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Beintehaa 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Zain tries to prepare food. Aliya comes there and asks what is he preparing. He says dal makhani, paneer malai, etc. She sees he is using masoor dal and says dal makhani is not made with this. He says he will prepare it with masoor dal. He then tries to light gas stove, but cannot. Aaliya shows him how to light it. They both then start their usual tussle and flour falls all over him. She laughs. He wipes flour on her cheek. He says he will call servant now and tries to go out. She cleans him and sends him out. He comes back and sees food already prepared, says it is cheating. She says it is love and dearness, etc. He gets emotional and hugs her.

Surayya sees Nafisa and asks her to get cleaning done by servant. Nafisa gets happy. Aaliya comes and says Surayya forgave her as her gift. Fahad comes and says Surayya though she has forgiven Nafisa, he will not. Aliya says after Surayya, he is elder to them now and should forgive Nafisa. Fahad says Nafisa that she tried to ruin Aaliya’s life, but Aaliya forgave her and is requesting everyone to forgive, says he will forgive her for Aaliya’s sake. Zarina and Shazia watch them from balcony and discuss that Aaliya is very intelligent. Shaziya says Surayya has not forgiven her by heart.

On lunch table, guest likes dish and asks what it is. Zain says it is tomato dish, Zain’s special. Guest asks where is tomato. Aaliya says it is chicken Afghani. Surayya says it is a very delicate dish and asks how did he prepare it. Zain says he prepared it with great delicacy. She asks to tell what he added. He gets nervous. Aaliya SMSes him recipe. Fahad sees them both and he is sure Zain has prepared it. They both start their mischief while enjoying lunch.

Zain and Aliya reach holy shrine/dargah. A holy man there says they have come together after a lot of difficulty and they should not even touch each other for 1 week, else evil spirit will haunt them again. Aaliya asks Zain what will he do tonight then. Zain asks holy man why did he tell this. Man says he did not tell this, but was told my someone else and says they should pass this 1 week test. Aaliya says Zain he should not believe in this and should pray namaz 5 times and believe in god.

Aaliya comes back home, speaks to Zain over phone and asks him to believe in god and forget holy man’s words. Rehman meets her and says now his aim is completed and he wants to go back home. She says this is also his family. He says he has a business there. She says if he really wants to go, then he should go with his wife and son. He says after being betrayed by them, he does not believe them. Aaliya asks him to give them a second chance. Surayya sees them and asks what are they talking about. She says Rehman wants to go back as he thinks his aim of uniting her and Zain is accomplished and says she is thinking of sending Zarina and Bilal with him. Surayya says it is a good idea and she is thinking of going to Umrah as it was Usman’s wish to perform Hajj with her, once she comes back, he can leave. Zarina hears their conversation and thinks within 1 day of coming back, Aaliya is trying to dominate everyone, she does not know whom she has made an enemy.

Precap: Zain wakes up in the morning and thinks Aaliya did a mistake by not listening to Holy man.

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  1. Time pass Episode

    Marisa should be given some punishment.

  2. What’s this now Zain and aliya have to keep away from each other for 7 days they just got back together and they can’t touch each other

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