. Everyone look at Akshara.

Akshara and Naitik open their fasts. They like the gifts. She asks him to give another gift, and allow Naksh to go on school trip.

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