Hamari Sister Didi 19th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Babay and Amrita discuss about the money loss after the accident.
Karan says to himself, that till when will she make herself and him realize that she doesn’t need him. He gets a call that someone is here to meet him.
Amrita comes home. Sooraj comes to her excitedly, and asks for money. Mrs. Kapoor comes to help her. Amrita tells her she fell down. She says she will put on the medicine or injection. Amrita says she is much afraid of injection. Sooraj gets water for her. She appreciates the water he brought is sweet. Sooraj asks about the cupcakes, she gives him his cakes. She asks Khushi to come first. Sooraj asks for new school shoes, as his school shoes have broken. She asks to show her, they were torn till inside. He is worried, she promises to get new shoes. Mrs. Kapoor gets the medicines, but she says she will come from the shoe vendor.
Karan is worried about a patient. The patient explains that he didn’t have an idea about the illness. Karan thinks one must never get late, in saying things. He isn’t able to understand why her denial pinches him a lot. He comes to Amrita’s home, determined to say it all.
He hears Amrita laughing with children, how they both fell off the scooty. Khushi gets serious, worried about the loss. Amrita says that her children laughed, is her gain. Sooraj says when you take so much on a scooty, it will get disbalanced as well, he tells Khushi that he will do the shopping when he will be older. Khushi asks was there loss, really. Amrita asks her not to think about the loss. Khushi says Karan uncles says the same, that one must live the life courageously. She asks them to go to sleep. Karan thinks he must not disturb her.
At night, Karan walks in his room. He thinks how to say this. He says bluntly, I love you. He thinks about getting emotional. He comes to mirror, and practices.
In the morning, Khushi comes to mirror in lab coat and stethoscope. She thinks how Karan called her Dr. Khushi Kapoor. Amrita comes to call her for breakfast and hugs her. She asks if she misses papa, Khushi nods. Amrita says her papa told her to give a tight hug to her. Sooraj comes to ask her for more parathas.
In the hospital, Karan looks for Amrita. The receptionist asks what he wants. He asks how is everything, has Amrita come. The receptionist says she has 11 o clock duty. Dimple comes there, and asks him to see the list of admits as they have to go on meeting. Karan says he will do it at 11, as he has rounds.
Veer asks Mehr to come off duty, she must lie that she is ill. Babay hears this, Veer asks Mehr to tell her that she isn’t well. Mehr tells her that she has stomach ache. Babay says she will manage the work. Malika comes to question her.
Dimple discusses the meeting with Karan. He isn’t able to concentrate, and asks Dimple to talk a bit later. He doesn’t understand much management. Dimple leaves, he asks receptionist on phone if Amrita has come. He smiles, and practices saying I love you.
Babay and Amrita talk about the children. Karan calls Amrita. He comes to his cabin, and practices again. Amrita knocks the door, and is disturbed himself. She comes in to ask what he has to say. He stammers, she asks what is it about. He murmurs, that he… She asks if he wants Neha’s reports. He nods, she goes to take them. He says no, then says he wants them. She leaves. He shuts the door, and bucks himself up. Amrita comes again with the report, and tells him the details. He looks at her, calls her name. He says if she has to increase her shift, he will give the approval. She says she is thinking about spending sometime with the children. She asks this is what he had to say, he nods and takes the file. Amrita leaves, he hits himself with the file. He thinks about messaging her, he writes it then thinks this is unromantic. He writes a love letter.
Neha talks to someone on phone, for monetary matters. Amrita comes to congratulate her about her job. Amrita tells her to take care of herself. Neha was quiet. Babay tells her not to forget them. Amrita asks why is she worried. Neha says the girl she lived with, had denied living with her.

PRECAP: Babay was hopeless, about Neha’s wedding. The nurse brings a file to Amrita from Karan, the letter drops.

Update Credit to: Sona

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