Shastri Sisters 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Shastri Sisters 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat coming home and is shocked seeing the media troubling Sareen, whose face is blackened by the protestors. Karishma is shocked too. Rajat goes ahead and the media asks him for the answer. Shastri ji and his daughters look on. Anu is glad seeing Rajat come back. Rajat runs to Sareen and protects him. He wipes his face and asks what happened, who did this. Sareen is in state of shock. Rajat asks the media to shut up and gets angry on them. He cleans Sareen’s face first. Minty and Neil come out and see Sareen’s state. She scolds the people. She says Rajat has come now. Rajat asks who did this, the blame is on me, whatever you have to do, do I with me, my dad is a respectful man, he has helped all the colony people and they are just seeing this, I m not a culprit, I m being opunished without the mistake.

He says he won’t care if he does something and gets punished. Lalit sees this sitting in his car. The media asks Rajat to give the answer, they call him the traitor, and asks him to answer. Rajat says the enquiry is going on and you all will know it. They ask will he bribe the enquiry committee too. Rajat looks on angrily. Anu says he is so worried and they are asking strange questions. Devyaani stops Anu from going. Lalit gets down his car and talks to the media. He scolds them calmly and smiles. He says we will tell the truth, note it now. He says there is no case against Rajat Sareen. He says they all have taken much time, and they can go now. He says the CD was misplaced, it was someone’s plan, it’s a revenge story, that girl loved Rajat’s post and Rajat loves my daughter, she could not bear it and she did this. Karishma tells Minty that Lalit is her dad. Minty thanks Lord.
The media asks who has trapped him, who is the girl who trapped him. Devyaani tells Anu that if Rajat names her, it means he did not love her ever, else if he stays silent, it means my engagement breaking sacrifice did not go waste, and Rajat will deserve your love. Anu panics and looks at Rajat. The media asks for the girl’s name and Rajat stays silent. Karishma thinks Rajat still loves Anu. Minty gets angry seeing Anu and says she will tell them who is she. Rajat stops her and signs no. Rajat says I told you the enquiry is going on, just leave. Saajna……………plays………….. Devyaani says now I m sure Rajat loves you, he truly loves you. Neil sees Karishma’s sandals and thinks he saw them before.

Devyaani talks to Alka and says Rajat did not take Anu’s name, I think Lalit freed him. Alka says he is Karishma’s dad, transport minister. Anu says we should be thankful to her. Alka asks how does she feel about Karishma. Devyaani says I feel she is bad. Alka says she saw something, and don’t know to tell or not. Devyaani asks her to say it. Alka tells everything about Karishma having a utensil seller saree and utensils basket, she even made a tattoo. Devyaani recalls the utensil seller at their home, and tells Alka that Karishma is the one who has made Rajat get arrested.

Devyaani asks Alka does she have the saree even now. Alka says yes. Devyaani says if the saree matches then, it means Karishma kept the CD here. Anu is shocked. Devyaani says first Minty and Astha were after us, and now Karishma. Anu tells Alka that she will explain later and she will send Peeya, and asks Alka to give the saree to her. Alka says fine and ends the call. Anu says she has to talk to Rajat. Devyaani says talk later, all villains are there. Anu says no, its imp to talk to him nad leaves.

Bua ji talks to Lalit and says she knew it that Rajat will be free when she called him and told Karishma’s worry, as she knows he can’t let Karishma cry. She tells Hari that Lalit is coming with Rajat’s family here, to talk something imp. Astha asks what imp. Bua ji says he did not tell me. She asks her to start preparations as they are Karishma’s inlaws. Astha smiles. Bua ji thinks she did not let Karishma cry ever, and all this happened because of Anu. She tells Vrinda if Lalit saw Karishma crying because of Anu, don’t know what would he have done, if Anu was not Alka’s sister, I would have shown her my anger. Alka hears this and is worried.

Lalit brings Sareen and everyone out of the mess. Sareen says thanks for bringing our son back. Lalit says I got my son in law back, and wants a favor to keep my daughter happy, else I will not leave you all. Karishma asks him to talk with manners. He says he will do what his daughter wants. Rajat says I forgot my mobile, I will bring it. Anu stops Rajat and talks to him. She says the truth will be out soon. He asks does she really want this. She says yes and holds his hand. He gets away his hand and asks her how did the CD present in her almirah, whats the truth, whats seen or what he feels, as he also feels the same. He leaves angrily. Anu cries recalling his words.

Lalit makes it clear that he will protect Rajat and no one will blame him then. He says he wants Rajat and Karishma to marry tonight. Karishma smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is lalit is stupid????? or what???? Just waiting for anuraj marriage.. Want to see beautiful Anu….

  2. arey yaar bus karo naa this drama ko.i was happy when rajat didnt take anu name in media but feeling sad when rajat talk to can u not truth ur anu rajat.this not fair at all.ur not same rajat which we were seen before.whatever it may be bus jaldi se rajat and anu ko join karo yaar.and usi karisma ko jail bacho yaar.thanks for update.

  3. Rajkumari Irina

    karishma u r sooo stupid !! hate u ugly face n characters

  4. I was happy when rajat didn’t take name of anu I am sad because rajat is not talking to anu

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