Itti Si Khushi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha goes out stealthily to put the roof on her gharounda. She finds Aman doing something to her gharounda and shouts at him to stop. He is shocked as she slips over something. She collides with the thaal of colours and they all fall over her. he gets concerned. You should watch your step. Are you hurt? She thinks that he was putting bomb in her gharounda. He moves aside and she gets happy that he has put roof over her gharounda. Thank you! She asks him to help her get up. He denies as his clothes might get dirty, calls her chep again. she picks up colours and he realises that she is up to something as she is all quiet. He moves aside in time and she falls on floor again. she shouts while he laughs aloud. She too starts laughing as she had fun. I celebrated Holi on Diwali itself. She realises that she hasn’t played Holi with him since last 12 years. He holds her hands as she tries to put colour on him again. sweet background song plays. Both of them are laughing / smiling all along. Neha fools him and is successful this time. He too is about to retort in a similar manner when Gayatri calls out for him. Everyone else is outside as well. He stops his hand mid air. The atmosphere gets tensed. Neha cannot help herself from smiling which Jayanti observes. Sunita asks Neha what she did. Neha smilingly says I fell. Sunita takes Neha inside after apologizing to Aman. Akku has a worried expression on her face as she looks at them. jayanti wonders aloud if this colour will go away or not. Aman and Gayatri stare at each other silently. Meanwhile, Neeta observes Akku’s expressions keenly.

Akku is in tears in her room. She tells Neeta that she was right. I knew they share a connection which I and Aman don’t share. They have something special. Didi loves Aman since the beginning and now Aman too loves her. No one is at fault here. How long will Aman try to run away from the truth that he should get married to Didi and not me? Now I am sure that they are made for each other. There is no place for any third person between them. she cries. Neeta comforts her.

Outside, Gayatri wants Aman to tell her what has happened to him. I have been watching you since last few days. Aman tells his mom that he cannot get engaged to Akku. She is stunned. Is there some problem between you two? You are saying this after thinking about it deeply, right? He nods. She talks about engagement preps. All the relatives have been informed. There will be so many questions in people’s mind if we back out now. He understands it but he knows it will be injustice to Akku if he marries her under pressure. She wants to know the real reason behind his decision. She is such an intelligent and good girl. he affirms. I don’t have any feelings for her. plus we don’t share any connect. Gayatri cannot understand his generation’s logic. You realise all this two days before your engagement? Do you think it is some joke? I guess it is something else altogether. Tell me honestly why you have decided upon this. He gets tensed.

Jayanti whispers something in Dadi’s ears. Dadi wonders why Agarwal family is not getting Neha’s treatment done. Till when will she live like this? just then Neha comes back after changing her dress. Dida compliments Neha for celebrating festivals like anything. You celebrated Holi on Diwali. Neha smiles in agreement. Jayanti, Dadi and Dida continue to have a fight of words amongst each other. Dida offers to come to Dadi’s place to teach her about celebrations and happiness. Dadi is taken aback. Will you come to our house on this (wheelchair)? It is a symbol of old age. Neha declines. you call Dida Susheela while Dida calls you Kamini ji. This ways you are a little older than her. dadi tells her to be quiet. Sunita diverts everyone’s attention to Suraj. He is asked to sing a song but he says a poem on his Dadi as joke. Dadi doesn’t like it. she wants to leave and tells Jayanti to bring Gayatri. Jayanti too wants to sing a song. She reminisces her past days. Neha cheers her up. She sings a hot number. Everyone looks at her in shock, amazement. Dadi hides her face. Shagun promises to sing this song for Sandeep whenever he will trouble her. he folds his hands before her and she smiles. Neha is the only one who claps for Jayanti all along. Sunita wonders what are Aman and Gayatri discussing outside. She tells her husband to go and see but he suggests her to wait.

Aman says I was quiet as I dint want to hurt anyone by stepping back from the engagement. But I don’t want to ruin two lives. This is why I am telling you this before engagement. She says I have chosen Akku for you. She will keep you happy. he repeats her words. You should have a partner with whom you can talk freely, share your feelings and thoughts easily. You must be able to laugh and cry with that person. I have no such feelings for Akku like! She completes his sentence – the way you feel for Neha? He goes quiet. She has witnessed everything how Neha tries to stay close to Aman all the time since she has returned from hospital. I was amazed that you were also changing. You too started acting like a kid and then cricket! I tried to stop you a lot but I was right. It will be ok to be happy with Neha for a while but a wife needs to have all the other qualities too. She has a mind of 14 years old. You might like her behaviour today but we cannot think her to be responsibile enough to run a house. We will handle her. how will she run a house! Aman notices Neha standing there. Gayatri too stops mid sentence as she finds Aman all alert. Neha had come to switch on the light of her gharounda. She switches on the light. She thanks Aman next for building the roof of her gharounda. You have completed my gharounda. He smiles. She asks Gayatri if she liked her gharounda. Dida says it isn’t good if the lights of the gharounda are off on Diwali. She offers to bring something for her but Gayatri denies politely. Neha goes inside afterwards. They both keep looking at her. aman is sure Neha will handle everything.

Rekha had wanted Shagun-Sandeep to admit Suraj in a good school. You have one son. you should send him to a good school atleast. Sandeep says this school is good. We have studied in the same school. Rekha suggests him to work somewhere else. How much profit do you get from your fatehr’s shop? The expenses have increased. Neha is back too. You will get her married in a few years too, right? I know the CEO of a MNC. I will talk to him. shagun tries to dismiss it but Rekha stays put. I am your mother and Suraj’s Nani. Sandeep reminds her that he is Shagun’s husband and Suraj’s papa. I know how to keep my family happy. shagun tells her mom not to talk about all this now. Rekha isn’t happy.

Neeta and Akku see Gayatri and Aman still busy in a discussion. Akku is really worried. Neeta knows Aman Bhaiya wont say no to Ma who wants you to become her DIL. Akku wants Aman to speak out what’s in his heart.

Gayatri asks Aman how can he be so sure that he will be happy with Neha for life? He has firm belief that he will be way happier with Neha. She says he doesn’t understand her. He retorts back asking her if she ever understood dad. You know why you weren’t happy? you couldn’t become her responsible friend. You were only a responsible wife to him. She looks at him in shock. He begins to explain when they hear a noise. They notice the window from where the noise had come. Gayatri doesn’t want to discuss anything further here as this place isn’t right. She walks away distraught. Shagun has heard everything and looks shocked.

Gayatri comes back inside with Aman following her. they offer her halwa but she says she isn’t feeling well. I think we should leave. Aman takes the bowl of pineapple halwa as Neha says it is his favourite. Akku looks on worriedly. Gayatri declares that they should leave for home. Dadi invites Rekha to her home. Rekha is more than happy to oblige. Anand was thinking if they had stayed back for a little longer than they could have finalised the rest of the things regarding the engagement. She nods. Things are yet to be finalised! Everyone has a different expression on their face after hearing this. she still insists to leave for her home for now. they all leave except Aman who turns to look back at Neha once again before leaving. Epi ends on his happy relieved face.

Precap: Gayatri asks Aman if he is sure he will be happy with Neha and not Akku. He affirms. Jayanti overhears their convo from outside. She storms inside Dadi’s room to give her the news.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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