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Itti Si Khushi 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aman takes the box from Jayanti. Go from here please. She is still curious about it but he refuses to let her see it. she shows him the list given by Gaytari. Give it to your FIL. He agrees. She walks out irked.

Dida asks Sunita if everything is alright at home. There is no noise and even Anand dint come like usual with his newspaper. Sunita tells her about Neha’s cooking stint. Everyone is sleeping till now. Dida is sad that she missed it. anand smiles hearing it. Don’t worry it will keep on happening here as Neha is home. Dida thinks that Neha was awake the whole night. She must be disturbed over something. We all know what she is going through. Did you guys talk to Akku about it? Sunita thinks maybe they are thinking too much or getting scared for no reason. both sisters share a very special bond. There might not be anything actually. Akku will not think wrong about Neha. Anand agrees with her. Neha is 26 years old but still a kid at heart. Kids don’t take things so seriously. She will get over it. Sunita adds that it might have come in her mind by hearing all this about Akku’s wedding. Being an elder sister she should have gotten married first. Dida knows she is extra sensitive when it comes to Neha. You should divert her mind to something else. They nod.

Aman comes to Agarwal house and greets his uncle. Anand is going through something and asks him what first crush is. Aman is confused / surprised. Anand realises it is Aman and puts the book aside. Neha gave me this slam book. I don’t know how to fill it (first date, first crush). Aman too remembers his school time when girls used to get slam books filled by their classmates. Anand asks about his school to which Aman replies that the timings have changed. Neha comes looking for her papa. She goes quiet as she notices Aman. They both greet each other clumsily. Aman smiles as he looks at Neha when she sweetly tells her Dad to write whatever comes to his mind. Anand calls it (filling the slam book) the toughest exam of his life. Akku comes home and notices all of them. neha takes the slam book from him. there are two more people who are supposed to fill it. you will get it in the last now. Aman smiles. She looks at him and then heads inside. Akku notices the smile on Aman’s face which almost disappears when he notices her as well. They greet each other cordially. Anand tells Akku to make tea for Aman but he says he is in a rush. He gives him the guest list and takes their leave. Akku looks at him tensed. Now Aman ji only will tell if this engagement will happen or not.

Dadi scolds Jayanti for being slow. Jayanti makes an excuse that she has sprain in her wrists. Dadi indirectly taunts Gayatri that they cannot see any preps for the engagement. Aman too is busy in it. Aman comes home just then. Gayatri asks him about the list but he walks in his room absentmindedly. Jayanti points out the same. He dint even greet you or touch your feet. His mind is somewhere else. I find something fishy. He was hiding something in his cupboard in the morning as well. I was trying to look at it but he sent me away. Dadi gets curious. I am living here since so long and have raised these kids. Now that they have grown up they send me out of their rooms. She acts which Dadi can see through clearly. Dadi tells Gayatri to get her Gittu married asap. His is in some other world nowadays. Jayanti goes to bring tea for Dadi happily.

Akku has called Neeta outside her home. I had a word with Aman. I told him that Didi likes him. Neeta is taken aback. You went to say this to him? Akku wants him to think well before getting married to her. Neeta says he agreed to marry you. He never loved Neha Didi. What’s your problem? Why are you feeling guilty? Akku knows that Neha Didi still loves Aman. I have also observed it that he likes her as well. Neeta reminds him that she had gone to talk about herself and her relation with Aman Bhaiya. Neha Didi is still stuck in that time (before she went in coma) but we are not! Akku cannot go against her sister. Will I be happy if I hurt her? It’s just a crush which can change tomorrow as well. What about your and Bhaiya’s feelings? You have waited for this for so long. I know that you love Bhaiya. You are my bhabhi for me. I have made so many plans. I am desperately waiting for you to come to our home. We all are waiting for you, only you. They share a sweet moment after which Neeta leaves. Akku hopes Aman thinks the same thing. But what I see in his eyes is something else!

Aman comes to take water from the fridge. Gayatri observes him from far. He turns and finds her standing behind him. She knows he hasn’t eaten anything since morning. She serves him food and tries to know if he is worried over something. He assures her that everything is fine. She sits down beside him. I can understand your worries. You are about to get married which will add up to your responsibilities. But everything changes when someone comes in your life (life partner). When you can share your feelings, emotions, pain with them then everything becomes easy. Don’t worry Akku is a really nice girl. I only wish happiness for you both. If Kartik was as good as you and helped you then I wouldn’t have been worried but he only thinks about himself. I have raised you all with a lot f difficulties after your dad died. I thought you both will become my support in my old age. But Kartik! I have no problem with you. I only wish you and Akku get married soon and without any problem. He looks at her and is in thoughts.

Aman calls Akku. He wants to meet her right now. You told me to think and decide. I have thought over it. She agrees to meet him outside her house.

Suraj tells Ninni Bua how to play games in tablet. They both play games together. The battery dies. Neha thinks she did something wrong with it but he explains it to her. she tells him to put it on charging. He obliges. Neha picks up some papers to put them on the wall when a paper falls down from the stack. Suraj reads it – my heart, my Aman! He runs around in the whole house when she asks for the paper. Sunita tells them both to be careful. They both head towards the courtyard.

Akku is thinking about what Aman said as she combs her hair. She is distracted when her mother brings her ironed clothes for her. she tells Akku to go to kitchen to do some work. Akku gets a message on her mobile. Her mother realises that she might have some other work but Akku denies.

Aman stops Neha and Suraj. They both try running and chasing but he firmly tells them to stop. They both gesture / try to scare each other by showing their hands to one another. Aman asks about the paper in Suraj’s hand. Suraj tells him to see it himself. Neha is worried when he begins to open it. she takes it from him and eats it. He laughs uncontrollably to see her thus. Akku watches him all happy. Neha eyes Suraj angrily. She finally catches hold of him and holds him tight. Aman notices Akku and turns serious. Neha looks at both of them. She excuses herself and goes inside chasing Suraj. Akku and Aman stand there awkwardly.

Aman smiles thinking of Neha. She is mad that she ate that paper. She can do anything. Akku nods. She indeed can do anything if she can make you smile. They come to the point. I had no idea about what all you told me regarding Neha. Its all new for me. Neha’s crush on me 12 years ago was all kiddish stuff. We cannot take this seriously. She was my friend. All this happens in childhood. In fact, my friends’ crush used to change every other year. I am Neha same would have happened with Neha if she would have lived those 12 years. Akku tries to talk about today but he knows Neha’s present is still stuck in that time. We are about to get engaged now. All the preps have been made. Neha keeps peeping at them from inside. Aman doesn’t want to give any tension to his mother. Don’t talk about all this. ma has already been through a lot. Now I want her to be happy. what will your parents think about this? I don’t want to shock them. she asks him if he is marrying her for everyone’s sake or for his happiness.

Precap: Aman is looking at one of his old pics with Neha. Neeta asks him the same question. Do you really not feel anything for Neha Didi? He replies I have said yes to AKku for marriage. You both should stop asking these useless questions now. Gayatri asks him about it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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