Qubool Hai 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Seher misconstrues dilshad’s signals, that she wants to go outsidre. Razia finds dilshad trying to signal seher, about her safety, and rushes to her to avoid seher understanding what dilshad’s trying to say. She jerks dilshad away, while seher is shocked. razia identifies her as her paralysed sister. Seher says that razia cant even take care of anyone,without any intention. Razia says that she too got to know about her, but ask her to focus on her work and nothing else. She asks seher not to be friends with anyone. An agitated razia wheels Dilshad away, while she continues to look back at seher, and reaches out to her with her hand. Seher comes upto her and catches her, while razia is tensed. She tells dilshad to tell her if razia irritates or creates problem with her, and hopes that she will be fine very soon, and then they shall talk. Dilshad caresses her face and wishes her Diwali, while seher wishes her a happy diwali too. Razia wheels her away. Seher wonders why does she feel that she knows this woman, and whats gone wrong with her, and why is she feeling so much pain. She is tensed.

Meanwhile, Tanveer asks rehaan whats wrong if a mother tries her level best for her son’s happiness. Rehaan formally tells her thankyou for the gift, but says that he doesnt need it. Rehaan wishes Tanveer on diwali that he hoeps all of her ardent wishes come true today. He leaves, even though tanveer calls out to him. She thinks that rehaan doesnt understand that value of money since he hasnt seen the world yet. Tanveer says that when rehaan gets extravagant and lives a luxurious life, he would forget everything, and thats a promise of a mother to her child.

In the kitchen, azhar’s parents with much frustration, bring up a plate of laddoo, for seher to taste, who is amused at their plight. she tastes the sweets, and then okays it, adding that from here on, they would have to do much work. Ahil starts hollering for her, and they get scared. Ahil comes inside, while seher hides them both, and asking whats the matter. he asks her where has she been hiding all this time. He asks her to forget about the sweets, and come along with him. She asks where are they going. He blindfolds her and then takes her in his arms, and carries her outside. Azhar’s parents are fuming at their plight. they think that if this continues very soon, the couple shall be expecting a baby soon, who shall inherit the entire property. Ahil gets her out in the lawn, which is lit with candles and diyas, leading to a centre table with two chairs, and apacket kept on the table. she is boggled and dumbfounded. Ahil takes her hand and walks her through the lit path, and takes her near the table. He takes her hand, while she eyes the lighting and the decoration. Ahil expresses that this is their first diwali together. Ahil tells seher that on this diwali, he wants something from her, and alights a diya. Then he lights up a flowing sky lanterns, and asks her to let it flow away together with him, carrying away all the memories of the past, while they start afresh from hereon. Seher is tensed and hesitant and eyes it awkwardly. He says that he knows old memories are hard to forget, but he wishes her on this diwali, that she is able to forget all the bitter truths of her life, and the days where wrong happened to her inspite of her being right, while she remembers her childhood of eating from the wastebins, and rehaan finding betrayal from her. He says that he loves her so much, that noone else can love anyone else to that extent, and she is taken back to rehaan’s confession and proposal of his love. he asks her to take it. she stands mute and emotional. she finally is about to hold it along with ahil, when she refrains her hand, thinking what was she about to do, as this right only belongs to sanam.

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Scene 2:
Location: Rahat’s residence
faiz takes haya in his arms, and then lays her on the bed. He asks how come she didnt know of the fire, and then raises her with his arms and gives her some water. she then lies down again and he asks if she is okay. she expresses her desire to rest, and he complies, asking her to holler for him, if she needs anything. she doses off. he looks at her lovingly and then gets upto go, when he finds his thread latched onto her kurti’s thread. he delicately takes it out so as not to wake her up. He is mesmerised as he looks at her sleeping. He leans in closer to her, unable to resist himself, as their past moments flash before her. He draws his mouth right next to hers, and feeling his breath, she wakes up with a jerk, and pushes him away, sitting up with a startle. She asks him what was he doing here. he says that she is misunderstanding, and tries to tell him of the entanglement. She doesnt listen and asks him to go. He raises his hands and asks her to calm down and he shall leave. Haya finds his palm burnt. She asks him what happened to his hand. He says that he got burnt when he tried to douse the fire. she immediately rushes to apply first aid. haya thinks that due to her, faiz’s hand got burnt, and rahat would be very sad and upset to hear this, and gets teary eyed. Faiz misunderstands it. He thinks that he believes yet again, haya still loves him, or else she wouldnt be misty seeing him hurt.

Scene 3:
Location: Ahil’s residence and undisclosed location
Ahil asks sanam whats she thinking, while she stands speechless. she pulls her hand away and then leaves from there hastily, while the lantern floats away. Ahil eyes her apalled, as she rushes without responding to him calling her. He wishes her a very Happy Diwali, and just at that moment, firecrackers light up, but seher is gone by that time. Ahil tells that he loves her very much, getting emotionally overwhelmed, and that they shall never part, and just at that moment, sanam wakes up in a locked room, visibly tired, exhaisted and in bondage, teary eyed, fighting hard to set herself free, while thinking that she too loves him. The screen freezes on both their tensed faces.

Precap: While walking lost in her thoughts, seher collides into tanveer, who mocks her asking when did she get blind too, or is blinded by the veil of love. Tanveer thinks that love has got her blind. Seher too retorts back saying that the veil can disappear but blindness cant. Tanveer is frustrated.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Ahhh, finally Sanam showed back, please Aahil stop romance with your Saali and find your true LOVE Sanam. Haya please tell Faiz that you love Rahat only. And Seher you go with Rehaan, he deserves your love. 🙂

  2. When is this stupid turn going to end! It seems the writers want to destroy any possibility of Aahil and Sanam being together with Seher keeping her distance from Aahil. Annoying….guess I won’t be watching again today, and until Sanam comes back.

  3. Thanks Rimjhim for very fast update. 🙂 keep up with this. I really appreciate .

  4. Il fo ke Sanam retourne, il y a plu de sens la serie c 1spectacl stupide!!!!
    Seher es venu pa d’amelioration pr la vengeance de Tanveer!!!

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