Dil Dosti Dance 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dil Dosti Dance 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Swayam talks on phone, cheeringly. Sharon comes there, and was annoyed. She asks what is going on, and why is he behaving so strangely. She says Nil and Vicky told her he is chatting with some Natasha from college. Swayam wonders why they told her the name. He makes Sharon sit, and says Nil and Vicky said he must make her feel jealous. She asks the reason. He says he heard her and Sara calling him predictable, and boring. Sharon laughs, and says that she doesn’t want a relationship where she has to worry all day long that he might be flirting someone else. He says that there must be some excitement in the relationship. She says she is there and make their relationship spicy.
Sara watches Rey’s photo and says she is falling for him. Rey says to Kriya’s photo that he loves her, and tells her all about Sara; then realizes he is saying a lot about Sara. Sara says love can change anyone.
Sharon comes close to Swayam, but he says he won’t do anything till their marriage. He stands up the bed, Sharon asks will he be able to wait. Swayam says he will, and she will have to, too. Sharon hugs him and says he won’t be able to wait. He asks is she challenging him. She says he must have heard the story of a saint and monika. Swayam moves away, that he remembers it. Sharon says he must use his will power, and she will do whatever she can. Swayam laughs. Sharon gets serious, and says she will watch who wins the challenge.
Rey sits by the tree, and misses Kriya. He smiles and wishes she was here. Sara calls that did she disturb and asks to sit. He permits. She says it seemed he was lost in deep thought. He says what it can be, other than love. She says she was coming to meet him. He says she has helped him a lot, and now he will do whatever is possible by him. Sara say she loves him. He was shocked. Sara says love isn’t crime. Rey says that he is committed. Sara asks committed to whom, she knows that he and Kriya had a breakup and even if he fulfils Kriya’s dream she won’t return to him. He holds his hand onto Sara, she gets quiet, and Rey leaves.
Rey works with an axe, thinking about Sara and what she had said. He thinks what she thinks of herself, is he living a lie. Sara cried, that he held his hand on her. Sharon comes there. Sara tells her to leave, but Sharon says it is the rule of their group that they don’t leave anyone alone. Sara says she confessed her love to him and he held his hand on her. Sharon stands up in anger, but Sara stops her. Sharon says she told her about Kriya. Sara says that Kriya has left him, why is he being so naïve. Sharon says that Rey needs some space, and we must not irritate him; he is broken but we can’t force him. She tells her that he still loves Kriya. Sara cries, that she also loves Rey a lot. Sharon tells her to stop crying, and smile; she hugs her.
Rey thought about Sara’s confession when Swayam comes there. He finds Rey lost, and asks what he has been doing alone. Rey asks him a favour, to keep this Sara away from him; she said that she loves him. Swayam says what is wrong in it. It isn’t wrong to express their feelings, it depends upon him that he accepts him or not. HE must make her understand that he doesn’t feel for her.
Raghv was sitting alone, thinking about his tumor. Huma asks will his problems get solved being alone. She says she know everything. Raghv asks her to keep it a secret, and do not tell anyone. Huma says such things doesn’t stay secret for long. She says that atleast he should tell Ishika, as he loves her. She asks has he seen Ishika, how much he cares for him and how upset is he. She asks why? Does he like Ishika. He asks who said he loves Ishika. Huma says she noticed it, and she understand this. She says you both fight with each other, this shows your love. Raghv argues that with this logic, she and Karma must have kids. Karma hears this. Huma says that life is too short, and one must love the ones they do. She comes out, and finds Karma overhearing it.
Sara thought about what Sharon had said. She says is she really forcing herself upon Rey, she hurt him and must do something now.

PRECAP: Sharon tries to keep Swayam involved, as he avoids her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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