Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 20th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niranjan coming to Kavya’s room and sees her resting alone. He asks was she talking to someone. She says yes. Anjali hides. Niranjan asks with whom. Kavya says with my doll. He says fine, sleep. She asks him to say any story. He says sleep. He feels like Anjali is near him and looks around. He shuts the door and leaves. Anjali asks Kavya to sleep and she will go. Kavya says no, I won’t let you go anywhere, you sleep with me. Anjali makes her sleep and sits by her side. Kavya holds her saree end and Anjali takes it. She leaves and comes to the matron. Anjali says Kavya is ill and Sojal is just careless, if Astha was here, she would have never left Kavya alone. They leave.

Ankush comes to Mala and says Kalindi is giving me my property back, thanks to you for being such a good actress and my fake wife, I will do anything I want now, you also do acting as you got on offer, your work is over here. Mala is glad for him as he got what he wanted, and gets tensed thinking she will get away from Ankush. Chowksi and Sachin join hands, and Rekha too supports them. They start working and open the food truck. Raghu Bhai gets tea and asks about Shlok. The goon says he is taking his heroine name. Raghu says action hero became chocolate hero. Billu informs him that Astha has lodged FIR against him, MLA was there at that time and he asked inspector to find you, police is finding you. Raghu gets angry and says call that item. Astha prays to Bappa and asks for help and bring Shlok back.

She gets call and asks inspector did he get Shlok. Raghu threatens her and says Shlok is with me and he irritated us a lot, so we have played his game, he will be dead now. She says I m not scared, I don’t care, leave him. He says we will leave now, if you don’t take back the report, we will not take time to kill Shlok. Astha comes outside and sees Sachin and Chowksi working at the food truck. Sachin says no one is buying anything. Astha comes and becomes their first customer by asking for tea. Sachin dances happily. Chowksi laughs.

Astha says I m going to police station. Chowksi says he will come along. Sachin says me too. She asks him to be with Rekha. Rekha asks them to go. Sojal talks to Kavya and Jaya says she took care of her. Sojal asks Kavya who made sheera for her. Kavya says Nani. Jaya is puzzled and says no. Sojal saaks then where was she. Jaya thinks and says yes I made it. Kavya says ask my doll, Nani made it for me. Jaya says throw this doll. Kavya says it talks to me, I will not throw it. Jaya gets tensed as her saree end gets stuck. Sojal and Kavya laugh. Jaya says throw this doll, else I will die. Sojal says fine, lets go, we will let Kavya rest.

Varad talks to a magazine reporter who asks about Niranjan Agnihotri, who always gave imp to family. Varad says Baba has always been balanced, the man who takes family along, will really go ahead and the man will he clean by heart, I m doing this or my parents, its all for them. He says many people are coming here and even they are like my family and its my duty to take care of them. The man says I m sure people will link to you company by reading his interview. Varad gives some pics and smiles. The man leaves. Varad sees Niranjan’s pic and says Baba you are past now, if anyone gets family man award, it will be me, and Sojal will help you, you have always wore a mask of being the ideal family man and now lost yourself in world’s sight by thinking only about Shlok, now I will become the ideal one.

Astha comes to police station. The inspector says we are finding him. Astha says I got the number of that goon, he called me, you can find out by this, if you are busy today, I will talk to MLA. He says give it, we will help you. She gives the number. He asks his staff to find the location and we are trying to trace Shlok’s number too. We will find Shlok soon. The constable says we got the location and says the address, and even Shlok’s phone is traced and is at same location. Chowksi says Raghu’s hideout is there. Astha says I told Raghu did this. The inspector says Raghu will be in lockup soon, lets go soon.

Raghu plays game and says Astha will not try to show courage again. He asks Billu did he throw the sim. Billu gets tensed. Raghu slaps him and asks how can he make such a big mistake. The police siren comes. The goons say police has come. Raghu says I will end this hero heroine story. They take Shlok with the face covered with black cloth. The police comes with Chowksi and Astha. Chowski says I have come here before, this is Raghu’s hideout. Astha shouts Shlok. They try to find Shlok. Raghu hides there. Astha cries on not finding Shlok.

Raghu gets Shlok and aims at him. He shoots him and Shlok falls. (Face not shown)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. noooooooooooo! can’t wait for monday episode:((((

  2. anybody still watches this??

  3. Someone plz upload full episode on youtube plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  4. no its not Shlok. There is no story without Shlok

  5. Shlok will bounce back power fully

  6. No shlok can’t die as he is main hero duffers….use or mind..u guys don’t have mind I stupidity

  7. Pls make an end to this serial. Day by day it’s becoming boring.

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