Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla coming to Suresh’s house angrily and asks who dare he is to thinking of marrying Pragya. She says he is always behind Pragya and must have waited for Abhi to divorce to marry her. He says he is just trying to stop people from insulting Pragya. He says that MMS is fake, only they know, but not people and people will insult Pragya continuously. Sarla says who is he to think about Pragya, her mother is still alive and she will not let him marry Pragya at any cost.

Mitali sees food not yet prepared at the for Pragya’s function and tells Aaliya when will food be prepared, she is worried about Pragya’s marriage. Tanu comes there limping. Servant hits Mitali with utensil by mistake. Tanu says Pragya is a witch and must have send evils to harm them. Aaliya says nothing like that and they are harming her instead.

Abhi’s producer friend comes and asks why did he call him with designer at such a short notice and says he can do anything for him but. Abhi says that is why he likes him. Producer asks who is the bride. Abhi says it is a surprise and goes to bring Pragya.

Abhi comes to Pragya’s room and starts his brainless taunts, says she must be happy thinking of marrying Suresh and is blushing hearing his name, etc. He gets her down. Producer is shocked to see Pragya and asks Abhi if he has gone insane. Abhi asks him to do his work and walk off. Producer asks his designer to take Pragya for designing bridal dress for her. Producer says Tanu that she has become fat and starts praising Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya both get irked and start and asks him to get out. He says even he does not want to stay and will come back only when Abhi will be with Pragya and they both are out of his life.

Abhi start instructing musicians to play music well when guests come and his usual brainless talks. Sarla comes with family and musicians start playing. Abhi says they are bride’s people and does not need welcome. Sarla says she wants to meet Pragya. He says she is where bride should. Sarla gets into Pragya’s room and packs her cloths saying she will come with her right now. Abhi comes there and says she cannot take his wife. She asks if he really knows meaning of wife. She says he has already divorced her and has no right to hold her. He says he is doing this for Pragya and her family’s sake, to save them from people’s insult and says he will go down and attend guests. Pragya asks Sarla to listen to her once.

Precap: Abhi says Pragya that she may miss him and even he will miss his pakpak and says he will get her ready as bride himself.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Abhi is a real Dog and ekta kapoor a real sl*t !!! For God sake please stop this drama !!

  2. Awwww… Everything has a limit… I think this mms crap reached its limit as well…. Can’t go any worse than this… I like this show very much… But it’s losing its sensible viewers slowly due to screenplay…. Sad…

  3. Pls,For god and our people sake,Stop nonsense drama.Awful brainless abhi,sot yuu abhi

  4. oh gosh how much more of this crap are we expected to tolerate. this is total madness and makes no sense. i hope the truth is exposed soon and before the wedding too. otherwise i will not be viewing this show anymore.

  5. Omg Hasan why didn’t you are giving update of rabul scene???? It was there in today’s episode but haven’t mentioned??? Why???? Don’t you know that kkb has half the fan people belonging to rabul fanclub and half to abhigya

    1. Not really, the majority of the fans are abhigya fans

    2. rabul forever

      Oh yaa that’s why when only abhigya was shown and no rabul scenes were there trp came so low…bt it was because of rabul that kkb came from no.8 to no.3 just in one week.this is what we say power of rabul fans.

  6. How can anybody be so irritating like abhi
    Cant he see the evil side of tanu n aaliya
    Its high time pragya should stand for HERSELF!
    Ekta ji pl. Change ur writer or the track
    Its going no where

  7. Guys d new promo says that abhi wil get hurt n there wil be no marriage!
    God knows where d story is going!

  8. Kiya chal rha h ek mms ke piche kuch change karo yar kyu intrest kharab kar rhe ho

  9. To taking this supid,useless story line….better let the mms can leaked…..so tht thr l b smthg in stry….better prgya can live with tht scandl….. not with tht brainless abi….awful…Aliya…tanu..mitali…..

  10. I think this whole thing is a plot abhi probaly has sum reasons behind maybe to expose Tabu and Aliya who agrees??

  11. Sabawoon Khan

    Yes I’ve seen the promo but I think pragya will be hurt because they didn’t showed pragya I hope so soo that abhi can realise his feelings for pragya, and what the hell is abhi doing I luv the show please reveal the truth fast

  12. Sabawoon Khan

    The promo was maha episode’s promo on 13 december I hope something good will happen

  13. I kick myself for ever watching this brainless serial now i dont after 3 days watch it for 30 sc u know where the story is makes me wonder why they waste 30 mins in 30 sec they can show pragya crying tanu sister etc gloating abhi stupidly standing around with his mouth open bas ho gaya

  14. omg nothing changed come on

  15. This is the most annoying serial that I have ever watched. Total lack of writing skills. The writer is a sadistic person. Most viewers have opted to just read updates to gather if the story has changed.

  16. The mental abuse of Pragya,in this serial is utterly degrading. No woman should have to tolerate such an abusive situation. The serial is on the road to nowhere and does not reflect any good values, morals and beliefs. My family and I ( we’re from S.Africa) have stopped watching this nonsensical serial.

  17. pls make abhi to realise everything around him …waiting for seeing both in love with each other soon
    dont drag to much…..

  18. Abhi is a jackass and Pragya is such a fool to go along with his plan even though she knows dam well she is innocent

  19. Cheapo…..best serial KO worst bans diya…..

  20. Ekta is sooo stupid!!! May be she’s handling too much serials that her brain has stoppped functioning !!! Please some one talk some sense in to her

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