Itti Si Khushi 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 19th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gayatri ji asks Aman if he had a word with principal sir. Aman says Christmas holidays are going on. She feels that he is hiding something from her. you don’t sit idle otherwise. She notices the classifieds section of the newspaper on table. why are you looking for a job? He lies that he was searching for tuitions. Principal sir is not in town. Plus Christmas holidays are going on. I forgot to tell you. Gayatri ji heaves a sigh of relief. I have started feeling scared / worried after this wedding. I have started to think that my family is going to break. Aman assures her that nothing like that wont happen. I am anyways going to meet Neha. We should talk it out, right? Jayanti overhears their convo. She agrees. You will have to discuss what you are thinking about your future and what is Neha thinking about herself. Hope everything gets fine soon.

Kamini ji is doing puja. She thanks Devi Ma for all that has happened as per her wish. She turns and collides with Jayanti. Jayanti informs her that Aman is getting ready to meet Neha. Will you not do something? Kamini ji takes Jayanti with her to their room.

Akku and Sunita ji help Neha in getting ready for her meeting with Aman in the evening. Neha jokes that she feels like she is going to meet Aman for the first time. Sunita ji says everything has changed. Circumstances, relations have changed. Don’t get angry. Neha agrees to hear him out. Sunita ji wishes that they start afresh now. Akku says they both miss each other so much. Everything will be fine after they spend some time with each other. Sunita ji says Aman is meeting you which indicate that he isn’t upset with you. When he will get to know the truth about Dadi ji then he will straight away take you home. Neha wonders if he will trust her. they nod back. It is ordinary thing to have misunderstandings but time brings people closer. Neha hugs her mom and opens her hair again. Akku and Neha bid her goodbye. Sunita ji prays that everything goes well.

Aman is happy thinking that neha will be happy. her dreams will fulfil. He gets a number from Neha’s message. I don’t want to meet you. You should stay at your home. I am happy in mine. I made a mistake by marrying you. He gets angry. Jayanti runs to give the good news to Dadi. Aman went back inside. Kamini ji signals her to be quiet as she notices Gayatri coming in.

Akku and Neha are waiting at the cafe.

Gayatri ji is surprised to see Aman at home. You had to go meet Neha. He tells her that Neha doesn’t want to meet him. he shows her the message. Kamini ji acts to be surprised that Neha said something like this. Aman is upset that their relation or he doesn’t matter to Neha. Gayatri is irked that Neha is actually breaking their house. Kamini ji says Neha is a kid, don’t think too much. We will discuss this issue later. He gets Akku’s call. Kamini ji tells him not to talk. They have insulted you enough. Jayanti supports her. Aman got ready to meet her but she is still throwing tantrums. Aman says Akku only had arranged this meeting. I should talk to her. Gayatri takes the phone from him. she picks the phone and starts scolding Akku. I don’t want to talk to either you or Neha. Enough of your drama. She ends the call. Aman says you could have atleast asked her once. Kamini ji says there is no point asking anything. They make mistake and then we run after them. gayatri did the right thing. I too was feeling soft. You (Aman) have been so lenient with them and see how they behaved with you. You should be strict now. Gayatri says it is useless to think of any way out / compromise now.

Akku tells Neha everything. Neha is in tears. Why is Aman doing so? He had agreed to come then why did he back out now? Akku says we should discuss this at home but Neha says everything is over. I don’t want to talk about it. Akku says we tried. We had no idea jiju will say yes but wont turn up. Aunty ji was upset too. Neha is sad. I got hopeful for no reason. everyone pushed me out of the house. Akku sends her home. I will come in 5 minutes. neha leaves. Akku wants to confront Aman.

Akku greets Gayatri ji who is not happy to see her there. Akku insists upon talking to her jiju. He has some responsibility towards my Didi. Gayatri ji says Aman has done enough, nobody else in his place would have done or suffered so much. You guys have troubled him enough. Now I am standing in between you all. Akku wants to talk to him once. Didi is really worried. Gayatri ji tells her about how Neha called him and then declined to meet him. Akku gets alert. Dadi ji tells her not to create drama. You should go home now. Akku tells them how Neha was waiting for Aman. He dint turn up so she has been crying like anything. Kamini ji tells her not to save Neha always. We cannot do anything till she agrees. Aman told us everything what Neha said. We have seen it with our own eyes. Gayatri ji adds that there is nothing left in their relation now. Dadi ji refuses to let Aman meet either of the sisters. Akku is not able to understand anything. What has Didi done? She leaves for her home.

Kamini ji appreciates Jayanti for stealing Neha’s phone. Give it to me. I will end this story right now. Jayanti gives it to her happily. kamini ji says Aman thinks this phone is with Neha, so whatever message he will receive from this number will be from Neha only. Akku challenged me. You are nothing in front of me.

Akku notices Aman pacing in his room. She walks closer to his window. He is surprised to see her there. She says I have come to ask you why you dint come to meet Didi when you had said yes. He tells her to ask Neha instead. She says I don’t have to ask Didi anything. I was with her only. She was so hopeful that she will finally be meeting you. He is taken aback. Neha came? Neha refused to come. She asks him why she would say no when she wanted to meet you in the first place. He says go and ask Neha. I got her message when I was just about to leave from my home. She denies. didi cannot do it. he shows her the message. She still refuses that her Didi dint send it. she was waiting for you at the cafe. You insulted her by not coming there. He tells her that it is Neha’s number only. Who else will message from her number? She had forgotten it here only. The day she came to pick her medicines, I had kept her mobile in the packet as well. The phone is still with her. check the number, it is Neha’s only. She might have written it in anger. Don’t know why she is doing this. Akku gives his phone back to him and leaves.

Sunita ji is comforting Neha. Aman is not like that. There must be some important work, he got stuck in some work maybe. Akku asks Neha for her mobile, the one that jiju has gifted you. Neha doesn’t have it. Akku tells her what Aman had said. She checks the packet of medicine but cannot find the mobile in it. Neha says Aman dint give it to me, Jayanti Massi did. Akku realises the whole thing. Jiju was ready to meet you but he received your message which said that you don’t want to meet him ever again. Neha says I dint send him any message. Akku points out that Jayanti Massi took the phone from the packet. She is trying to break your marriage. She has sent that message. You are sitting upset here and jiju too is upset after reading your message. Now I have understood that misunderstandings have been created between you too. Neha denies. jayanti Massi doesn’t know how to send a message. She realises that it must be Dadi ji. Sunita ji gets angry hearing it. Neha decides to give them a fitting reply now. Sunita ji says don’t do something which complicates the situation all the more. Akku says they are mistaken that we don’t know how to give them a fitting reply. We will have to become like them to make them lose in their game. Neha agrees. No one can separate Aman and me now. Just wait and watch.

Next morning, Jayanti is reading newspaper for Kamini ji. They hear someone cursing them. Jayanti checks from the window and finds a Baba standing near their door. Kamini ji says it is Amavasya today. give him a bowl of rice and some money. Jayanti leaves. Baba refuses to take any alms from her as he can understand from looking at her that she is not a good soul. Jayanti asks him from where he has come. He says I stay in cemetery and get to know everything about life and people there only. A white witch has taken control of you. She makes you do all the bad deeds. Jayanti refuses. He asks her why she is still single (unmarried) till now then. Jayanti is surprised. He says that witch doesn’t want you to get married. She is sending you to hell and wants to go to heaven instead. Jayanti wonders if she wont get married now. He says it will happen, but there is a dosha on you. She offers more money but he refuses to take any money. I come to spread humanity and clean the impurities. You will get married. He holds out a bottle for her. this contains magical liquid. Drink this, clean your soul and then drink this. don’t think ill of anyone. drink it at 10 pm in one go. he gives it to her and leaves.

Neha and Akku meet the baba. Everything went well? He nods. That witch is very clever. She is very selfish and a big cheater. But you have to become like them only to give them a fitting reply. I have given her a bottle to drink. It might help her in changing. The girls ask him what he mixed in it. they laugh hearing brandy. They pay him and he leaves. Neha hopes that everything gets fine tonight.

Precap: Jayanti is under the effect of brandy. She calls Kamini ji a witch. Aman tries to interfere but Jayanti blames Kamini ji. She isn’t Dadi but a cheater. I will tell everything to everyone. Kamini ji asks her if she had bhang. Jayanti spills that it was her actually, who had mixed bhang in Neha’s laddoo. Aman and Gayatri ji are shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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