Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar Episode 5 (Jealousy, Love & Romance Alert) by Ruhi

Hey guys this is your Ruhi back with the 5th part of my ff. Thanks a lot to Khamoshi, Abhilasha di, My dearest Niyu di, Ruwani di, Riya di, Anuradha di, Amna, Sweta, sanjukta, Niyaa di, priyanshi di, palak di & the silent reader. A big hug to u all. I m sorry I couldn’t reply u in the comment section because of the shortage of time. I have a bad news. Anyway I will tell it at the end of the episode. So now enjoy this romantic episode of kanchi.
At Kusum’s Cabin:

Sn: Namaste aunty.
Ks: U r looking too pretty beta. Kisik nazar na lag jay.
Kusum hugs her.
Sn:hww aunty! U r looking younger than me. Thoda sa tips mujhe bhi de do.
Ks: Silly girl
Kabir sees the bonding b/w kusum & Sanaya with a smiling face.

V: phas gye
P: koun
V: Mai
P: hww!!
V: Are yar Dr Kabir k bat kr rha hu.
I: haye aise mat bolo (dramatic way)
V: Dr Kabir aur Sanaya k Shaadi ab koi nhi rok skta.
S: stop it guys. Aisa Kya ho gya Jo Dr Kabir saadi kr lega us chudail ko?
V, I, P: Kya??
S: I mean Sanaya ko
All: oh.
V: dekho to tum use thik se. Kya kaami h usme.

This time kusum calls them inside.
Ks: ajao sab andar. Ye h mera bahu Sanaya.
Sanchi looks at Kabir with a shocked face. Kabir also.
Sn: Aunty !!
Ks: okay okay honewali bahu! Ab thik h?
Sn: aunty we both need to spend some times. Or else how will we decide? Right Kabir?
Sc: aj hi ayi h aur abhi se hi Dr Kabir ko Kabir kehk bulana shuru kar dia(mind)
Sn: kuch kaha tumne (looking at Sanchi)
Sachi was shocked.
Sc: isko kaise pata chala(mind)
No. Not at all.
Ks: befriend with them. They will help u.
Sn: ok.
K: I m going to my cabin.
Sn: what is this Kabir I just come & u r going. At least show me ur hospital.
K: sorry Sanaya I hv work.
Sanchi smiles a bit.
Sn: toh koi bat nhi mujhe apna cabin hi dikha do.
Ks: ha Golu dikha do.
Kabir goes with Sanaya.
Sanchi’s jealousy level was rising up.
@Kabir Cabin:
Sn: So this is ur cabin.
K: yah
Sn; It’s good but boring like u.
K: tnx
Sanaya smiles.
K: hey wait! Did u just call me boring
Sn: u heard me right.
K: I m not boring
Sn: acca?
K: hm. I have done so many interesting things in my life.
Sn: Liar
K: no
Sn: Then tell
Kabir thinks.
K: study.i have always been first in my xm.
Sn: this was ur interesting thing?
K: yah obviously this is very interesting

Sanchi was restless. She was trying to read the books but he mind was stuck in Sanbir.
I: I have to go for shopping
P: u went just yesterday
I: toh Kya? Dr Kabir k shadi h new dresses r needed right Sanchi?
S: guys tumlogo ko ho Kya gye. Itna xcitd hone ka Kya bat h.
V: obviously bat h. After all Mr khadus ka shadi h.
S: guys mujhe kabir sir se kuch puchna h. So m going
I: bad mei chali ja na abhi undono ek sath h tu jakar Kya karegi!
S: wo..wo.. mujhe Kabir sir ko ek important file dena h.
She leaves.
P: Sanchi ko Kya hua.
Isha laughs.
S: itna time ho gya Dr Kabir class me bhi nhi aya. Kar Kya rahe h. Huh! I don’t care. Mai to bas ye file dene ja rhi hu.
@kabir’s Cabin:
Sanaya gets a msg. She stands up.
Sn: Kabir urgent call. Excuse me
K: sure
She was about to go when she slips. Kabir at once holds her.
Sanchi enters into the room & sees them on this position. She feels tears r skipping from her eyes.
Sanbir looks at her. She tries to hide her tears.
Kabir leaves her.
Sn: tnx
K: r u ok?
Sn: hm. Ok I’ll see u soon.
K: bye
She leaves.

K: wo Sanchi she slipped and
S: ur file
K: oh I forgot
S: dt’s nrml. U r so busy nowadays.
Kabir saw her red eyes.but she can be jealous it was out of his thought as he knew bout sanveer
He became tensed fr hr.
K: Kya hua Sanchi
S: kuch nhi
She was about to leave. But Kabir holds her hand. She looks at him wd teary eyes
K: ur eyes r saying something is not well
S:as if u care.
She pushed him away.

@Kusum’s Cabin:
K: So step 1 complete!
Sn: Yes
I: now step 2
K: but Isha beta why r u helping us
I: cz I knw dt Sanchi loves Dr Kabir.i thought it before but now I m confirmed. Btw tnx Sanaya
K: yes tnx
S: both drama Queens just stop this drama
Trio hugs

Next day:
k: Kya!!!
sn: yes abhi
k: but sanaya l m busy now.
sn: ok l m telling Aunty
k: no no I will take u for making u see d whole city.
v: phas gya poor Dr Kabir (low voice)
pragya signals her to stop while Kabir glares him.
sn: stop glaring him & all r going with us. cz I don’t want to get bored with such a boring person all day long
veer laughs: right sweetie.
Sc: I don’t want to go.l hv 2 study
pragya veer insist her while Kabir was watching her. he wanted her to go.
sn: ok so when Sanchi will not go then all of u stay here wd hr. me & Kabir will go.
Sanchi remembers Sanbir’s scene.
s: wo.. itna important bhi nhi h.. prasha don’t b sad. I’ll go
sanaya smiles.
Kabir gets a call. He goes to his cabin
I: Sanchi tera bag kaha h
s: don’t knw it ws wd me
I: oh God I saw it in the class room.
s: ok I’ll bring it.
she goes.

After sometimes she comes back with the bag but finds none. Kabir comes out of his cabin
k: blank calls Tha.
s: sab kaha gye
sanaya msg Kabir that they already left. she tells her to come wd Sanchi at abc shopping mall.
Both leaves.
They came to d mall. Kabir tries 2 call d gang bt none picked. (I & Sn’s plan)

k: Sanchi Kya hua tumhe
S: kuch nhi
k: why u r not telling
s: I don’t want u to tell
k: ok fine.
he turns towards other side. his hands collides with something & cut.
k: ouch
Sanchi sees blood
she at once grabbed his hands.
from one hand she was holding his hand & she puts d other one on his cheek.
S: Kabir r u ok? I m here. don’t worry
she screams for first aid box.
Kabir was just looking at her. She was so concerned for him.
k: I m ok
s: wt ok? look it bleeds 2 much
dressing ws done.
k: it’s a minor cut.
s: shut up. do whatever u want. I don’t care
k: ok
he again was about to open the bandage.
Sanchi holds his hand.
She goes near him.
S: Dn’t u dare
Kabir ws astonished wd hr gesture.

In car:
It ws raining
Sanchi ws still angry.
k: sorry Sanchi I m sry
This time Sanaya calls.
k: whr r u? u knw I ws so tensed.
sn says something but Sanchi can’t hear.
She became more angry.
S: stop the car
K: I can’t. It’s raining
S: stop it right now or I will scream.
Kabir stops the car & Sanchi goes out. Kabir also came out of the car.he didn’t find Sanchi.
K: Sanchi Sanchi!!
No response. Suddenly he hears something.
Read the sequence between song.

Cham Cham Cham
Cham Cham cham

He looks on & Sanchi’s back was visiting.

Julfon se bandh li h badal
She turns to him
Seene pe se udhne laga anchal
(Her dupatta was blown by the air & it was on Kabir’s face.)
Mujhse Naina mila k
(She goes near Kabir
Kabir looks in her eyes)
Mausam hone laga pagal
(She goes back.)
Sabse hoke befikar
Nanchu Mai aj Cham cham Cham
Cham Cham Cham
(She does the step like Sharaddha Kapoor while some children joins her)
Kabir was mesmerized to see her dancing. She was looking sensuous in the wet dress.

Cham cham Cham
Cham cham cham
( Sanchi goes near Kabir & splash water on his face. He laughs.)
Cham Cham Cham
Cham Cham Cham

(Sanchi runs & kabir runs behind her)

Kabir catches her but they loses their balance & fell on the grass. They both rolled on the grass.
Kabir was on Sanchi. Her hair was covering her face. Kabir was unable to take his eyes off. Her Pink lips were making him lose his control. She was also lost in him. Unknowingly they were removing the distance b/w their lips. There ws some cm distance b/w dm.
Sanchi closes hr eyes.

Precap: Sanchi hospitalized due to fever. Half lying Sanchi on bed. She clasps Kabir’s shirts collar & brings him closer to her by pulling that.

So guys how’s it? please share ur views

And the bad news is my xm date has been preponed. So maybe this is my last post here before xm or maybe the last ever. But I promise I will try my best to take out some time for writing here. Thank u so much for giving so much love in such a short time. I had spent some beautiful time here. I have made so many unforgettable memories here. I m gonna remember this journey. Love u all.

*I know this is not good to leave this ff incomplete like this. So as soon as my xm will finish, I would try to post rest of the parts. Forgive me.


  1. Khamoshi

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    All the best for exams dear..?
    Don’t leave the ff incomplete as well as us… plz try to be back soon. Love u dear

  2. Palak.Sharma

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