Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 10th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nishi’s bidayi ritual. She hugs whole family and takes their blessings. She thanks Karan and Dimpy also for arranging such a lovely marriage function. Neil requests Jignesh to take care of Nishi. After bidayi, Neil tells RK Ragini and Nishi know about Suhani now and he is worried about Suhani as she is not picking call. If she does not pick his call till evening, he will go back to US today itself.

Ragini gives 3 lakhs cheque to RK for marriage expenses and requests him to accept it. He says Neil already paid him. She says she save this money for Nishi’s marriage and he should accept it. He accepts and says he wants to thank her for filling happiness in his life for some days at least and says he wants to say her something. Neil comes and asks what he wants to say. Ragini interferes and asks RK to remove all her and Neil’s pics as they are outdated now and walks out. He says Neil that she is still arrogant like she was 15 years ago. Neil says she is. RK asks if he got info about Suhani. Neil says he did not and says anyways he will reach US in 2 days.

RK sits in Pam’s car and tells he is going to US with her and has spoken to Neil. Pam says she will tear her passport and will stay in India then. He says he wants her to stay in India. She jokes and asks him to get Nivedita’s bag. He says girls always make boys work and walks out to get bag. Neil and RK keep bags in cars. Ragini’s mom asks Neil to be present tomorrow during Nishi’s pagh phere rituals. Neil agrees.

Post marriage rituals start at Jignesh’s house. Neighbours ask Sushila to feast them as they could not attend destination wedding. Sushila says ok. Neighbour says she heard Nishi is from a rich family and asks if she got a lot of dowry. Daadi yells that she did not and she had to accept Nishi as Jignesh loves her. Nishi feels embarrassed. Jignesh asks her to hurry up as he has booked a honeymoon suite in hotel. Neighbour asks what is he murmuring. He tells about it. Neighbours taunts. Daadi orders him not to go anywhere before attending their family temple. Jignesh says he paid 50,000 rs. Dadi scolds him for spending money without her permission and asks if Nishi provoked her. Nishi says she did not and did not know anything about Jignesh’s plan. Sushila says he can go wherever he wants, but only after attending family temple pooja.

Sunny tai prepares tea for Ragini’s family and asks them to have it, but everyone is busy crying emotionally. She jokes, but they don’t laugh. Nishi calls her and asks to give phone to mom. Ragini takes phone and asks if her graha pravesh happened. She says yes. Ragini asks when are they leaving to hotel. Nishi says they are not as Baa wanted them to finish some rituals. Ragini asks if she is fine. She says yes and sad because she is away from them for the first time. Ragini says she will be with them tomorrow for paghpheres anyways.

Neil calls his maid who tells Suhani is missing. He yells at her and asks to find her out soon. He asks Karan if he booked his ticket to America. Pam says she has arranged engagement with Nivedita and he cannot go. He says his daughter is missing and he is worried for her. She says Suhani has gone out of house even before. Neil says she did not speak to Ragini before. She asks him to think about Nivedita. He says if Nivedita needs him, she has to wait.

Precap: Precap: Aarav insists that he wants to marry Shilpa. Ragini says she will get better girl than Shilpa. He says he wants only shilpa. She says she budge to Nishi’s demands, but will not to his demand and will do whatever is best for him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. No interesting at all…problems everywhere…will wait for the interesting verse of the show to watch…waiting for an interesting twist!!

  2. feels like they don’t know where to go with the story. Aarav is barely 16 and he wants to get married. there is no clarity on why Neil and Ragini separated and who is Suhani….and why does Pam hate Ragin. Usual Ekta Kapoor nonsense.

  3. Exactly correct priy

  4. quboolhai4ever

    Arav plz not shilpa

  5. Shilpa looks badddd

  6. Around n Around Going No wer Ekta u like to drag moving on pls…..

  7. I totally agree with Pinky…this show is going no where, director is just trying to drag the story, what is surprising me is pam knows that Suhani is coming to India and they are hiding it from Neil???? I thought Pam really loves Neil and kids but??? Except Neil everybody knows about a fake marriage of Ragini.., looking at the history of directory she will make Neil marry to Nivedita and Aman with Ragini and again divorce them and again marriage and so on and on…people will slowly loose interest….

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