Sinhasan Battisi 5th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 5th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,maharani vallari is running and then she hears a voice which says tat he wont allow her to run away as his dream of past so many years would be destroyed and a light is focused on vallari and she faints and bhringraj and his soldiers come to take her away
Raja bhoj is now seen playing sarangi and their arrives godess saraswati and blesses him and then mahantdas says tat now it is time to handover the kamal yantra to oraja bhoj and then all the yantra appears in raja bhojs hand and he thanx all the good gunas.
Bhringraj then tells maharani vallari tat for her attempt to escape she will be punished to death along with these villagers and says tat raja bhoj has failed to get the yantra so there is no point in keeping u alive and then there arrives raja bhoj and tells tat he has successfully achieved the yantra and shows it to him bhringraj gets happy and then tells him tat he will release his villagers and maharani too and ask him to handover the yantra raja bhoj then gives it to him and selfish bhringraj takes it and vanishes maharani and the villagers after getting it raja bhoj then asks y did he do this as he promised to release them then bhringraj says tat he lied to him and now he will use this yantra to spread adharma and then he fits the yantra in the book and starts chanting the name of bhadraka and then raja bhoj understands tat everything is dependent on this book and he decides to take away the book and the soldiers attack him and he fights them and takes the book and runs bhringraj follows him and fought and raja bhoj defends and take away the book while on a tree he sees a light and then he understands tat this is the way from here he can leave this tantric world but is confused how should he get back and wen he turns the book it also emits light and raja bhoj jumps out on to earth with the book and he thinks tat how should now he damage the book and this tantrik power and he understands tat the black power is destroyed by sun rays and then there arrives bhringraj he asks raja bhoj to give back the book while raja bhoj refuses to give and they fight bringraj uses his black magic powers and once defeat raja bhoj make him weapon less and raja bhoj then decides tat he has to just tackle bhringraj until its sunrise and he fights with bhringraj and bhringraj says tat give me the book as I have less time and then the sun raise and raja bhoj throws the book aside and when the rays falls on the book the book burns and vanishes and by tat time bhringraj was about to attack raja bhoj rays too fall on him and him too burns and vanishes. Raja bhoj then gets back to palace and maharani vallari congratulates raja bhoj and asks him to take some rest but raja bhoh then says tat he is happy to have a wife like her and raja bhoj says tat he has to go back to go further to achieve singhasan battisi.raja bhoj then reaches the old fort and meets mahamya he greets her and then sees the kamal yantra in her hand and asks her tat y is it in her hand and mahamaya tells tat she is happy tat u succeded in this test and so from here after the yantra is for u and u have to take care of it and then the yantra is seen embedded in his heart and wishes him luck further while raja bhoj moves further on climbing the stairs he hears a voice tat asks to Stop or else u will see ur head and body separate hanging around and appears a godess and she introduces herself as maître and she is the godess of friendship and then raja bhoj greets her she then tells tat now she will tell the story of vikramaditya and his friendship and she narrates tat one fine day a case is being discussed for a whole long day and varhamirji tells raja bhoj tat this is a bit complicated case to do justice and the man introuduces his friend as karmachand and a lady as his wife and tells tat he is denying to accept her as his wife while karmchand says tat no she is not my wife but his i.e dharamchand’s wife and they quarrel over it and samrat shouts at them and ask them to be quiet and asks the lady to tell who is her husband she then tells tat she also dosent know who is her husband.
Samrat then asks how is this possible tat the lady who married dosent know to who has she been married and then the lady tells tat she was married to dharamchand but it happened so tat while they were travelling some dacoits attacked them and killed her husband and his friend she cried and called the godess laxshmi to please give life to her husband and requested to not make her a widow the godess then blesses he and asks her to join their heads to respective bodies and they will get life both of them and then she tells in a hurry she joins wrong heads to wrong bodies and wen they became alive they face the confusion to assign which one as her husband while in the palace both the friends fight between each other saying tat body is important and the other says tat souls is important listening to this samrat gets so happy and says tat he is happy to see such kind of friendship between u too and says tat a friend is the one who says tat he has done nothing yet even has did a lot of things .A ghost is seen entering the entrance by pushing the soldiers and further it falls the plate of flowers in a ladies hand while the lady gets frightened as she sees no one around and runs away then an another soldier sees the flowers and plate on flower and says just few minutes before he arranged the flowers and who spilled it and he sees a hand with a jewelery and long nails holding flowers he sees tat and gets frightened and runs away.

Maharani chitralekha is been held high by a ghost while samrat asks him to leave her as his enemity is with him and not with maharani and then the ghost is seen troubling all the others in the palace.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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