Hamari Sister Didi 15th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 15th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dimple watches Karan and Amrita coming on scooty. Amrita was still asleep while Dimple calls Karan. She asks what happened to her. Karan tells her that she is drunk, and helps her by holding her up in his arms.
The accident girl shouted that it pains a lot. Mehr watches the tattoo on her leg, and was lost. Malika calls back to her conscious and asks her to give it to her. Mehr says he will do it, and asks for bandage. Karan makes Amrita lie on the sofa, his chain gets stuck on her shirt. He gets rid of it, watching her face closely. He stands straight, smiles looking at her then makes her comfortable there by a cushion. He was about to leave, when she holds his hand. She says Karan, she is feeling dizzy. He smiles, and places her hand under her face and leaves. Babay comes there, and was worried; she asks what happened to her. Karan says she is drunk. Babay asks did she drink by mistake, or in mood. Karan asks has she drunk before, in mood as well. Babay doesn’t say anything. Karan asks can she do a confession, sits by and asks has she listened about the story of a shepherd who shouted it is lion, lion! He asks how did Dr. Anil became the busiest doctor of town in a day. Babay says she wanted to make them relax. Karan says that this is the first time he caught her mistake, and warns her to catch her again. Babay is worried what if he gets to know about her stage for Pooja.
Malika tells Mehr that the specialist doctor is out there. Mehr says she knows doctor Samar is coming. They open the door for him, he asks about the case. Malika says she is just 16, and it seems that her nerve has got damaged. Dr. asks for report. He says they must operate. The patient is worried, that they must operate what, and why is she unable to move her foot.
Babay was there with Amrita, she says has it been someone that Karan he must have told everyone in hospital. Amrita talks in sleep that she doesn’t hate Karan, she tried a lot but couldn’t hate him. Babay smiles. Karan comes to mirror shirtless, and thinks about Amrita. A red dupatta Babay was knitting flies onto Amrita, Babay says it is a blessing.
Karan comes to office, he apologizes Dimple. She says does he know he was cheated to go to the camp. He says Babay did it, she is pretty much. She asks won’t he take any disciplinary action. He says it is a prank, and he doesn’t have the energy. She tells him about Lalit’s misery. She asks him to see Kiara’s case, it is an injury and she thinks their hospital might not be able to take this big a case. She shows him the file of finances, and says they are running in loss.
Babay comes to the girl’s room, and wakes Mehr that she gave a whole night duty. Mehr says she is just 16, and is so pretty. She is worried what will happen to her. Babay tells her to trust God, and caresses Mehr’s head.
Amrita opens her eyes, and watches everyone watching her mischieviously. She sits up. Malika asks that someone must bring lemonade for her. Babay says she must have head ache. Malika asks did she go for drinking yesterday. Amrita asks someone to bring tea for her. Karan opens the door, and asks Bobby to bring bed # 9 file. Malika and Mehr leaves while they take Babay along. Vaijanti also leaves. Amrita was holding her head. He says nurse Amrita! What you did… She asks him not to fight, and asks they went for a medical camp. He says he thought her as a backward village girl, but she is much forward and left the village men in awe. He says they must name her as Sheela. They throw cushions at each other, but she comes to realization at once and says she has a headache. He gives her an atacid, and gives her water. She takes the medicine. He says she must drink ‘Chaaj’ in canteen, it was her husband’s prescription. They were both quiet. He tells her to go home, and get fresh. She says she wants to sleep, he asks shall he tell a lie to aunty as well. She says she will go there in a while. He tells her to come back after getting fresh. She says thank you to him.

PRECAP: Karan smells Halwa, and goes to see it. Babay fears while cooking Halwa that if Karan comes here they will all lose their jobs. They were shocked to see him approaching.

Update Credit to: Sona

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