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Veera 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev asking Veera why did she marry him. She says to save your life. He is shocked. She says I knew Ranvi’s statement can get you punished, and I can’t see you behind bars, I married you thinking Ranvi won’t go against my husband. He holds her and asks did you not marry me as you trust me and can’t be away from me, and you love me. He gets hurt by her, and hurts himself. She cries. He throws the showpiece and says you felt I can’t be saved, you married me to stop Ranvi. He gets angry and says all this is your sympathy, you did a favor on me by marrying me. He pushes her and she falls. He says what did you think, you will tell this to me, and I will die without your help, the truth us you believe I can kill someone.

She says you are caught and all proof is against you, everyone know your anger. He says I don’t care what pind thinks about me, I care what you think about me and you did not believe me. She says if I m asked in court, I can’t deny this, you will not plan any murder, but you can beat anyone in anger, you can’t control it, but I love you, so I married you going against Ranvi. He says this is not called love, if it was love, you would have not believed Lord if he said I m murderer, you would have helped me in proving myself innocent, and not marry me till Ranvi is proved wrong and apologized to me. Did you do this? You had to save me from punishment of crime which I have not done, I m not afraid, I can bear anything smiling, I wanted you to trust me.

She says Ranvi’s statement would have sent you to jail. He says your Ranvi is not Lord, if I m innocent, no one can harm me. Mahiya…………..plays…………….. Ranvi is upset. Gunjan comes to him. he asks her to leave him alone. He says Veera married Baldev so that I can’t give statement against Baldev, she played with my love and emotions. Ratan comes to him and he says Veera ruined everything. He says she made me weak today. He says I will never forgive Veera now. Baldev looks at Veera angrily. She holds him, and asks him to understand. He is hurt and coughs. She asks what happened. He recalls the goons beating him on lockup. He shuts the door and looks at her.

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She asks why is he seeing her like this. He says you did a big mistake marrying me, look at me, you loved this Baldev, and everyone knows my anger, who used hands first and talks later, and scares her. He says think is such man kills you then….. She cries.

Veera says I know you won’t do this, as you love me a lot. He says you don’t trust me, you should have thought 100 times before marrying me, I will show you whats relation with a man like me. He hurts her and says you dreamed of heaven, now I will show you. He drags her out. Bansuri argues with Balwant and calls Veera unlucky. Balwant says Veera married Baldev so that Ranvi does not give statement against Baldev, she is protecting him, she left her family to save your son, we should be thankful to her. He leaves. Baldev brings Veera out, and says you should get punished for marrying a criminal like me, as I won’t change. He says like pind, Ranvi and you think about me, I will behave like that with you. Mahiya……………plays………. He shuts the door. She says listen to me, open the door. She cries and sits near the door.

She says what mistake did I do, that I have lost Ranvi and Baldev. She says why is Baldev treating me like this, I did this to save Baldev and for my love. Tum se hoti hai baatein…………..plays…………… She sleeps on the ground. Baldev thinks about Veera and their love moments. He coughs being unwell. He removes his shirt and lies on the ground. They both shiver in cold.

Gunjan tells Ranvi to think about Veera, I would have told you this even if it was not Baldev, forgive her. Ranvi asks Ratan should I forgive Veera.

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  1. is veera really wrong? think about her situation.

  2. we shouldn’t get sympathy on veera,as she deserves it.she thinks that baldev is a worst this sister & brother

  3. Bekr serial

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