PyaaraSa Rishta-Savitri Devi-epi 25

Good Morning Lovely Readers, Tdy am so so happy
25 episodes wow thanks to u all guys
I have written mny ff but this one is most close to my heart as I have received lots of appreciation for this one
Hope u all keep loving me n this ff n hope it has long life 😉

A big thanks to dear Divya,Amnaa,Anu,Riya, Niyaa, Abhilasha, Sanu,moonlight, Ruch,dharani,dhruti,sanjukta, ishi, khamoshi, niyati

Thanks Silent Readers

Tdy is 25th epi so I will try to make it happy epi n not emotional

Recap-Kanchi r stuck up as Kabir’s car breaksdown Kabir gives his coat to Sanchi who is shivering

Kabir is in Anmol’s ward
He is whispering something in Anmol’s ears
Anmol’s eyes glitter He gives Hi-Fi to Kabir Sanchi looks on confused
Sanchi-kya khichdi pak rahi hain
Anmol-Kabir uncle aur Anmy ka top secret

Abhi comes
Kabir n Anmy smile looking at eachother
Abhi-So good morning little heart how r u????
Anmol doesn’t answer
Sanchi-Anmol Abhi uncle is asking u something
Anmol doesn’t respond
Abhi-kya hua u seem angry
Anmol-y do u come everyday I dnt like u I need break from u I dnt want to talk to u go please go otherwise I willnot take my medicines please go

Abhi feels bad
Abhi-Relax u Rest am going Kabir please see him
Sanchi(shouts)-Anmol is this way to talk to ur elders have u forgotten basic manner’s
Abhi-Sanchi it is ok He might have had mood swing due to medicines please dnt shout I will not come for sometime let him stay calm

Anmol feels bad
Anmol’s pov-sorry uncle
Kabir gives him Hi fi
Sanchi (confused)-will somebody tell me whats going on here?

Kabir n Anmol giggle
Kabir-Sanchi its Abhi’s bday n I n Anmy r planning a surprise party here in Anmy’s ward

Sanchi gets excited n gives Hi fi to Kabir-ohhh woooowww we will give him best party

Kabir looks lovingly at excited Sanchi

Abhi is in Kabir’s cabin
He seems upset
Abhi’s pov-So strange Ishita n ruhi have not wished me yet n this is my first bday in which ruhi isn’t with me, I thought to spend with Anmol but he seems very angry

Jaya, Sanchi, Anmol n Kabir r blowing balloons
Anmol is extremely happy
Sanchi-Thanks Kabir after so many days am seeing Anmol so happy
Kabir-Sanchi tdy am too feeling like child, Its so much fun to blow balloons n break it

Kabir breaks balloon made by Sanchi, Anmol claps
Sanchi is enjoys Kabir’s kiddish behaviour

Sanchi is putting up Happy birthday banner
she is standing on table
kabir is giving medicines to Anmol
He notices Sanchi is about to fall
He rushes there
Sanchi falls in his arms
Jaya smiles
kanchi share deep eyelock
Kabir makes her sit on sofa
Kabir-Be careful
Sanchi-Am fine thanks

Kabir is writting Abhi’s name on cake with cream suddenly he touches his nose n cream gets applied to nose Anmol laughs seeing Kabir Sanchi too laughs she indicates him about cream Kabir is unable to understand Sanchi takes a tissue n gently wipes cream Kabir is lost while she is wiping

Abhi is going through some files
Nurse comes
Nurse-Sir Anmol is vomiting Dr Kabir has called u in his ward

Abhi rushes

He notices Anmol’s ward is dark
”Happy birthday to u happy birthday dear papa” echoes
Abhi gets teareyed
”Happy birthday jaannu happy birthday jaannu” is heard

Lights r switched on
Abhi is shocked to see Room decorated n Ishita n Ruhi standing

Both run to him n hug him
Its a family hug

Anmol, kanchi, jaya n staff come there n sing birthday song

Abhi gets teareyed

Abhi hugs Anmol
Anmol-Happy birthday my handsome uncle sorry for morning I wanted to decorate room
Abhi-Thanks for such a lovely surprise

Kabir hugs him tight

Anmol gets cake

Abhi, Ishita n Ruhi cut cake together all clap
Abhi makes everybody eat cake

Ishita-sorry jaanu I came in hurry didn’t purchase any gift
Abhi holds Ishita’ s hand-Thanks jaan for coming thats biggest gift
Ishita kisses him on cheek-my darling jaanu its ur bady I had to come

Ruhi goes to Anmol
Ruhi-Hii prince, am princess
Anmol blushes seeing ruhi

Ruhi put forth her hand-Friends? Anmol shakes hand
Ruhi hugs him-u r choo cute
she pulls his cheeks
Anmol smiles

Kanchi, Abhita look on with smile

Ishita-Hii Sanchi am Ishita
she hugs Sanchi
Sanchi-I have heard so much about u from veer so nice to meet u bhabhi
Ishita(getting emotional)-He had stayed with us in London for six months during his training my most natkat(naughty ) devar he was opp of Kabir

just then Ruhi comes holding Anmol’s hand
Ruhi-prince meet my mummy

ishita hugs Anmol-chotu veer supper cutee

Precap-Sanchi is making Anmol’s hair there is lot of hairfall Sanchi looks on sadly
Abhi to Ishita-jaan we need to make Kabir n Sanchi together they need eachother
Ishita-Kids will do this miracle Abhi

  1. Khamoshi

    Rushi..first of all a bug congratulations for achieving this milestone… this ff is special to me bcoz its near to my heart.. such a gr8 story…
    And coming to this episode.. it is spellbound interesting to read and imagine..
    Good luck for rest episodes ?

  2. RuCh23

    Congrats for your 25th epi in this ff ??? today’s part was so cute Rushi ???

  3. Dharani

    Awesome dear

  4. Niyaaa

    Hey rushi.. Awsome..Awwwwww super duper happy wala epi.. Nd kabir behave as a child looks so cute.. Loved kanchi scene, anhi bonding nd obviously ashita too… Prrcap – feel bad for sanchi nd anmy…. Btw hru … Hope u rfine now.. Tc post nxt one asap

  5. Congratulations for completing 25 epi and today’s epi was superb and anmol and ruhi too cute

  6. Wow such a sweet episode ND congratulations dear..

  7. Riyarocks

    o my my….Rushi…25 episodes….amazing dear…..this calls for a celebration…..what say???……haha….so here, I’m raising a toast for my lovely frnd (juice hi hai…don’t think abt anything else;)….haha)….cheers…….luv u a lot sweetieeeee……..u r an amazing writer…& like hamesha, this time also, the episode….seedhe dil ko chhu gayi……so, ek jaadu ki jhappi toh banti hai na boss…haha….luv u loads dear……….

  8. Riyarocks

    Rushi dear, I’m commenting this on behalf of Anuradha…Wonderful … Awesome.. I m speechless yaar… Very good story well executed… Great yaar…

  9. Abhilasha

    Superbbbbb ……it was really awesome….abhi’s birthday was really good …..and hope kanchi comes together soon…..feeling ba for anmy!!

  10. Congratulations 4 completing 25 epi……hope soon u will complete 50 n then 100…..sry 4 not commenting on ur previous epi……..n it was ffs ka blockbuster
    Ur silent reader

  11. Amazing… Loved it

  12. Congrats for 25 episode sweetie… Awesome episode dear…. I already read ur next part & commented to….luv u a lot.

  13. Jessicca

    Congratulations for completing 25 episodes… Great job… Keep going sweetie lots and lots of love and binge crushing hugs.. Epi was so amazing and cute.. Fantastic… Great job?

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