Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Aarav waiting for his girlfriend Shilpa in a parking lot with his new bike. He sees Shilpa going with Ranveer in his luxurious car and runs behind it. Ragini reaches there and asks Dimpy about Arav. Dimpy says he was just around here. She asks about Nivedita. Dimpy says she is in kitchen.

Neil gets into kitchen and sees Nivedita preparing cake for Agam and says she would love to prepare food for his family. He looks batter on her face and smiles. She asks him to wipe. He wipes it with his kerchief. Ragini comes there and Nivedita starts acting as getting embarrassed. Neil asks Ragini why did she come here. She says she came to take back Arav and says she does not know them to see his romance. He says he is just romancing, but she has already married to another man. She says she has married, but he is having an illegal affair with a woman much younger than him. Nivedita acts as getting embarrassed again and runs from there. She smirks after moving out. Neil says Ragini that she did not do right and they both start arguing and alleging each other.

Ragini walks out saying she will take Arav from there. Agam sees her and happily hugs her. She also reciprocates. He says he made a wish while blowing cake candles that he wants to celebrate his birthday again with his mom and his wish fulfilled. She asks how can he love her when she scolded him so much. He says she has 3 sons, but he has only 1 mom and cannot stop loving her, he will come repeatedly to get her scoldings and be with her. He goes out to get cake for her. Ragini scolds Neil that even after he trying to stop Agam to meet him, he is inclined towards her, his upbringing failed, she does not have money but has good upbringing, so neither Arav nor Agam will stay with him.
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Aarav sadly thinks it is his mistake that he does not have money, so Shilpa left him. Ragini comes there and says she knows he did not like bad environment with people getting inebriated there, so he came out. She asks him to come with him. He says does not want to come. She sees bike and asks who gave it to him. He says his brother and papa gave him and he wants to stay with them and not her. He says she did not give him anything from childhood and he has to wear same old clothes everyday, while Agam stays with dad and wears branded clothes and enjoys lavish life. He walks out saying he does not want to stay with her. Ragini gets devastated hearing that.

Neil comes there and says Ragini that she was boasting that her kids love her and will never leave, but Arav wants to leave her and stay with him. He says the love which she boasts does not exist in her house and life, only her restrictions, arrogance, and control over children exist, so her children want to leave her. He says she is least concerned about her children and even her new husband does not care for them, so they are eager to stay with him. He says his son Agam came to her house but did not say him that he will leave him, but her son Arav left her already. She says he is right, she has failed as a mother now and starts crying. He says he did not mean to hurt her and says she knows he cannot see her crying and asks her to stop crying. He reminisces an incident where she cries when their kid is injected and he consoles her. She says she does not care about his scolding and is sad that her son does want to live with her. She walks out while he sadly sits on the bench. While walking, Ragini reminisces Arav’s first day of school where he says he does not need chocolates and needs only mom and then reminisces Neil’s words.

Neil feels sad thinking about Ragini crying and Arav insulting her. He calls Dr. Aman who is sleeping and asks him to wake up and console his wife. He asks who wife and who is he. Neil says Ragini. Aman wakes up and asks what happened. Neil says Arav insulting Ragini and even he scolded her, so she would be crying alone. He asks him to go towards MG road as she walked through that route. Aman says he will go right now. Neil thinks why is he concerned about her when she is not related to him now.

Precap: Dr. Neil asks Ragini to get into his car. She says she is going home and knows route. He says sometime even after knowing route, our steps wobble.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. WO…..W TOO NICE…neil shows concern about ragini and could not see her crying and even sad..this clears that he loves ragini too much till now…so sweet of you neil…

  2. Sumant Kumar Singh

    Yes, you’re right…

  3. Its so obvious that ragini is not married to aman…she is commuting in auto..her son wants bike and she is selling her house for marriage…I think Neil is intelligent enuff to think about it at least…

  4. 2 Best scenes :
    1.nachiket Tries to console ragini by saying tumne bhi toh mujhe daanta tha mai toh ni roya
    2.neil calls aman n he says who’s joking at this hour who wife whose wife

  5. SWETA, neil is thinking that it is ragini’s self respect.that’why she is not taking monetary help from this episode neil also have said that it is her ego that spoils her children’s dream..

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