Itti Si Khushi 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itti Si Khushi 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha is cooking tea and pakoras in the kitchen. She prays that this turns out nicely this time. Aman comes and covers her eyes with his fingers. He gifts her a mobile and she hugs him happily. you were right I can be with you all the time now. she recalls pakoras and then sends him out of the kitchen. Things get messed up every time because of you. He smiles and leaves.

Kamini ji asks Gayatri about Neha. Is she not back home yet? Gayatri replies that Neha is cooking tea for us in the kitchen. Kamini ji talks about the burglaries in the neighbourhood. I told Neha to wear all that expensive jewellery but the time is not good. Plus she will take time in learning how to keep it safely. Jayanti supports Kamini ji. She narrates a chain snatching incident. Kamini ji tells Gayatri to get a safe in Neha’s cupboard. Till then keep them with you. Gayatri likes the idea. Aman enters just then. Gayatri begins to talk to him about the jewellery when Neha comes there with tea for everyone (as per their liking and taste) and pakoras. Gayatri gets impressed. You will learn everything quickly if you will work like this only. Jayanti compliments Neha. You look beautiful today. your family members would have been happy to see you. Neha nods.

Gayatri asks Neha to give all her jewellery to her till the time she gets a new lock installed in Aman’s cupboard. Neha agrees to give them to her later but Kamini ji insists on doing it now itself. Neha spills that she kept them at her home as Aman was not at home. I did not have the key of our cupboard. I dint want to disturb you all as you were sleeping. Jayanti Massi told me to keep them with mumma so I did that. Jayanti declines saying anything like that. I had told you to keep them safely. I guess you forgot what I said. Maybe something’s happening with your mind today as well. Gayatri questions Neha on how could she do something like this. those are our ancestral jewels. Kamini ji adds that someone might have snatched them from her on her way. Gayatri says you don’t keep you wedding jewellery at your parent’s house. Didn’t your mom object? Neha replies mom was not at home. I kept them on my own and told Suraj about it. I am sorry I will go get them right away. aman too goes with her on her mom’s insistence. The ladies sit there worriedly.

Sunita ji cannot find anything unusual in her cupboard. Suraj said that Neha kept something here but I cannot find it. I wonder what Neha kept, she dint say anything in the morning. She is about to call Neha who comes there just then with Aman. Neha too cannot find the bag. She panics as she cannot see it anywhere in the cupboard. Akku too checks the cupboard but in vain. Neha wonders if someone stole it. sunita declines. that’s not possible. Aman asks Neha why she was in a rush to keep that here. I had gone out for a while only. You could wait. Neha starts throwing stuff outside from the cupboard in panic. Akku makes her sit. Neha cries. I don’t know what to do. Ma and Dadi ji are waiting for me at home with the jewellery. Sunita tells them to go and tell the truth at home. I am coming there too. She scolds Neha for her carelessness and leaves from there while Neha cries.

Jayanti tries Neha’s jewellery. Kamini ji comes to her room and closes the door after her. what if someone sees you like this? Jayanti talks about Neha’s ill fate. Will I get a prize for the task that I have accomplished today? Kamini ji gives her some money and makes her remove the jewels. Hide them well as Aman and Neha would be coming back anytime now. She heads outside. Jayanti makes up her mind to get those jewels for herself anyhow this time.

Gayatri paces worriedly in the lobby. Aman and Neha return just then. Gayatri asks them to give her the jewellery so that she can keep it in the cupboard safely. Aman tells her that they cannot find the jewellery. Neha had kept them and she cannot find them there. Kamini questions Neha who tells them that she had kept them in the cupboard only but cannot find them there now. Kamini ji acts all tensed and worried. Aman says that Neha and mumma (Sunita ji) are also worried. Neha starts crying which irks Gayatri. Stop crying. I want my jewellery from anywhere. She questions Aman. Right then Sunita ji comes there with her jewellery. She offers them to Gayatri. We cannot repay for the mistake done by Neha but we can give them to compensate for your loss a little. Aman tells her against it. neha too disagrees as they are for Akku. Sunita ji requests Gaytari once again but Gayatri declines rudely. They were our ancestral jewels which cannot be replaced by any other jewels. My mom, my Nani and my husband and given them to me. So many problems surfaced in life but I dint let them go away from me but today my DIL lost them because of her carelessness. I cannot tell you about my loss. How do I explain it to Neha about what she has done! Kamini ji declines to say anything at all. People celebrate when DIL’s come to their house but we became penniless. Sunita ji requests for some time to look for the jewels but Kamini ji tells them to let it be. This is a matter of our household and we will handle it on our own. We don’t want the society to know about what happened. we don’t want any help of any kind from you. We ourselves don’t know how we will bear this shock. Sunita ji leaves there in tears. Gayatri too breaks down. Aman rushes to her side while Neha folds her hands from a distance and says sorry to her.

Gayatri refuses to take medicine. No medicine can help me now. I know how tough it was for me to keep those jewels with me. I very well knew that Neha would not be able to take care of them yet I made such a big mistake. The biggest mistake was to let you marry Neha. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Kamini ji hears it all. She assures Gayatri. We cannot do anything now as the wedding has happened already. I had tried to stop you but you dint pay heed. Gayatri confesses that she is regretting it. every piece of jewellery is coming in front of my eyes. Jewellery is not just an ornament for any woman. They are actually memories of her happier times. I lost everything. Kamini ji gives her hope. We might find them in cupboard only. Aman denies. we have checked everything. I am thinking of lodging a police complaint. Kamini ji tells him that Neha’s parents will be under the scanner. He takes their side but Kamini ji points out that they actually needed money. It is a thing to doubt. The shop has been mortgaged and then your wedding. There have been expenses. He is sure uncle cannot do anything like that. She tells him to let it be. We should make sure that no other problem follows suit now. She sends Aman and sits with Gayatri. This wedding has become a problem for us. It has disrupted the peace of this house. I think some evil spirit has come in this house which will ruin everything. Gayatri gets thinking.

Neha asks about Ma’s health from Aman. Did she take her medicine? Aman replies that no medicine can help her right now. what did you do! I have never seen mom like this before. She always stood strong and faced all the problems. But she broke down today because of your childishness. Ma supported us so much at the time of our wedding. Neha apologizes to him but he tells her to stop. I am fed up of your sorry’s. You said you will take care of everyone and keep everyone happy but see what has happened to our house today. such a big mistake! Such a big loss which we wont be able to repay in our lifetime. I still cannot understand why you took the entire jewellery to your parents house. You couldn’t find place in this big house to keep your jewellery? This isn’t your childishness but madness. No one will trust you because of this mistake of yours, even I wont! Epi ends on neha’s shocked face.

Precap: Neha brings tea for Dadi ji but Kamini ji is busy praying to shoo away the evil spirit from her house along with Jayanti. Jayanti pretends to have the spirit inside her. they scare Neha by saying that the evil spirit wont spare Neha. She will kill Neha!

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. This is really getting stupid… and its becoming like this saas-bhau shows it will strat declying if story does not take a positive turn…what you guys think

  2. Rajkumari Irina

    dis is called stupid idiot serial Indian drama are all like this i hate it family problems, crimes only, I think this will happen in real family also soo boring how people cannt love each others,

  3. Rajkumari Irina

    dis is called stupid idiot serial Indian drama are all like this i hate it family problems, crimes only, I think this will happen in real family also soo boring how people cannt love each others,if i were the writer i will write such most beautiful mind blowing story,happy,love each others,respect etc not this type of shit f**k drama

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