Tum Saath Ho Jab 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Saath Ho Jab 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mariam says I was scared to see Najma’s passion. Things are heated up in the house over the same topic every other day. He understands it too well. She has finally understood that Najma is born to play tennis only. Allah has sent her to fulfil this dream only. He talks about her society whereas she talks about Allah. There is no one except Allah. They both smile at each other finally. He agrees to give her the form. From today onwards Najma will play in this court only.

Younis is going to meet Shabbir’s family. He doesn’t mind meeting Shabbir’s Abba but his Ammi is very nosey. Hope everything goes well. Abbajaan assures him that it will be fine. Fix the wedding date and everything. Rehmat Bi adds that Naima is aging day by day. We must get her married asap or there will be a problem finding a groom for her later on. Younis tells her to speak good at times. Abbajaan tells her to stop talking for a while. She heads inside. Nasima is talking to her Ammi. Her Ammi keeps telling her pointers which Younis should ask them. younis gets irked with her constantly telling him what all her Ammi is saying. Abbajaan speaks in Younis’s favour. He is intelligent enough to know what all he needs to ask. Rehmat Bi suggests her to make a list of all the questions. Abbajaan smiles. Nasima tells her Ammi that Younis has left from home. Abbajaan wants to drink tea made by Mariam but is surprised to know that she isn’t at home. Rehmat Bi says she might have gone to mosque. Nasima gets irritated. She doesn’t go to mosque every other day. Yesterday she had gone to school. Don’t know where she has gone today. rehmat Bi advices her to wait till Mariam returns so that she can ask her herself.

Najma paces in the corridor sadly. A tennis ball comes before her. she looks around in confusion but then throws it in the opposite direction. She continues walking. The ball follows her again. she thinks that it is Afshaah. She turns while holding the ball, ready to throw it at Afshaah but finds her Ammi standing there. Mariam has a tennis racket in her hand as well as she smiles at her daughter. New neighbour has given this racket and ball. Najma is confused. Mariam reminds her that she only had told her that school will give racket. Najma nods. But it will be given only to those who have filled the form. Mariam too hasn’t gone it just like that. I made a mistake. For a few days I had forgotten that not just birds but her Najma can fly too. But I have set everything right now. I have added wings on my Najma’s body again. I have filled your form. Najma is overwhelmed. She holds the racket in her hands. They play chidiya udd. Mariam raises her finger when Najma says Najma udd. Najma is all emotional. They share a big hug. Imran looks on from a distance.

Abbajaan tells Rehmat Bi to clean the house slowly. You are dirtying the house actually. She wonders if she should listen to him or Nasima who wants her to tidy the whole house properly. Jamaal comes there just then. Abbajaan compliments Jamaal on his appearance in his uniform. Jamaal was tired distributing the letters so thought to rest her for a while. Rehmat Bi teases him saying the weight will be a lot for him to handle after all. You must be distributing 10-12 letters a day! Abbajaan smiles hearing this. nasima has been calling Younis but he isn’t picking any of her calls. Ammi is calling me every now and then to know what happened there. Please call him Abbajaan. Even Mariam is missing since morning. Jamaal asks her of all the things what exactly is worrying her. she says she doesn’t mind but repeats all her worries. Salman Baig suggests Jamaal to enjoy tea outside today. both the men leave. Nasima’s Ammi calls her again and Nasima replies in an irritated tone. Rehmat Bi suggests her to tell her Ammi about Mariam missing from the home since morning. Nasima tells her to focus on her work. Rehmat Bi replies nicely. Nasima indeed tells her Ammi about Mariam’s disappearing act.

Mariam cannot take tennis ball and racket to her home. Can we not keep it here in the school? He agrees to do it. najma says what if Waqar and Fiza see me practising some day. Imran has thought of training Najma separately and in another side of the school. I will talk to your class teacher too. Najma gets happy. mariam thanks him. najma teases him. he too wanted new talent, right new neighbour? Imran reminds him that he is her sir here. Mariam too points out at the same. najma obliges. Her training is starting from tomorrow. najma wants to clear a few things first. You will keep school matter and house matter separately. You wont talk regarding any fights or issues in school which happens at home. They both blame each other for doing it. she doesn’t want him to scold her like he scolds his Mamujaan. Imran tries to deny but she says they can hear him shouting from their window itself. Mariam tells her to be quiet. Imran reasons that he can do as he please as it is his Mamujaan. Najma talks about etiquettes. Ask my Ammi how much I respect my Mamujaan. Imran loses his cool. Has she come here to learn tennis or council me? mariam stops Najma. I am sorry. He says explain her. she wants to act like some intelligent mature person. Najma points out that he is shouting again. he declines initially but then lowers his tone a little. Bell rings. They have to go and take Waqar and Fiza too. Najma hands over her racket and tennis ball to Imran. keep them safely with you. They all bid each other goodbye. Imran smiles as he looks at them and then the racket.

Jamaal finds his whole house in a mess. She is looking for her suit. Your Amma has stolen it. Someone knocks at the door. Jamaal doesn’t recognize his Amma as she is wear shades and the new suit. Bilkish recognizes the suit immediately. I told you Amma had stolen it. Jamaal tries to take Bilkish’s side but Amma scolds him instead. There can be too similar pieces. Bilkish had got this suit from Delhi. You cannot find it here. You are a thief. She wishes all the worst for Amma. Poor Jamaal is caught between the duo.

Rehmat Bi gives Nasima a chit that she got from Younis’s pocket. It is all wet. Nasima scolds her for not checking the clothes first. Rehmat Bi argues with Nasima for not giving her husband’s clothes on her own for laundry. Nasima boasts about how she handles the whole house on her own. Your beloved Mariam goes out every other day now. I asked her about it yesterday and she replied in such a tone! Rehmat Bi instead tells her to frame her reply when Younis will be back and asks for this chit.

Kids come home just then with Mariam. They send the kids inside and stops Mariam. Nasima sits on the porch while Mariam stands there in front of her. you went to school today as well? What’s the logic behind going to school every day? Mariam wants to know what the problem is in her going to Najma’s school. Nasima wasn’t surely expecting this kind of reply. She doesn’t let Mariam leave from there even when she gets a call from her Ammi. I am saying this to you for this house’s and Younis’s respect only. That drunkard comes to Najma’s school every day. Mariam replies nonchalantly which irks Nasima. She even asks her Ammi to hold on as she asks her something. If Shabnam gets to know about it then she will spread the word in the entire locality. Mariam asks her if they should change theri life because of Shabnam. Should I overlook what my Najma wants then? nasima looks at her in shock. She tells her Ammi to wait but Mariam suggests her to talk to her Ammi first. We can discuss this topic later. Nasima is angry / too stunned to react after hearing her reply. Mariam heads upstairs. She ends the call with her Ammi as Younis has returned.

Mariam finds Najma wearing her Abbu’s balzer. How do I look? Mariam puts the tennis cap on Najma. Now you look like a champion. They share a hug. Najma is sure Abbu would have looked very handsome in this blazer. Mariam nods.

Altaf is happy to know that Mariam has finally let Najma play tennis. Now this girl will touch new heights.

Najma too wants a blazer of her size. I will wear it every night so I don’t forget my aim. She looks at the closed window. Are you still upset with new neighbour? Mariam denies. najma requests her to open the window. My study table is all dark because of it. please open it. their window is anyways closed. Mariam looks at the window.

Altaf too wants to open the closed window. The kitchen remains in dark all day. Now that we have started talking again we should open it. imran doesn’t want to do it but Altaf insists. Mariam Bi’s window is anyways closed. What’s the problem now? Imran gives in.

On the other hand, Mariam too allows Najma to open the window. Altaf and Najma open their respective windows together. Najma tells him to close his window but he doesn’t want to. They both bicker sweetly. Imran and Mariam try to control their respective roomies. Mariam and Imran both smile at each other helplessly (cutely) as none of them are ready to relent. Epi ends on the split screen on Imran and Mariam.

Precap: Najma wants to share so much with her Ammi as it was her first day. Younis gets curious. First day for what? He too wants to know what she wanted to say to her Ammi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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