Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prema hearing Sandhya saying the number 2310. She thinks Sandhya is smart and have reached the number too. Disha comes to Sandhya and gives the good news of Sooraj’s Dubai flight tickets. She shows the tickets holding it. Prema thinks if Sandhya sees this, she will she the flight number 2310. Disha says its key to Sooraj’s success, he will leave after 5 days. Sandhya says congrats Sooraj ji, she should not see this, else she will understand about plane hijack, how to explain Disha. She signs Disha to come. Disha does not understand. Prema asks her not to show tickets and holds her head.

Bhabho asks Sandhya to keep ticket in temple. Disha says but aunty, whats the need. Bhabho says it will be lucky. Prema sees the diya and burns the bedsheet to divert everyone. They are shocked seeing the fire. Prema keeps the diya back. Disha gives ticket to Sandhya. Everyone try to put down the fire. Sandhya keeps ticket and Prema burns it. Disha thinks why is Prema doing this. Prema asks her to keep quiet. Bhabho says the ticket is burnt, this is not lucky. Sandhya says don’t worry, the day is not bad. She says the other copy will come, its big day for Sooraj, we should not get upset, we should celebrate the day. Disha asks Sandhya to give her list to Sooraj for shopping.

Prema meets Disha later and says Sandhya came to know about 2310. Maya hears this and is shocked. Disha says what, but how. Prema says if Sandhya saw that ticket, she would have known our operation that we are hijacking that flight. Disha says so you burnt it. Prema says yes. She asks Maya to think whether they have to keep Disha in mission or not, as she can ruin it. Disha says I know how to do my work, no one knew Sandhya will reach 2310. Maya says what now, we can’t hide ticket, she will know the flight details, change the flight number with duplicate ticket.

Sandhya will know it one day, she is on this case. Disha says we have to find some way, as she will break our mission. Prema says no, we worked hard for this operation, flight 2310 will be hijacked. Maya says yes, we will succeed in mission, we will change the meaning of flight and show it to Sandhya. Disha says Sandhya is smart and will catch our lie. Maya says we will make Sandhya believe Zakir, as its not hard to break him, he will give this info to Sandhya and she will trust him, as he is her loyal friend, who will become our new weapon for operation Grahan.

Sandhya makes rangoli and Sooraj comes to her. He praises the design. Sooraj asks is she happy with him going to Dubai, how can she be without him. She says she is happy but she will miss him, she will be alone for one week and its not easy. He holds her and hugs her. He says he stayed away from her for 11 months and it was very tough for him. He says we will always be together, when we go apart, we feel the worry and value of each other. Piya…………….plays……………… He makes their hand marks on the walls and they smile. They have a romantic time and laugh as they act like being in a boat. She says music should be there. He says he will get music and sings Diya aur baati hum………………..

They laugh lying down. She says it was fun to see Dubai with you. He kisses her hand and they say Wo aini to each other. Diya aur Baati……………….plays……………….. Zakir gets a message through by the window. He checks it and it’s a phone. Maya calls him and taunts him seeing him through binocular. She says she can help him but she is the one whom he is looking for. Zakir looks outside. The door bell rings and Zakir opens the door. Sandhya comes to meet him. She fills his ears against Sandhya and says Sandhya came to take your sign on passport, the police think you are traitor, you can join us which can help you in proving your loyalty, what do you want to do. Zakir thinks.

Maya says SP will return your uniform if you really cheat him. Zakir smiles and says I think I will learn a lot from you. Maya ends the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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